Friday, August 5, 2011

Musical Giveaway

Listening to music while I write is a necessity for me. Not only because it helps me get my brain into a scene but helps to drown out the day to day goings on with my family ;) My kids have learned that if I have my ear buds in then all questions must be forwarded to their dad.

When I'm working on my Steampunked Lust Series I tend to listen to a lot of Gothic style metal like Apocalyptica and Tristiana. The combination of classical instruments and operatic voices blended with electric guitars and guttural screams works with the world where historical attitudes and surroundings are mixed with futuristic steampowered weaponry and transportation

Sometimes, I get inspired from a single song. Without a doubt, You're Going Down by Sick Puppies inspired Caress Of Fur. Listening to that song created an image of two men standing up to a force bigger then them because they needed to protect something near and dear to their heart. A mate made the most sense since I knew I was working on a shapeshifter book and the men would have to be twins. We all know that the only thing better the one shapeshifter is a twin ;) While they have to face many challenges in their attempt to earn Mai's heart, it's their own past they have to concur before they can move on.

So far, I can't say that I have a style of music that fits the 3xtasy Lake series. I'm working on the second book now and I tend to start writing when I'm listening to Eluveitie and Great Big Sea . Two styles of music that are very different (and yet similar) but considering the melting pot that this small town offers sanctuary too into, it works.:)

How about you? is there a favourite style of music you like to listen to or feel inspired by? Share your favourite band in the comments and I'll draw a name for a free e-book at the end of the weekend. (Sunday Aug 7th) Winner's choice from my Bookshelf

~ Congratulations Lucia! My daughter picked your name out of a hat (okay, it was a tuperware bowl.) Please have a peek at my bookshelf and let me know which book you would like and in what format. Thanks to everyone for commenting!


Lucia said...

Interesting to read that music can inspire a story. I love listening to music and a lot of different styles :) But I really feel inspired *to draw, I can't write stories* when I listen to Phil Collins. Beautiful voice and a lot of great messages in his songs.

SheriV said...

I love Nickelback, and they are my favorite hands down. But when I need to study I love 3 Doors Down. And when I in the mood to just mellow out I love Reba McEntire.

Celtie said...

I love most music and I have found that a normal blah day can become awesome just by adding a soundtrack. When reading I like to have quiet but any other time there is music from a movie score to Adelita's Way to George Strait to the fantastic Glenn Miller. A life without music is a life without passion and color.

Bookwyrm369 said...

Gosh, I have so many! Some of my faves are Linkin Park, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, Shinedown, and Hinder (I favor the hard rock :-) but I've just discovered "We the Fallen" which is an awesome group!

smaccall AT

Luna Wildwood said...

I tend to listen to music when reading. Usually something instrumental because sometimes the lyrics get in the way of what the characters on the page are saying lol. Corinne have you heard of the group Abney Park? They are a Steampunk group!

ashleynhuey said...

When writing, I am required to have some form of music blaring. I cannot seem to get the mood or the emotion or the scene just right if I do not have something to listen to. Also, I will just listen to a song and it will be like I was struck by lightning - I have to write that very moment. Where are my nearest handy friends? Pencil. Paper. Napkin. I-Phone. Anything!

I generally monitor my songs carefully in a controlled setting. I have even gone so far as to make playlists (and I mean several playlists) in my ITunes with songs for each story that I write. I tend to like songs that evoke emotion whether they are love songs or songs about breakups or whatever. As long as it is something that I can feel deeply, I am good to go. Sometimes, I even choose to write while listening to songs that make me cry. I have been known to write with tears pouring down my face.

I tend to like country music for my writing - Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney (sometimes), Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, and Shania Twain. I also like pop ballads on occasion. However, I do NOT listen exclusively to one type of music. I like it all!

elaing8 said...

My favorite band is Nickelback.But I also listen to all the top 40 stuff.And some classic rock like Steve Miller band. I kinda like a lot of different stuff.