Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Away!!

Because I am feeling in an awesome mood after Shared Too got another great 5* review, this time from Night Owl Book Reviews, I am holding a contest today.

All you have to do is visit my website and then head back here, to When One Is Not Enough, and tell me which cover, out of all my books, you like the best and why :-)

I will pick, at random, one commenter who will win a pdf copy of any of my ménage books, featured on the above profile page. Their choice!

Good luck.

Lily x


Chele Blades said...

I sooo love the Menage a Music cover...love those abs!!!

on another note i loved Shared....but have not read Shared Too...not sure of the FF elements...but i am adventurous...i will try anything once...

respectfully a fan

Christi Snow said...

You have some gorgeous covers, but I really love Stockholm Seduction and Candy Canes & Coal Dust. smiles...

Kat said...

The Unwholesome Adventures Of Harita. It's juts such an exoticly beautiful cover.:-)

heather said...

Very hard to choose just one but I'm going along with Chele Blades and saying 'Menage a Music' :)


Harlie Reader said...

Shared, Too is my favorite. Quinn on the bed...at least that's how I picture him.

Chele...don't be intimidated by the F/F in Shared, Too. Lily does a great job with it. Trust me, I review Shared, Too and the scene was brilliant.


***waves at Lily***

Lily Harlem said...


Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts and kind comments, and thanks Harlie for the encouraging words about the F/F in Shared Too.

I have to say, Quinn on the cover of Shared Too makes me go a little weak and fluttery - it is exactly how I pictured him as I wrote the story. Well done to Syneca who did the cover art for finding such a delectable specimen!

Lily x

Anonymous said...

I am also going to have to go with Menage a Music cover. Although I am seriously going to have to look into putting the whole series into my TBB list cause they all look really good.


Heather in FL said...

I could say Stockholm Syndrome, lol, but I'm just joking. (Because that's the standard cover for most of the EC Naughty Nooners.) I like Shared Too because the guy watching from the bed is nummy. Or really, I like the pic at the bottom of the first page of your site -- the girl chomping on the guy's bum. ;-)

Teresa K. said...

Hi Lily,

I have to say I love Mirror Music and Stockholm Seductions cover the best. There both very erotic,sexy and there's so much mystery to the heroines eyes. The person who did the cover work sure knew what they were doing when they wanted to capture a readers attention.

Teresa K.

*yadkny* said...

Hi Lily!
My fav cover of yours is actually a tie between Menage a Music and (your soon to be latest and greatest) Slap Shot. I am a huge fan of your Hot Ice series, so I am super excited about getting know more about the captain of the team:)


Lily Harlem said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone - and Heather I KNOW that photo is delicious isn't it!!

Lily x

Anonymous said...


I love Unhealthy Obsession cover. It is so erotic and hot. Cant wait to read it.


Jacki C. said...

I love Menage a Music - yum! But, I also love your Hockey series. Go Canucks!


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I so love your writing, and all your book covers are sensual to the 10th power....*S*
But I have to choose hands down your "Menage a Music" cover. The reason is because the shadow and light that shows the fine detail of the muscular definition. It's the little details that adds to the sensual moment of the image. I just don't have the words to describe how awesome it is...*S*
Thank you for the contest!


Darcy @pommawolf.com

booklister said...

Ménage à Music. Looks like the guys are doing a strip show for her, and don't those abs look lickable....yummmm

Donna said...

I like the cover on Ménage à Music best. The flesh, the toned stripping bodies. And with that title, I immediately start to hum a little something that I think might be playing in the background.

I also like the red script used for the title, Way cool!


Deb said...

First Congrats to you!

I adore all of your man candy dipped in chocolate covers. The one that stands out as something lickolious is "Menage A` Music".

Thanks for this awesome contest!

and I am a follower.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree that Menaga a Music. It is lovely.

daydrmzzz said...

OMG, I didn't know Shared Too was out!! I love the Shared cover, I think it's my favorite of yours :) Now I'm off to put Shared Too on my "Must Buy" list.

Bookwyrm369 said...

Most of your covers are smokin' hot but I love "Menage a Music" because of all the lovely skin that's showing :-) Thanks for the contest and congrats on your great review!

smaccall AT comcast.net

elaing8 said...
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elaing8 said...

This is a hard one..lol..They all are pretty great.I really like Menage a Music..the two hot guys,hard bodies and the sexy back of the woman.Shared Too is also another favorite,the hot embrace of the couple and the 2nd guy watching.hot!

books4me said...

Menage a Music...looks at the chests on those men! I used to be a butt girl but as I've gotten older, I realize I am more a chest/abs girl! Whew...HOT cover!

books4me67 at ymail.com

Lily Harlem said...

And the winner, picked at random, is Donna! Congrats!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments everyone. It really made my day, the cover artists work so hard and when they get it just right it is a feast for the eyes. Ménage a Music certainly was popular, not suprising really on THIS blog - hee, hee.

@Yadkny - thanks for checking out the SLAP SHOT cover too, Phew, damn it, I love that one, and he is 'so' like the captain of the Vipers its fabulous.

Have a wonderful day.Happy reading!

Lily x

VampedChik said...

I'm also going to have to go with Menage a Music. HOT!!!