Monday, August 29, 2011

What's your favorite type of menage?

What's your favorite type of menage?

The last three books I have written have all included cowboys, but what is your favorite?

At the moment I'm writing a paranormal fantasy, and hoping to develop it  into a long series of five or more books.

There are all types of menage romances to choose from:

Time Travel
Vampire/ Werewolves

.......not to mention, historical, contemporary, futuristic.

Do you like yours to contain elements of BDSM, bondage or spanking.....

Or do you just prefer a plain old romantic menage where the heroine just can't resist two or more hunky heroes?

Go on. please tell :-)

I prefer contemporary menages with elements of BDSM/bondage and just a little sexy spanking. I also think a vampire has oodles of sex appeal too!


Heather in FL said...

Personally, I'm pretty much over paranormal, but I know it's still pretty popular. I like contemporary menage and I prefer m/f/m, but don't mind if the m's get involved. Not a huge fan of m/f/f or f/m/f, but I've read a couple that were good. And a little bit of dominance/alpha is yummy. :-)

Chele Blades said...

i love the cowboy menages (w/a little rope)BDSM is the hot Dom...i love the ones with mm elements as well...mostly when one is alpha...and the other is just fun loving yumminess...i definetly like the fiesty heroine to keep them both on their toes...

MiaAshlinn said...

Ooooohhh. That is such an intriguing question. A very loaded, intriguing question. Unfortunately, my answer is that I have no answer.

I love all menages. I have yet to read one that I didn't like (at the very least). Something about them just appeals to my naughtier senses. I do tend to buy more paranormal,werewolves, vampires, contemporary, and westerns/cowboys. See, I crave a wide variety in my menage stories. Don't want to grow bored (in the words of Cher from Clueless: "As if!").

I am as good as sold if it is m/m/f or m/f/m/m. I also have a penchant for m/f/m/m/m. I tend to not have problems with multiple partners (as is obvious) - as long as it meets my one criterion! It must have emotional depth to it. Period.

BDSM/bondage is also a huge selling point for me. A Dom (or in this case Doms) get me all hot and bothered. We are talking heart pounding, hands sweating hot. :)

Kayla Knight said...

Thank you for all your comments.

It's good to know what your preferences are :-)

It seems we all agree. A good story with plenty of emotional depth is our main priority.

Kallypso Masters said...

I like contemporaries. Some paranormal. Cherise Sinclair's HOUR OF THE LION was fabulous, with the shapeshifters.

Always BDSM. (Duh! I didn't chose Masters as a surname for nothing.) But, while Cherise didn't have BDSM in LION, she definitely had a Dominant Male in Calum. Oh, yeah. That worked for me!

Emotional, absolutely. No point writing/reading something if you don't have the emotional aspect. (Not for me, anyway.) I'm currently finishing up my first menage (m/f/m) and to me, exploring the emotions involved is what's most intriguing--and driving me crazy, as well. While Master Marc has shared before, that was before he fell in love and said, "Mine." But his friend Luke hasn't been in love since his wife died seven years ago and Marc doesn't want to deny his friend happiness either.

The heroine just can't decide--she loves them both. The "Switch" in her needs the Dom in Master Marc, but also has a need TO dominate someone else--and who better than Luke, whose guilt keeps him running in the opposite direction? She has to restrain him just to keep him from running! lol

But the three don't come from a place where a committed menage relationship is even an option. *I* still don't know how they'll work it all out!

Yep, menage is definitely intriguing! Thanks for the Twitter follow, by the way!

Bookwyrm369 said...

I love Sci-Fi menages because the possibilities are endless with endowments ;-) And the more kink the better!

MiaAshlinn said...

Kallypso, your menage story sounds amazing. I look forward to reading it. :)

Luna Wildwood said...

I love all the sub genres that have menage in them. Paranormal, Cowboy, Fantasy - they are all what I like to read depending on my mood. If I want something more traditional I can go with a contemporary; Sci-Fi is good if I'm wanting to go out of this world ;-). Do they all have to have BDSM in them, no. That also depends on what I feel like reading at the moment. A simple straight forward romance to one where the Dom is searching for his perfect sub to make him feel loved too, they all have their appeal to me in their own ways. My one thing I have a reserve on is how many take part in the menage. 1 women to 3 men seems to be a good one for me personally. Any more and I have to wonder where all the body parts are gonna go and how they'll fit on the bed, will they tag team and will the woman be overwhelmed and feel ganged upon. lol So my 1-3 ratio is satisfying for me at the moment. :)

Laura-Mae Le Capelain said...

My favourite menage is historical, contemporary,Cowboy/Western. I like elements of BDSM, bondage or spanking,and dominance & submission. I am not into Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampire/Werewolves, Fantacy. I like stories that ring/sound true. We all grew up with Fairy tales I like to read about relationships that I can see myself having.