Monday, July 25, 2011

The Most Important Sex Organ

It's the middle of winter. (Work with me here.) It’s twenty below zero, a harsh wind is whipping the snow into big drifts outside the windows. You hear it moaning through the cracks in the log walls. The candles flicker, but don’t blow out. Instead they create provocative shadows on the walls.

You’re naked. And so are the other people in this room—all men except you. It’s a backyard sauna and the temperature is over a hundred. Sweat beads on your skin. A drugged warmth makes you lose track of time and reason. You’re in a trance, and a glance at the equally heat-dazed men around you confirms you’re not the only one.

So what happens next?

Well, if you’re an erotic romance author, things get interesting. You can’t stop yourself. Your mind is suddenly busy imagining dirty, naughty, outrageously sexy things. Four naked, built, attractive men … and you. A dimly lit room, a cocoon of safety, a moment outside time. The possibilities are suddenly endless.

I’m not saying you do anything. I have to live with these people, after all. (My town has a grand total of 5,634 residents, exactly 3 of whom know what I write.) Your imagination gets all the action, and pretty soon, your computer. In due time, after much sweat and cursing and rewriting, a book is produced. In this instance, the book is called Go Wild, and you can probably imagine one of its scenes.

The point is, this is the curse of writing erotic romance, and particularly ménage. You can’t just enjoy a sauna. You have to turn it into a story, a sensual exploration of an otherwise ordinary situation. You can’t just notice a receptionist’s demure glance at her two bosses without wondering what’s the deal-io and making up a story about it. All my books start this way--with my imagination going where I might never dare.

They say the mind is the most important sexual organ. I completely agree. That’s why I love reading ménage and other erotica as well as writing it. Not only is it safe in a physical sense, but it’s safe in an emotional sense. No complicated negotiations between three or more partners. No chance of anyone feeling hurt or betrayed. When you read these stories you can explore parts of your nature and your sexuality in a non-risky way.

Nothing against actual, real-life ménage relationships, of course. I’m all for ‘em. But ménage books that exist only in the imagination of the author and the reader offer their own enjoyment, fascination, and stimulation. You can have hot monkey sex with a whole pack of werewolves, seduce cyborgs in outer space, or become the plaything of three lords in Regency England – all in the same week. My heroine can get down and dirty with the hot guys in the sauna with no real-world consequences. I don’t have to worry what those guys will think when they see me in the hardware store.

Hm, now that’s a fun thought … hot guys … hardware store … gotta go!

Since this is my first post here at the fabulous Menage Romance Blog, I’d like to offer a prize. Leave your suggestion for an ordinary setting or situation that could inspire an erotic romance. It could be anything, from mundane to shocking. The winner will receive their choice of download of any of my ménage stories, including my most recent release, Restraining the Receptionist from Samhain.

Thanks so much for visiting our new blog! I’m so excited to be part of it.

Juniper Bell


Kat said...

Well I have to say one situation that inspired a whole erotic series for me was the banking crisis. You can't get more unexciting than that. LOL. But mundane? How about a mechanic checking under the hood?:-)

Angelique Sky Strong said...

I live in the country and right now the different town fairs have started and local rodeos. I think these are great places to bump into a group of guys.

Christi Snow said...

I am LOVING y'alls new much fun.

hmm, an interesting set-up for a hot menage...what about a grocery store?? I know, I know, but I live in a military town with lots of hot, young, single military guys and they tend to go grocery shopping as a could happen...


Juniper Bell said...

Hi Kat - Banking crisis? I love it! What's that series called, I need to read that! LOL. And I always have dirty thoughts every time I see a mechanic work on my car. Thanks!

Juniper Bell said...

Hi Angelique - OMG, fairs and rodeos, YES!! And everyone's in a good-time mood, which adds to the appeal.

Hey Christi - Yup, I'm totally with you on the groups of guys grocery shopping. In my town they're fishermen and sometimes firefighters. But military works even better. Sexy!!

And thanks for the kind words about the blog!

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Loved this blog, and so true..the mind is the most powerful sex organ WOOT By the way, LOVED Restraining :) Definitely worth the wait/weight in gold!

As for a setting for a menage, how about the Jersey Shore jacuzzi? LMAO Okay, okay. I'll be serious.

Hmmmm so many possibilities.
what about dancing with the stars kind of thing? Could be he needs two leading ladies ;) on and off the dance floor!

Psssst, thanks for those HAWT piccies *phew*

Kat said...

LOL thanks Juniper. it's called Gods At Work and is with Muse It Hot Publishing. Book one is currently out and book 2, a menage:-), releases in September.

Savanna Kougar said...

Juniper, so true about the mind and the imagination.

How's this for mundane? Her car breaks down on a rural highway in this Hades' inspired heat wave... her cell phone runs out of juice... and along comes hunks [your choice here] to rescue her... in more ways than one.

Corinne Davies said...

Great post Juniper! You're right the best sex sometimes is in our head :)

Juniper Bell said...

JoAnne - So glad you liked Restraining!!!!!! I saw your Goodreads review on FB and was SO HAPPY! Love the Dancing with the Stars idea. And the jacuzzi. LOL.

Juniper Bell said...

Savanna - As soon as you mentioned the heat wave, I got inspired. What if several authors got together and wrote stories during the same heat wave? That would so fun!!

Thanks, Corinne!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Juniper, fun and sizzling to the menage max!

Kat said...

Savanna it's funny you mention Hades. he's the star of the thrid book in that series I was talking about. LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

Kat, synchronicity is on the job. An author friend recently included Hades in her flash fiction piece. And, Hades is a secondary character in my latest release. He has several prominent scenes, of course.

Or... could it be... doodoodoo... Hades, the god, is on the rise... making his presence known to humans.


Harlie Reader said...

I would have to say a lake, two fishermen and a lifeguard. Hey, I live by a lake.

Or maybe a car accident with both victims and a cop.

Juniper Bell said...

Ooh, Harlie Reader, I like the lake idea a lot! I was actually at the swimming pool today, eyeing the lifeguard -- in a completely professional way, of course! Thanks for your comment!

Juniper Bell said...

Thanks to everyone for commenting and throwing out such awesome ideas! Courtesy of, the winner is .... Angelique Sky Strong!

Angelique, email me at to let me know which book you would like! :)

Angelique Sky Strong said...

I sent you an email with my choice and address.

I was reading your bio on your web page about you living in Alaska which reaminded me of my trip to Pangnirtung, Nunavut and though of another idea. Igloo sharing, lets make them University students on an exibition and the only way to stay warm is 1 sleeping bag and however many naked bodies. I did sleep in an igloo in mixed company but the teacher chaparoned, I was 16.