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I decided to write this blog today on the idea around how much personal experience does a writer incorporate in their stories of fiction. Where is the line between fantasy and reality as seen through the eyes and experience of the writer? Y'all know my work? Y'all feel the pleasure, the connections and the intensity of the suspense. Have I personally experienced being hunted by wolves because of my enticing, sexual scent? Hell no! However, have I been watched, addressed, maybe even enticed by a man with the sexual appetite of a wolf and a body to go along with it?

Maybe? And how do I know if he, they, may have been in actuality wolves in men's clothing? I can't quite say for certain.

Take my series FIVE-O and the the two SWAT Teams I have introduced to my readers. These men are hot. I mean so hot that when you walk into a room your body can seek them out before your eyes make contact. Every happen to ya? Well it happened to me and more than a few times, but those stories are for another time accompanied by a bottle or two of wine. (wink,wink).

Do I have knowledge of SWAT Team procedures, Law enforcement tactics, training and protocol. I sure do and then some. I know experts in the field of numerous branches of police work. From patrol officers, state police, park police, FBI, CIA all the way to homicide detectives, Chiefs and Commanders in the U.S. military. And no I am not a groupie....well, maybe a tad bit because I sure as shit am a sucker for a man in uniform. I'm afraid it's just where I was placed in this world and where my jobs and destiny have led me to meet so many different and unique people. The heroes of our society can be quite sexy and persuasive. Sometimes short conversations lead to more intimate ones. Those are some of the best kind and where a lot of secrets can be revealed.

I like to take the accurate information I have access to and incorporate that into my writing.
I want to make my characters as realistic as possible aside from any supernatural powers they may possess. Hence the fiction!

My idea in creating the FIVE-O Series is to bring out those other branches of law enforcement that I have first hand information on and introduce them to the minds and imaginations of my readers. One small action, idea or occurrence I may hear about can send my creative mind into a frenzy of writing and creating stories and characters readers will love. Add in the fiction and you've got yourself a story.

Just a little inside information on my personal experiences with men in uniform and law enforcement in general.

 I have seen a crime committed. I have seen the effects on victims of crime and have even been involved with social work and helped those victims heal. I have been to the morgue, have seen dead bodies and not just those in a casket surrounded by flowers. I have personally never committed a crime however that's not to say that my ass has not visited the back seat of a police cruiser or that I have never been frisked....or had handcuffs used on me or ....wait I'm losing focus here...sorry.

I am familiar and quite comfortable using various types of weapons. I can't tell ya who taught me or exactly how exciting and hot those lessons were or I'd have ta kill ya!

I'm not so obsessed with men in uniform that I'd jump the neighborhood UPS driver however I have been known to eye Frankie, our UPS delivery man and flirt a little more than most but hey...he's some real fine eye candy if y'all know what I mean.

In conclusion, the idea that one has to have experience in order to write about the subject or professions they are writing about is only partially true. Research can take you a long way into the aspect of the subject you are researching.

I believe that a good writer can wing it and a great writer can come across as if they lived it and experienced exactly how that first kiss felt, how that initial meeting went down and how that first orgasm blindsided them and sent them into a story of bliss and completion. A great writer can make your heart rate increase during an intense scene and your mind go over the events long after the last page of the book was turned.

That's where I want to be for my readers. I want to create those characters, their stories of struggle and triumph with the reality of life standing in the way but not sucking them dry like a vampire. Hopefully, I'm doing that but with everything else in life there is always room for improvement.

Happy Reading and to my fellow writers Happy Writing!

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Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, Dixie, talk about experience, and experiences! Amazing.