Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lost in Bliss Contest!

It's been just a little over a year since my first book Small Town Siren came out. Wow. What a year it's been. I'm celebrating the upcoming release of my 11th book Lost in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, CO 4) on August 12th with a little giveaway. Leave a comment telling me your favorite Bliss character - if you haven't read them, that's okay, just leave a comment - and I'll give away an ARC of Lost in Bliss to one lucky winner. (Please note in this case that Advanced Reader Copy isn't very advanced. I can't give them away until the day the book releases, but hey, it is free.) If you've already ordered and you win, I'll send you a signed copy of any of my prints. This contest is open until midnight tonight and I'll notify the winner in the comments section. Below is an excerpt from Lost in Bliss. Have a Blissful day! (Yeah, my husband just snorted at that.)


“How long is this going to go on, bella?”
She felt tears prick at her eyeballs, and she took a longer gulp of the wine. She wasn’t sure she was ready for this. Choices. She would have to make hard choices. Whether to leave her job wasn’t as hard as she would have thought. If she got involved with one of them, she would have to ask for a transfer, but she’d been thinking about that anyway. She’d been thinking of using her degree in psychology in the victim’s services department. All the death was getting to her.
It was choosing between them that would kill her. Either way she went, she lost one of them.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Rafe.”
“Because of Cam?”
Laura nodded, unwilling to say that she was equally in love with two men. What kind of woman did that make her?
“What if I told you that Cam and I have talked about this? What if I told you that Cam and I are willing to give you some time to make your decision? We’re not stupid, bella, and neither are you. We’ve both become very attached to you. Neither one of us wants to let you go, but we also have no interest in simply being your friend for the rest of our lives. I want you. I want you so badly I can taste it. Cam wants you, too.”
Rafe’s hands came out and found the curve of her hip. He drew her forward until she was in the cradle of his body. He turned his head down, staring into her eyes. “Tell me you don’t want me, and I’ll stop.”
She set the wine down before she lost the glass. She could feel the long, hard line of his erection poking at her through the wool of his slacks. Her head was swimming with wine and arousal. Her whole body felt like it was being primed for pleasure. She needed to move away from him, but her chin tilted up and then there was no escape.
His lips brushed hers, a soft touch like silk kissing against her skin. Their noses scraped together. It was an innocent intimacy, but her heart was suddenly swollen with the sweetness of it. She lifted her head up and went onto her toes, silently requesting more.
He went slowly, his lips pressing down on hers, seducing her mouth. He didn’t push her. He simply made love to her mouth with agonizing persuasion. He kissed her over and over, light touches to her lips. He pressed soft kisses starting on one side of her mouth, touching every inch, and then making the trip again once he’d gotten to the other side. His hands threaded through her hair, holding her still as he explored her face. He kissed her nose and her cheeks. She closed her eyes so his lips could touch her there, too. He kissed her forehead and then made his way back down. It was so much more than lust. Lust she might have been able to refuse, but Rafe’s tender care sucked her in like nothing before.
“I want you so badly, bella.” The words were lyrical coming out of his mouth. When he was aroused, his Cuban accent flared, giving a round seduction to every word that flowed. “You’re so beautiful. I’ve never known a woman as beautiful as you.”
Laura shuddered as Rafe’s tongue played along the seam of her lips, lighting a fire in her pussy. She was softening, preparing for him, and it felt too fucking good to deny. Her whole body had gone languid, waiting impatiently for his hands to roam across her skin.
“Open for me, bella. Let me taste you.”
She opened her mouth, and his tongue swept in. It glided across hers, begging her to play. It was wrong. She knew it was wrong, but it felt right. She cared about him. Hell, she loved him. Why was it wrong to have him just once? She needed him so badly. The events of the day, of the whole last year weighed on her so heavily that it was like a weight lifting to just let go and feel. Laura gave in and let her hands cup his broad shoulders.
“Yes, oh yes, bella.” He whispered the words against her mouth before he plunged inside. His tongue was rapacious now, as though he’d been let off a leash. His hands pulled her in as his mouth took hers. He pushed her against the countertop, taking up all the space. His cock ground against her pelvis. Laura heard herself whimper because his cock was hitting her clit, rubbing against it through his slacks and her skirt.
Too tight. She couldn’t get her legs open. The pencil skirt she’d worn had seemed very professional, but now it hemmed her in. She wanted to wrap her legs around Rafe’s hips so she could feel that massive cock against her pussy. It felt huge and rock hard. It would feel so good inside her.
She let her hands run down his torso, deeply hating the fabric that covered him.
“Feel me.” Rafe ripped open his dress shirt, the buttons pinging to the floor.
Laura looked down to see his perfectly cut chest. She ran her fingers over the muscles of his stomach and up along his ribs. Every part of him was smooth, the skin soft, but the flesh underneath was like steel. Rafe’s hands went to the buckle of his belt. He unbuckled the belt and undid the top of his pants, revealing a thin line of dark hair that led down.
Laura leaned over and did what came naturally. She kissed him from the hollow of his neck down. She tasted his flesh, clean and masculine. She licked at his flat nipples, loving the way they tightened for her. She gently worked her way around the nipple and then moved to the next one.
“Bite me, bella. Just a little. I like it rough. I want to feel your teeth on me.”
The idea made her clench. Moisture was making her slick and wet for him. She bit down on his nipple and was rewarded with a sharp hiss.
“Yes. That’s what I want. I want you wild.”

Lost in Bliss releases August 12th at Siren-Bookstrand.


jkubenka said...
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jkubenka said...

Jennifer Waters. 'nuff said.

Mrs. Missive said...

I love the whole town of bliss, but I have a special place in my heart for Mel. And I have to say, if you ever give him his own book, since he's got a woman now...I would so read it. LOL.

Love you voice, and your stories.

Tammy said...

I've read all of your books that I could find and I can't wait for this one!

Heather Rainier said...

Wow, I had to clear the steam from my monitor so I could see what I was typing! What a way to get us primed for Lost in Bliss, Sophie! I have to agree with Mrs. Missive, I love Mel and the way he keeps popping up, like he needs his own book. But I also love your alphas, like Max, who can't deny the power the woman they love holds over their hearts. I can still picture his face when Rachel puts that undercooked hamburger down in front of him and he takes a bite and smiles. Priceless, Sophie;-) You make me smile.

Edith DuBois said...


He is one of the most surprising characters to me. A protector, a town regular, and a crazy person all in one.

So excited for this one!

Chele Blades said...

to choose one is almost impossible...i learn to love a new character in every book...i sooo can not wait for my hot russian to have his book...yes I said MY...

but i have to say i have smiled laughed and cried way more with Max (my first love of this series)with his scene when he confronted Rachel about not living in the hotel (and landing on his ass he he)to the when Nate arrested him and his confrontation with Nate turning when Rachel came in...

now that true fav will always be Julian...oh wait another series...darn...i just love all your books and each character (new & old) grows more with each book

KateMC said...

I can't choose one Sophie, I love the whole town. I think I'm going to fall very in love with the doctor when we get to him but in the meantime, if I absolutely have to pick one...Probably Zane. I love the bit where he strips his clothes off so he can fit in with Callie. Then again, Nathan's loyalty to both Zane and Callie is wonderful. Plus Callie herself if quite fab. I've a soft spot for Stella because she looked after Stefan. Actually, just list every character because I really can't choose.

Heather in FL said...

I think I actually like Stefan best. I mean I love everyone in the town, but Stefan, with all his posturing and need for control, is really kind of vulnerable.

Aisyah Helga said...

I love all of them but if I had to really choose, it'll be Max.

Chloe Vale said...

Zane is my favorite <3 <3 <3.

stacy said...

My favorite charactor is the town Bliss its self. ITs an amazing place filled with great people. Just wish i could visit....OH wait I can every time i pick up or reread one of you books about Bliss.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a couple... Max anytime he is in trouble, Zane how he loves Callie and that chicken and how it is running for sheriff. OOHHH the Alien detector at whatever level it is because that usually means that you will get to see Mel. When someone lets their freak flag fly...This was the first series that I read of yours and the laughter and absolute confusion on why I was laughing so hard and then I read it and explained a little bit of the story. We both love this series because he gets to see me laughing trying to get out why it is so funny and me because they are the bomb. Thanks!!!

JenLubow said...

Nathan Wright because the condom comment is still one that I laugh until I cry about.

Judith said...

I have read the Bliss series and all are great characters, but my best one is Max. Anxiously waiting for LOST IN BLISS. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

Celtie said...

Wow to make us choose one character is just cruel so I choose ....... all I can't pick just one. Jack,Sam,Stefan, the list is never ending. I am always excited on release day because I know I will soon be in Bliss.

Jodi said...

It is so hard because you have created a wonderful world where I would sure like to move to!
I have to say it is a tie with Zane and Max. Something about both of them that just grabbed a hold of my heart and dug in.
But I am also in agreement about Mel -- love the smile he puts on my face everytime!

elaing8 said...

ok,I'm the only one who hasn't read this series.And by how everyone gushes about these books(and the excerpt),I'm clearly missing out.


Natalie said...

I think my favorite character is Jack because he is always trying to beat up someone! I love taking the time to escape to Bliss and I am looking for to reading about that hot Russian and his grasp on English slang.

Keep them coming, Sophie!

Sophie said...

Thanks for all the comments, guys! I'm leaving the contest open for another few hours and then I'll put all the names in Randomizer and I'll post here and on my FB tomorrow announcing the winner! Love to you all.

ashleynhuey said...

To choose or not to choose - that is my question. I would love to say that I have one favorite character; however, my favorite character always evolves and changes with each book. To have to choose a favorite, at this point, would break my heart. Dramatic, I know! My internal drama queen likes to show herself on occassion. (:

Either way, I just wanted to say something to Sophie. I have such tremendous respect for your work. You are able to capture the essence of the character. I am a character-driven reader who loves to find authors who thrive in this area of their writing. After the first book I read that you had written, I was sold. Each book that is released just reiterates my love for your works. You have a loyal follower. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Happy writings.

Sophie said...

Thank you so much, Ashley. Wow. That is high praise. It makes my day to hear something like that.

Sophie said...

I just put the list through Randomizer and the lucky winner is Tammy! Please e-mail me at to let me know if you want to ARC or a trade paperback of one of my back list. Thanks everyone - and I blog again here on the 9th. I'll probably give away another ARC then. Love to you all.

ashleynhuey said...

You are so welcome Sophie. I love to read a great story and write my own; however, I am still in the fledgling state when it comes to my own writing.

Reading and writing are so dear to my heart. Because of this love, I tend to be a somewhat difficult critic. Okay, so I am a complete perfectionist. However, when I find an author that I love, I am a reader for life. You have definitely gained a reader for life.

I hope to one day be able to publish a book that is in the same realm as yours. Right now, I hold each story hostage in my computer, under lock and key. But, one day in the future, I will take the leap. I know I will. Even if nothing ever comes of it, I will keep writing if not for others, then for myself. I feel very lucky that you were able to share your stories with myself and others. You are someone to look up to for writers, and I think that every role model should know of their imporance to the people around them. Have a lovely day and happy writings!

tara said...

Definitely Max! Love him! Mel is not too far behind. That man cracks me up.