Thursday, September 29, 2011

Menage Over Margaritas

When One is Not Enough welcomes guest bloggers NY Times Best Selling Author Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Collaboration is a little like a three-some.

Often times it starts over drinks.

Over heard one Margarita Friday in North Texas:
Lexi: I like Harlequins.
Shayla: Me, too.
Lexi: You know there’s something about the Harlequin tropes that just make for a great story. Who doesn’t love a secret baby story? I have to admit, I’ve read about a hundred secret baby stories.
Shayla: I know. I really like them, too. And CEO/Billionaire/Sheik mistress stories. I always wish they had more sex though.
Lexi: And ménage. Why doesn’t Harlequin ever do ménage?
Shayla: How much have you had to drink? Holy crap. We should write a filthy novel with the classic Harlequin tropes.
Lexi: OMG! This is the best enchilada ever? What did you say?

And just like a threesome, there can be some awkwardness in the beginning.

Lexi: I hate that name.
Shayla: You want to set this on an oil rig? Do you know how unsexy an oil rig is?
Lexi: I can’t plot. I need to be free.
Shayla: You will plot this book with me if I have to kill you.
Lexi: Fine. But we compromise on names and move it to Alaska. I’ve always want to write a moose into a story.
Shayla : I think we need more tequila.

But in the end, if done right, collaboration brings joy all around – kind of like that threesome.

Lexi: This isn’t the worst book ever written.
Shayla: It’s fun and sexy. Nope. Not the worst book. And I like the addition of the moose.
Lexi: Yeah, it really was better to not set it on a metal platform in the middle of the ocean with twenty men who haven’t seen a woman or a shower in months.
Shayla: Hey, let’s do this again sometime.

We sincerely hope you’ll try our collaboration. It’s a sweet little story about one woman and the three filthy rich oil executives who love her. Often. And with much discipline. Please enjoy the excerpt below and know that Their Virgin’s Secret will be out close to Christmas. Yeah, we’re deflowering the world, one virgin at a time.
Only one virgin, yes, but we promise lots of yummy men.

Their Virgin Captive
By Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Hannah moaned as Dex continued to nibble on her pussy. He pulled one soft fold into his mouth, sucking briefly, then the other. He was devouring her like a sweet treat. His tongue slipped in and out, plunging deep, as if he couldn’t get enough. There wasn’t an inch of her he didn’t taste. The orgasm built inside her. Now that she’d had one, she recognized the sensations. And she longed for it.
“Please, Dex.”
Slade’s hands went straight to her nipples. He pinched them with a punishing little twist. Hannah gasped as that tiny bite of pain opened a livewire straight to her pussy. Arousal jolted her, hovered, like it played on a knife’s edge.
“That got her juices flowing, brother.” Dex chuckled, the vibration resonating against her sensitive flesh.
“She’s not allowed to talk.” Slade pinched her again, making Hannah mewl. “Next time, I’ll put these incredibly sensitive nipples in clamps.”
“We should have them pierced. Hmm…”
Hannah started to say something, but Dex nipped the nubbin of her clit between his teeth. She whimpered as he toyed with her, gently biting and laving.
“I like that thought. Dainty little bejeweled rings.” Slade’s tongue traced the shell of her ear. His fingers still played with her breasts. “We can run a chain through them and tug when we want to arouse her. You’d never get me off you then, baby.”
Even the thought made her tremble. But all they needed to do to arouse her was to walk in the room. It had always been that way.
She bit her bottom lip to keep from pleading again. She wanted to come. She was so close. And Dex merely toyed with her, pulling away when he knew he’d driven her close to orgasm.
As she tensed and cried out again, Dex eased away to lave her thigh. “We’ll need to begin her training as soon as possible. She has zero discipline. She’s almost gone off three times since I put my mouth on her.”
Slade tsked behind her, as if she was a naughty school girl. “That won’t do. We can’t have her coming every time we touch her.”
“I thought that was the point,” Hannah groused, and then hissed as Slade tortured her nipples once more. This time the punishment was accompanied by Dex’s short slap to her pussy, which had Hannah bucking. But Slade’s iron grip wouldn’t allow her to move. He forced her to lie still and take it.
“Your orgasms belong to your Masters,” Slade explained. “Just like your body belongs to us. We’re going to teach you to accept pleasure and to discipline your responses so you can come on command. Would you like that, love? Would you like for us to look at you during one of our office parties, and with a simple touch or one word be able to get you off? You’ll be so well trained that no one will know what’s happening besides you and your men. We’ll always be close, always willing to bring you pleasure.”
“And to receive it,” Dex added. “I can picture that party. After we make our girl come a few times, we’ll find a nice place away from the crowd so we can lift your skirts. Then you’ll take our cocks. You’ll know to keep quiet or everyone will hear you. Everyone will know just how well we’re fucking you.”
She hadn’t thought she could get aroused merely with words, but her sex clenched and spasmed. It felt so good—far beyond anything she’d imagined. She wanted everything they were offering.
Shayla Black writes erotic romance. Her latest Berkley Heat book is Belong to Me, available Oct 4th.
Lexi Blake’s first solo effort, The Dom Who Loved Me, is available now.

And Their Virgin’s Secret is coming out Christmas 2011.


Tammy said...

Doin the happy dance. Another one! I am so happy. I can just imagine what kind of story would come out of having a few margaritas and straight tequila. Love it!

MiaAshlinn said...

Shayla and Lexi,

I have to admit that I was a little afraid to click on the link when you both said that it was going to be funny. LOL. Then, I decided to be brave. I am so glad that I did. You two are freaking hilarious. I personally loved the "Yeah, we're deflowering the world, one virgin at a time." I was glad that no one was home with me when I laughed so loud that the walls shook. Just kidding. Not about the laughing - just the wall shaking. I am good, but not that good. ;)

Anyway, I LOVED your story and I cannot wait for the next enstallment. Thank you for sharing your story, but even more than that, thanks for joining forces. Keep it up, and you will take over the world! I think that I might like to live there.


Chele Blades said... how come this is not in my TBR list better yet why is it not on my kindle waiting to be read...where have i been...i must have been looking towards the ocean for a metal platform with how many horny men?!?! its a must have now...on it!

Brenda D. said...

You two are so funny! I can't wait to read this!

SheriV said...

I just want to sit with popcorn and watch y'alls Margarita lunches. Please!!! I'll be quiet and you won't even know I'm there. Although that enchilada sounds yummy too. Pretty Please! I love y'all sassyness and I need to catch up on my reading and read that darn book already, I really have to if there is a moose. :P

SusieJ said...

I loved "Their Virgin Captive" and can't wait for the next one. :)
I also love the sound of your margarita kind of lunch!
Now, if only I could remember how to get books from my PC to my Kindle, I'd be reading "The Dom Who Loved me"...I'm technophobic I think1lol
Hugs xx

Blanche said...

I just downloaded Their Virgin Captive and can't wait to start reading it!! :)

Sophie said...

There really is a moose, SheriV. At least that's what Lexi tells me. And Susie J - email it to your Kindle. It should show up in your documents and then it should be perfectly readable. Again - that's what Lexi says. Uhm, she doesn't have an account...yeah.

elaing8 said... two are funny. Hot excerpt,thanks for sharing that :)
Looking forward to reading it.

SusieJ said...

Sophie,thanks - I actually did that earlier this off to bed to read it! :)
Hugs xx