Friday, August 19, 2011

Do You See What I See?

I was looking for inspiration for my newest book the other day, which always requires a trip through my collection of picture. Thanks to a couple very good friends, I have amassed quite the collection. LOL While I skipped through them looking for the image in my head I couldn’t help but wonder if you see the same person as you read. Not just my books, but for any book you read. Often, I will have a picture or collage on my desktop as inspiration for what I’m working on. Sometimes a simple picture can put me in the right mood, or if I’m trying to envision what a character looks like with a certain facial expression.

This is a picture I have for my current book. In my head, Brand and Nathaniel don’t physically look like this but it’s the feeling from the picture I find inspiring. I look at this and I can almost feel in intimacy and love between them.

And, this is my inspiration for Holly

She physically looks delicate and meek, but it’s strengthen by the ‘Don’t f**k with me look she is throwing over her shoulder. At least, that is how I choose to interpret her look ;)

It’s all helpful as I work on the story but as a reader, would you prefer to keep your own image in your head. We all have preferences for fantasy men and it’s easy to incorporate those choices into our own vision of a hero as we’re reading. Would seeing the author’s mental image ruin that for you or would you find that interesting? Do you look at the figures on the cover of the book and mentally carry those?

This was my inspiration picture for Vencel and Gaspar from Caress of Fur. The only thing better then one Joe in my head is two! LOL


Anonymous said...

I love Caress of Fur and saw that the second book is done . THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I am a happy girl.

Corinne Davies said...

And you have made me a happy girl! Thank you :)

Mindy said...

I like to imagine them myself. It's not that I mind seeing who inspires the author but I almost NEVER see the characters the way someone else does. My daughter reads romances too, NOT THESE as she is only 16 LOL, but she reads some tamer ones I have and she doesnt "imagine" the hero ever looking the way I think he does. We are all so different and you are right, it is nice to put in my idea of a hunk LOL Though I have to admit I do really love your inspiration for Vencel and Gaspar ;-) I find though, that I never think when I'm reading "oh, this hero looks like Johnny Depp" or a real person. They are so alive in my head they tend to be their own person (if that makes any sense at all) and I LOVED Caress of Fur so thanks for the second one, cant wait to read it :-)

Luna Wildwood said...

I can visualize the characters on my own easily if I have no point of reference for them, but I like it when I can see the pictures the author has used for the characters. It helps me to visualize the characters much better I think because I can see what the author was seeing then. Plus I love to collect some new pictures this way as well lol :P I normally don't try to use the cover models because there are times they don't totally match the description of what the character looks like in the book.
Looking forward to the next 3Xtasy novel! The first one was fabulous (and the fact it takes place in Toronto was a bonus, since I grew up in the GTA!) :D