Friday, July 29, 2011

l'll Take One Heroine, With a Side of Badass, Please

Sometimes a heroine is a firecracker, feisty and great with a snappy comeback. Other times she's shy and in need of nurturing. She may have a closet devoted solely to shoes or she could be living on peanut butter and crackers. Hopefully, by the time the reader clears the first few pages of our books they are sufficiently attached to the heroine and willing to go on a journey of self discovery with her.
You might think that the ability to leave the bedroom door, truck door, patio door or office door wide open would be the pinnacle of romance writing freedom for an author. In some ways I suppose it is. I love writing erotic love scenes, from the first surge of her heartbeat, all the way to her last shudder of ecstasy.
Equally important to me is the discovery of the badass inside that woman. Sometimes it's buried deep and the revelation of it surprises her and the reader alike, or she may wear that mantle easily from the first page. By the term badass, I don't necessarily mean she is the alpha bitch of all she surveys. I mean she comes to the realization that for one, two or three men she is the absolute "shit." Few moments are as satisfying as those.
My deeper purpose in writing those moments of self-realization is the hope that the reader will get a glimpse of the badass locked inside her. That part of ourselves can get buried deep by self-denial, work, exhaustion, flagging romance and day to day responsibilities and just needs that little spark to rekindle what once glowed bright. If by chance my books have helped to spice up a reader's love life a bit as well, then two of my goals were accomplished. But...that's another blog post for another day.
If you've experienced that moment of self-realization, when you could wink at yourself in the bathroom mirror and acknowledge the badass inside of you, what brought you to it? Was it realizing you were done worrying what everyone else thought of you, like it was for me? Was it the moment your husband told you that you were gorgeous and you actually believed it was true? Or are you still on that journey of self-discovery? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.
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SheriV said...

I don't remember the exact day of that first badass moment. But I do have moments like that all the time. I think that writing with the hope of helping women discover that moment is a worthy and fun cause in your case. I love reading your stories and hope to for many more years.

Luna Wildwood said...

I'm on the meandering road of discovery, and liking the scenic route of the journey. I'd say little things here and there have slowly brought out parts of my inner 'badass'.

Heather Rainier said...

SHERI, I think for me the epiphany was a sudden thing as I looked around the gathering of my 25th highschool reunion. Looking at all the former 'pretty people' (Because you know 25 years will make you swell, gain a paunch and lose some hair) I thought to myself, "Really? I worried what YOU people thought of me? Pffft!" I told my husband that night when we climbed in the car that I wanted to start writing.

There have been other smaller 'badass' moments along the way, LUNA, like the day Divine Grace was released and getting to meet my publisher in person that have been huge. But the small moments, laughing and ranting with friends as we're on that road to self-realization together mean so much, too. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

just me said...
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Dragon Momma said...

I have these moments, tho not as many as I should. That alone stems from bad experiences in my youth that broke down my self esteem. My dh tells me all the time that I am his goddess. Sometimes I believe him, other times I think, are you blind??? *sigh* For the most part, I DON'T care what others think of me. I am who I am and how I am. I think, Heather, that is why I love your books so much. Your heroines don't really give a rats ass what others think of them. But they do grow and evolve.

Thank you SO much for going to that reunion and then deciding to write! It's been 27 years for me. I have not gone to one reunion. Had no wish to. Most of them were too shallow.


btw...the one above? just me? WAS me. My profile was off, but I fixed it. :p

Heather Rainier said...

LOL, Stacy. Thats how it is...we grow in fits and starts at times. And we're entitled to change our minds or have our moods. And isn't it true for all of us that the events of our youth have shaped the way we see ourselves?

I remember being criticized by other women in my family when I was a teenager for being overweight and I looked back at some of those pictures (post-epiphany) and all I could think was...I was perfectly gorgeous. I dont mean that in an arrogant, egotistical way. I mean it was like I was seeing myself at that age for the first time and remembering how I THOUGHT I looked back then. I had great legs, but in my teenaged mind they were gigantic.

I made up my mind right then that I would never fuss at my daughter for the way she is shaped or what she eats (she tends toward underweight rather than overweight and I used to fuss at her to eat more) she's twelve now and looks fantastic.

Dragonmomma, you just keep being who you are and we'll keep loving you for it, LOL

Dragon Momma said...

Thanks, Heather! *hugs*

I have a few in my family who are still like the one who said you were over weight. Only thing is, she is worse than she used to be. She got crotchety in her old age. *she is over 60 gram had 9 kids, my dad was at the back end, hence large age gaps between cousins* She also just recently "unfriended" me on FB. *snorts* Hardship. NOT!

Hugs to you! Btw, I think I had one of those goddess days the other day. I felt good, I looked good and everyone else be damned.


Savanna Kougar said...

I never thought of those 'freeing' moments as badass, but 'lol' yep, I can see it now. Elucidating post. Thank you, Heather.

Celtie said...

I was once a shy timid creature but I like Luna am on the long journey to my inner badassness.I have found that over the last couple of years that I have been reading more erotica I am more determined to be who I want to be and to hell with everyone else. I still have feelings of insecurity but I just think about a character or an author and it tends to snap me out of it. I think I owe a lot of my feelings of accepting myself to books and the authors who create them. So Thank you Heather !!!!

Heather Rainier said...

You're so welcome Celtie. The books of other authors inspired me in the same way and motivated me to write for the swame reason. Thanks;-)