Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love a reluctant heroine

I'll admit, I'm a fan of the feisty, reluctant heroine. The one who just won't give in to love--and lust--without a fight. Who digs her heels in and forces a hero to bend over backwards to make her change her mind. She's sassy and sometimes rude, but despite her flaws, the hero still cares for her and appreciates her all the more because of her imperfections.

Even more fun sometimes is when you have a spitfire heroine determined to stay single with two men vying for her attention. How hot is that? I personally love a decadent story that has two men chasing a reluctant woman, determined to claim her and bring her to screaming ecstatic heights, and my hubby enjoys it even more. *wink*

But I never think a love triangle should be should be easy. I want to see some head butting as they each figure out their role in the threesome. Bring on the angst as she tries to deny her needs, and worries about societies views. Let the heroes seduce her, not with their bodies--at least at first--but with their personalities as they show her why they should be together. And when she finally admits she's ready, and in love, I want to see some scorching seduction as the two heroes show her that two men in bed is better than one. AKA I want them tag teaming her and giving her back to back giant O's. ;p

LOL. I love reading, and yes, writing menage. There's something oddly taboo and at the same time liberating about bringing in an extra person, or two into a relationship, and making it work.

But back to my initial subject of the reluctant heroine. As you might have guessed, in my latest paranormal menage, I let my imagination run wild and wrote the kind of heroine I enjoy. She's abrasive, very independent, knows what she wants, but is convinced, despite some of her bad (say violent) habits, that's she's a lady. *snort* Not according to her brothers, but Javier and Ethan, her bear and jaguar love interests, are more than delighted with her sassy ways. They want her and don't stop at anything to convince her they're what she needs. She fights them though, pretty much every step of the way, and yet, the hunks don't give up, chipping away at her resistance, and titillating her every chance they get. When she finally gives in...let's just say, it's a sizzling moment. Curious? See the excerpt on my site for Delicate Freakn' Flower by clicking the image.

So what appeals to you in a menage? Do you like the thrill of the chase? The actual sexual mechanics of it all? The blend of personalities that somehow form the perfect polyamorous group? And what about the heroine? Should she just dive into a group orgy, or does she fight it and force her love interests to seduce her? This curious mind wants to know :)


Chele Blades said...

I like the blend of favorite is one very Alpha Dominate male with a Beta Funny Male that all take care of one fiesty female in all ways she needs it!!! I also do not mind the male to male interaction...

Savanna Kougar said...

Mmmm... I'm definitely a huge fan of the feisty heroine who can kick ass when needed. Whether she's reluctant, and not interested, or even if she is, I like spicy verbal interactions and spicy erotic penetrations.

Paws said...

Loved this book!
I assume there will be more?
She did have quite a few brothers.....

Paloma Beck said...

My favorite are the m/f/m menages with lots of chase and sexual tension. I need a strong alpha male or two but I also want a strong heroine (because I picture her as me) who plays a little hard to get. And then I love to read as they fit together like a puzzle, each figuring out their role in the unconventional relationship. And it does need to have a relationship component - I want love, romance and then the delicious sex is like the cherry on top... the sundae just wouldn't be complete without it!

Eve Langlais said...

@Chele, gotta love a dominant alpha

@Savanna, Interactions and dialogue that just jump off the page too are a must.

@Paws - So glad you liked it. I am planning more in this series with the brothers and Francine :)

@Paloma, I also love a good chase.

ChaoticMyst said...

For me it is the Alpha Males! Love when they think the little lady will always do as told!! Lol Boy do they get a wake up call from the ladies!! As long as you get a happy ending the harder the chase the better for me!!