Monday, August 1, 2011

A Naughty Girls Guide to ....Personal Massagers

The term Personal Massages has always sounded funny to me. It makes me think of one or two big men is nothing but a small towel asking me if I'm ready for my massage. It's often used as a 'polite' term for vibrator but really why do we need a polite term? There isn't anything wrong with them and they have been around for longer then many people realize.

A quick history on the subject is 'pelvic massagers' were used in the past as a medically prescribed cure for hysteria in the 19th century. Of course the toys available back then were much different from the discreet ones we have available to us today.

There is one thing that every woman should have and that is a grownup toy box. Vibrators are very handy for those times when you are all alone and you have just finished an incredible erotic story by your favourite author. But, there isn’t any reason why you can’t play with your partner as well.

Similar to facing a massive wall of lube like I described in my last post, facing a wall of vibrators can be even more intimidating. Vibrators come in all sorts of colours, shapes, speeds and direction. Where to start depends on how comfortable you are with the idea. (Sometimes, it takes a glass of wine before you work up the bravery to open the package and give it a try.)

There are bullet vibes, which look like an egg attached to a controller, and then phallic shaped devices that shake and twirl.

Then there are vibrators that don't look anything like what they are meant to do. Perfect for those women who accidentally drop their purse and have to face the embarrassment of having their bullet vibe roll out onto the table.

I will admit my surprise when I discovered that vibrators are illegal in some areas. Thank goodness for the Internet! There are lots of online shopping sites you can use. Many of these sites have reviews attached to them which can also help you in you in trying to decide which anti-hysteria device is best for you. The trick to finding the best vibrator for you is experimentation. What works when you are all alone might not work when your partner it playing along. If you really want to involve your partner, there are always the cordless vibrators. Before you two go out, slip one of those against your parts and hand your partner the controller. (or vice versa) Now, go grocery shopping and see how much more fun it is. :)

Thanks to Luna, who found this extra special emporium. I love all that is Steampunk and who knew there is a Steampunk inspired line of toys. I have to get one of these! :)

Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities's Little Death Ray.


Savanna Kougar said...

Omygosh, now that's a vibrator I'd want. I just can't resist a ray gun of any kind.

Stacey said...

So many goodies. The lipstick shaped one...perfect for the woman on the go. LOL

Chele Blades said...

i think i would lose the mood on a rubber duckie...i recently went into a sex toy store and some of there ummm items just plain scared the crap out of me...i do like the lipstick size though

Luna Wildwood said...

Love some of those vibrators in the pictures Corinne! This Rubber Duckie in the bathtub is so not for the kiddos LOL Glad to have been of service with the fabulous Steampunk inspired toys site. :D