Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Biker Babe Wannabe

I have a relative whose biker name is Bad Dog. Bad Dog was the spark of inspiration for the secondary character Max Stone in Rosemary's Double Delight. When I introduced him and his lady love Tessa Malone, I hoped to write their story at some point in the future. Bad Dog suggested that I attend the Republic of Texas Biker Rally, which took place this past June. I'd never been to anything like the ROT Rally before so I had no idea what to expect. I needed to be there, in order to tell a believable story. I was in for an experience.
Any of you who have had the pleasure of living in Austin know that it's a little weird. The closer we got to the Expo Center the freakier Austin got. There was a couple in front of us on a Harley having an exceptionally good time. They had the tunes cranked up and the biker's babe was dancing on the back of her man's bike. I was impressed by her rhythm and sense of balance and evidently so were the other drivers and bikers surrounding us as people began honking, cheering and enjoying the show. She was scantily clad in a leather halter and thigh high leather platform boots. I looked at my husband, who is shocked by absolutely nothing and asked, "That top is coming off as soon as she gets in the gates, isn't it?"
"Oh, yeah."
I thought, 'Cool! I brought my camera! Maybe I can sneak a picture!" Oh me, of much naivete, sneaking pictures was not necessary.
Because of the heat, our plan was to arrive at dusk, since it took place on what was effectively a gigantic 128 acre asphalt parking lot at the Travis County Expo Center in Austin. Even after dark the heat was stifling. After we found parking, we began looking for Bad Dog and..."Tessa." Kids are not allowed at these events and that's for a good reason.
I happened to see an ATV drive by and standing on the back of it was a woman wearing full body paint, front and back, a pair of heels, a G-string, and that's it. I was awed by her guts. We later found her booth and it turned out that she owns an online sex toy business the likes of which I have never seen, and her partner was a body paint artist.
I thought to myself, 'This is your chance, Heather. Are you a chicken? Or are you going to go for it?' She was standing outside her booth talking to people and allowing others to take her picture. I approached and she looked at me and smiled. I introduced myself and asked if she would answer a few questions. She put someone else in charge of her booth and brought another painted friend back with her and I interviewed them both.
I asked her about her partner's work and she said, "You should see the dynamic. One woman will be brave and take of her shirt and get painted. A couple of guys will stand and watch. Another woman will come up as soon as the first is done and take off her shirt and a couple more guys will join the others. Soon, there is a whole line of women waiting to be painted. The crowd grows and the guys watch as though they're mesmerized. NOBODY makes lewd comments because most of those women have a biker waiting on them to be done. The crowd gradually dwindles and then the same thing happens again later in the night."
She told me that she thought the men acted like that because they never get to see a woman proud enough of her body (or drunk enough, I'll grant you) to take her shirt off and sit totally still for that long to be painted, who isn't doing it for money. I interviewed several women and Tricia Willis, the painted lady, allowed me to take her picture and gave me permission to post it as part of this article.
After interviewing Tricia, we walked over to the Loop. The Loop is a parade that lasts until the wee hours of the morning. I knew I might see nudity, I just didn't know how abundant and what a wide variety there would be. There were breasts bared in every shape and size, asses from tiny to downright generous, and YES, I even saw one cunt, but she was drunk and I was not impressed. Nipples were painted and decorated with jewelry and of course there were the requisite Mardi Gras beads. Bad Dog explained that once we were on the Loop I probably did not want to earn any beads. He knows my husband well. For the uninitiated, if you want beads, you've gotta show 'em your tits.
I rode on a Harley for the first time that night. By that time it was eleven and people were really starting to let their freak flags unfurl. This is where all those ATVs came in really handy, hauling around the drunk, nekkid dancing girls. A little, pixy-looking thing with long, long red hair rode a bicycle alongside us for a while in a pair of lace boy shorts and a corset. I could've kicked myself for not bringing my camera on the Loop because she was drop dead gorgeous. I think my favorite was the nekkid guy wearing a tube sock...but not on his foot. I understand he's there every year like a mascot or something.
I learned something about bikers and their subculture while at the 2011 ROT Rally. Fundamentally, they are a great group, fun to party with, and they look out for their own. You don't mess with them and they won't mess with you. Yes, there are bad apples in every gathering, no denying that fact of life but I never saw any. I felt safer at this gigantic gathering than I ever have at our own hometown county fair, probably because there were no gangs roaming the expo grounds. Not with hoards of watchful bikers around.
So that was my idea of fun research. No, I didn't show them my tits. I may still be only a biker babe wannabe, but I can guarantee you one thing. When I write Max Stone's book, if I write a scene featuring an event like the ROT Rally, my heroine is earning her some beads!
Leave a comment telling me about the craziest thing you've ever done, just for the experience, and you'll have the chance to win an e-book copy of Rosemary's Double Delight or $10 in Strandbucks if you already own RDD. I'll put everybody's name in a drawing and Friday I'll announce the winner here, in a comment and on my Facebook page, so friend request me if you haven't already!
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Luna Wildwood said...

Heather I loved it when you posted about the rally on Facebook. I love that you blogged about it here too! It sounded like an absolute blast! Hey if I ever get down to Texas and the rally is on, I just might pop in to have a look see for myself. Who knows, I may end up painted too (with a little help from Captain Morgan or Jack Daniels that is ;-) lol)

SusieJ said...

Oh wow!! What an incredible experience (I'm going to have to reread RDD!!).
I've been on the back of a bike once and have to admit I was terrified - the boy I was with was showing off and speeding - not a good combo.:(
Hugs xx

Dragon Momma said...

Love the blog, Heather! Loved hearing about the rally before as well. The man in the pic with the washboard THAT Bad Dog? *drool*

Anyway....craziest thing I have done, just because.... I would have to say, that it is a tie between two events. One was when I was 20. I was in California, thinking of living out there, riding with my step cousin on one of the highways. It was late, he was doing about 80. A car came up beside us in another lane and the guy driving did the Eat at the Y hand thing to me. So, I proceeded to do more and nastier hand motions to him and his passenger. I ended up flashing them both while said cousin AND them are doing 80-85 on the highway! All of a sudden, the other driver pouts and waves bye. He was splitting off on another highway. ;) Tied for this is one time while on another highway (gotta love 'em) this one in Massachusetts, hubby and I were listening to the conversations going on between truckers on the cb radio. He decided to be a turkey and tit flashed a trucker we were passing. With MY tits! I was driving!!!! We heard about that for miles with truckers honking their horns trying to get a flash as well.

Oh, the follies of youth.... :p

Stacy Wilson

dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

Edith DuBois said...

Heather! This is incredible! I was downtown during the rally (going to a rock concert, hell yeah!). What if we saw each other and didn't even know! haha.

I really love that picture of the woman painted with the corset. Just stunning. I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough for that, but the women who are amaze me with their confidence.

Don't enter me into the contest, but my crazy story is that when I was studying abroad in Oxford, I got dared by a cute British boy to run around Radcliffe camera in nothing but my undergarments, and I absolutely did it. Afterwards, I was rewarded with a kiss and a pint from the cutie pie. Oh, such fond memories.

SheriV said...

I haven't really done any craziness in my life. :P Or at least nothing I want to incriminate myself with. I loved the retelling of ROT. I would love to go explore it with you one year. :)


BecauseISaid said...

This post makes me want to find a biker rally to attend. Love it!


Tammy said...

I always wanted to be a biker babe but just riding on the back of a bike and thinking damn that asphalt will hurt if we wreck. hard to get that out of my mind when my brother got hurt on a bike. Anyways, would love to go to that bikers rally. I just wonder what kind of miracle that woman with the body paints could do for me? I like that ideal of going to do that and no one knowing who you are. that way if you do have some faults with your body *wink* your not all that embarresed. Whats the chance of ever running into them again.
Your biggest fan.. Tammy

Stormy said...

Oh my gosh, how fun!! We have a huge bike ride thingy every year that consumates in a drunken orgy but I've never been tempted to even go near it. There's always plenty of news stories to entertain me from a distance. The ROT sounded like pure FUN, though. What you ladies do in the name of research! I think the craziest thing I ever did as a teen was to ride around in the back of a speeding pickup truck that only had a net for talegate. I think that falls under the "stupid" category as much as crazy!!

Anonymous said...

I do not really do crazy things. I love what I read and wish I did more adventurous things but it is like cliff diving you gotta take that step and it is a doozy.

Lisa Kait said...

I loved this when you posted on the main thread Heather, but I love the pictures and your added thoughts in here. I haven't done many crazy things, but my best friend always seemed to pull me along on her crazy train..LOL So I will go with the time we were in front of Beveraly Hills High School, yup Beveraly Hills 90210, and it was a busy Friday night. My friend and I are sitting there in traffic waiting to move, when these guys on motorcyles drive by and wave to us. My friend got very agitated with the traffic because they had given her the (let's meet up signal) I told her "Yeah, like that's going to happen!" Next thing I know she looks at me, smiles and guns the engine and we are flying down the SIDEWALK of Beverly Hills 90210, That crazy heifer .......LOL

Chele Blades said...

ok the guys in the rally's that come around oklahoma do NOT look like that guy up top *sigh* i wanna be where he is...i use to love being on the back of a bike...excepth the brushing of my hair afterward...

as far as the craziest thang i ever have done...well i am still hoping i have time for life to this point has been dull...ready for that change

already your FB friend & fan

Ursula said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I have to check it out someday. it goes on the bucket list. The craziest thing I have ever done is jump in a car and take off on the spur of the moment to take a road trip to California to see my then boyfriend. He was stationed in San Diego. Ahh those navy men. Anyway, I didn't know where I was going to stay and then ran out of money and ended up having my Mom buy me a plane ticket just to get home.

hehehe. The things we do for good sex. :)

Deep into Divine Grace and LOVING IT! Thanks!

Celtie said...

You, me and the rest of the RP Ladies will have to go one year and earn us some beads !!! Then I will be able to say I have done one wild and crazy thing :)

Lily said...

A million thanks for sharing this experience - and omg! I want to be painted. I re-read the line, no-one makes lewd comments because they all have a biker boy waiting on them to be done - I wanna biker waiting on me to be done!!! :-)

Again, thanks for sharing and for the pics, and to the ladies who kindly said you could show off their beautiful painted bodies. Oh, if only I lived within a few thousand miles of Texas I would be there like a shot!


Lily x

Dawn Gore Meador said...

What an experience! I absolutely love that the woman there were so comfortable with their bodies and that the men were gentlemen. Makes me wanna be a biker chic too :) Rock on, Heather Biker Chic Rainier!!

Heather Rainier said...

Ladies, thank you so much for all your comments.

@Edith, were you just in town for the show? If you're in Austin we ought to get together sometime! Most of the women I saw who were painted were not models like the one in the corset. Most of them were average size, and shaped women and I came away from the gathering feeling pretty good about my own assets.

@Lily and Dawn, I could see exactly what Tricia described as we stood outside the booth watching the painting in progress. I appreciated the respect that was shown to the women who got painted. It was actually surreal as I compared the event to walking around our own, much smaller county fair. The Loop was a much raunchier, wilder environment but nobody ever laid a hand on me, LOL, even when they were asking me to show them my tits! ;-P

I failed to mention that The Doobie Brothers were playing that night. I could hear them but never got close to that side of the expo center. The even was THAT big!

Please share the link to this blog if you are able and would like to invite others to comment so they can be included in the drawing. I'm so glad I asked for you to share your wild times and misadventures with me. It was fun reading them.

Unless you indicated otherwise, you will all be included in the drawing on Friday. I'll post the name of the winner in a comment here and on my Facebook wall.

Thanks again everybody! Rock On!

heather said...

I hope I'm not to late to enter the contest, if I am thats ok :) I loved the post. If I had a better figure I would love to get painted. As for the craziest thing I have ever done, well I'm going to start out with 'I was a very wild child growing up.' I have crazy sex stories and crazy drinking stories but I think what really takes the cake was the time I was 16 and ended up in the cooler in the back of the bar with the bouncer. It was a goo night ;)

Heather Rainier said...

@Heather, your're definitely in time for the drawing. Thanks for sharing your adventure. You inspired me;-)

Teresa mcwhirter said...

That's great that u got to go to the ROT rally. I have yet to be able to go but I really want. Bikers are a different breed. I know, I'm one if them. I ride my own! I have a 2010 Harley streetglide & love every moment I'm on it!! Bikers look mean, in which some are lol, but they seem to care a lot & overall have very big hearts! I love hanging out with fellow bikers. I feel I can like I want, voice my opinion , & get respect from them! I'm glad u had an awesome time & can't wait to read the book. You haven't dissapointed me yet!! Lol thanks for the great reads!! \m/

Heather Rainier said...

@Teresa, I didn't know you owned a Harley! Way to go, biker mama! I'd love to see pictures of you on your Streetglide. That's awesome. I know what you mean, I encountered a lot of big-hearted people at the ROT Rally and plan to attend again next year if I'm able. Thanks so much for sharing

Ronda said...

I dated a biker in my youth, but I can assure you he didn't look nothin' like the hottie posted! They are generally a respectful bunch and pretty big hearted as well doing poker runs and such to raise money for quite a few organizations that benefit kids.
Craziest thing? Hmmm, probably the back of a pick up truck at a drive in. Where, as it happens, lived mosquitoes the size of B52's. Yowza! Oh those were the days before gravity decided my boobs should look at my feet. *sigh* Very much looking forward to Summer's story the end of the month!! Thanks for sharing, Heather 8-)

Heather Rainier said...

@Ronda, thank you! there are quite a few organizations out there that bikers can join that really benefit others. Bad Dog bleongs to an organization rides to the defense of victims of domestic violence when they have to make court appearances where the abuser is going to be present and even set up a perimeter around the victim's house and do regular drivebys to send a message to the abuser that their behavior won't be tolerated. I'm not advocating taking the law into our own hands but I rightly respect that orgaqnization for defending the defenseless victims of abuse...B52s huh? And not at a good time, either! LOL, gravity catches us all in the end...and the middle...and the boobs.;-) thanks for sharing.

I'll be doing the drawing tonight around ten, central time soeveryone who hasn't done so can get their name in the hat. Look in the last comment field or on my facebook wall for the winner's name. Good luck!

Heather Rainier said...

The winner of the drawing is Tammy!

Dragon Momma said...

Heather, what Bad Dog is doing if FANTASTIC! Kudos to him and those who ride with him.

My brother belongs to the Patriot Guard. I've always been proud of my big bro, but never more so when I first heard this.


Me said...

Wow...this experience at ROT is almost word for word in your book, Lucy's Revenge! Currently reading it now and chose to Google what ROT is, since I've never heard of it. WOW!! Crazy times!

Heather Rainier said...

Thank you, "Me",
yes, the ROT Rally was an amazing experience I won't forget and hope to repeat one of these years. I hope you enjoy Lucy's Revenge! <3