Friday, September 2, 2011


To me INSPIRATION is the most important thing to any creative soul. It doesn't matter what medium you work in, if you wield a blowtorch, a pen or a pair of knitting needles, without something/one to inspire you then how can you create? How many people have muses that whisper in their ears? I will admit that I have one. A 6'5" Scottish warrior, complete with kilt and a sword he uses to poke me with when I'm not writing as much as I should be. Not sure why he is the way he is but I'm not complaining, he comes in handy when writing fight scenes.

I've blogged before about how I find music inspiring as well. I never write without something playing in the background. Sometimes, I use it to bring out a certain emotion that I want to capture but not often because once I start writing and slide into 'the zone', I no longer hear what is going on around me.

But is it the music, or the words that would be more inspiring?

What got me thinking about this in particular is I remembered a time when my oldest was listening to "Pain" by Three Days Grace. I don't mind because it's one of my favourites but after the tenth time in a row, Even I was getting tired of hearing it. Also, I was a little concerned about how she would take the lyrics. Especially considering she is a sensitive 10 year old that might not understand. So I asked her today what she thought the song was about.

For the next ten minutes I listened as my daughter told me a story about dragons, her and her cousins, and their webkins. For each part of the song she has an event how the badguys are dancing around because they think the dragons are dead and then right at the chorus she pictures the dragon rising over a large cliff with their wings wide spread, and the sun behind them. The lyrics didn't mean anything to her, it was the melody that helped her create the story she told.

I'm not sure why she amazed me with this, or just after hearing so much how the kids these days have no imaginations. I'm thrilled to say that my daughter's is very well intact. Not that I was worried with the amount of daydreaming the child does. In fact, I encouraged her to write it down because it would make a great children's book. Apparently she doesn't have aspirations to be a writer because she looked at me funny and said "No mummy, I'm going to make a movie."

Do you have a unique muse or is your source of creativity based on something or someone in your life. Feel free to share what inspires you in the comments.


Heather Rainier said...

Thank you Corinne. Music plays a large role in my creative process. Lyrics that tell a story, inspire a sensation combined with the emotions of the melody grip me...and yes I also come to that place where I no longer hear the music. People-watching also inspires me as well as making some kind of human contact with people even if its only eye contact. The eyes are the windows of the soul and my imagination just runs with it. Great blog post and thanks for sharing about your daughter. I have a twelve year old that sounds very much the same;-)

MiaAshlinn said...

Corinne, children amaze me. My daughter is constantly telling me these vivid stories that really make me think. I am with you on the encouranging a child to have a great imagination. Some people think that we are too open with letting our daughter imagaination roam free. I have to admit that she is nearly eccentric. It has concerned me about other children's response when she started school. However, I want her to be who she is, and she is a creative little thing.

In regards to your actual question, I use so many things for inspiration. Music, movies, pictures, people, places, things. I do not discriminate. With me, the inspiration is always derived from the emotions captured.
I have to be moved or intrigued, but if I am, look out. Its the looks and the interactions, too. Are they smiling or frowning? Are they crying? Are they stiff or relaxed? Then, I ask myself why they would be this way or that. Cue the wheels churning in my mind. I always keep my eyes and ears open, too.

So, in conclusion, I use anything and everything for inspiration. I never know when or where it will hit me. As long as I see love or pain, I will find a story.

Thanks for the wonderful post.

Celtie said...

I love the story of your daughter. I am glad there are still people in the world who support their childrens creativity otherwise there will be no future arts in any form.
As for what inspires me.... I have no creativity at all. I am inspired more by the books I read. When I am listening to music it tends to make me think of a character or a scene in a book that I have read. I have to say since I have been reading more diverse books I have become more open to some people (much to their dismay in some cases). So really you have inspired me to be a more open person so now everyone will blame you :)

Luna Wildwood said...

Looks like creativity runs in the family in different ways, books and movies.
I think music can fuel any kind of creativity. When I'm reading I like to have some kind of music on. I sometimes change the genre to fit the scenes I'm reading. It's almost like I'm scoring my imagination when visualizing the characters and what they are doing in the book.

Savanna Kougar said...

I love your daughter's imagination! Maybe she'd like to write down her story/scene like a screenwriter.