Saturday, August 20, 2011

Betraying The Pack, is COMING!

And so is the heroine lol ;)

I am delighted to announce, to those who hadn't yet heard, that Betraying The Pack, sequel to Defying Pack Law, was picked up for publication by Amira Press. As Book Two in my Pack series, the story takes up a few years later, with a new heroine and a whole new set of wolves. Awoooo!

In it, we learn a little more about the surprise twist at the end of book one, you remember I'm sure, Roderick that evil vampire. We also get a neat, more in depth look at pack life and what being a Lycan entails. Oh, and lots of heat as four hunks try to convince Bailey to take them all on as mates, and not just one at a time.

Here's the blurb to get you excited...

Pack law states she can have up to four mates, if she can find the courage to choose them.

Escaping a kidnapping duo, Bailey runs into a naked man in the middle of the woods. And he’s not alone.

Rescued by a quad of hunks, then kept against her will, she doesn’t know what to think or do—other than scream that is—when she discovers they are werewolves. Even more frightening, they want her as their mate despite her human status.

But there’s more to Bailey than meets the eye, and she comes to the attention of an evil force that wants to use her. Can Bailey keep herself from his clutches, or will he somehow force her to betray the pack?

And just how does a girl raised with human morals come around to accepting pack law which states females can choose up to four mates, and more shocking, take them to her bed, all at once?

Warning: : Not all gorgeous blond cowboys with dark haired sidekicks met in a bar will be werewolves, but if they are, prepare to howl, because when it comes to loving their mate, nothing beats their tag team, hands on approach.

Author's Note: All the sexual focus is on her, lucky girl.

Action packed, both naked and not, this book is coming September 16th @ Amira Press. Amazon, AllRomance, Barnes and Noble and other locations by the 23rd.


I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Yay! That's great news!

heather said...

I love that cover!

Stacey said...

Hot cover!!

MiaAshlinn said...

That is marvelous news. If the book is half as hot as that cover, I will need to stock up on the bottled water before reading it. :)