Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Dominance and Submission book being published with Siren-Bookstrand

Hi everyone! I wanted to throw out the good news that Siren-Bookstrand has accepted the publication of my third book my Dominance and Submission series. 

This story does push some limits, but in a good way. It is scheduled for eBook release January 2012 and print release May 2012.

**Now, it wouldn't be fun if I didn't offer a little something. So.... If you would like to win a PDF copy of either Blush or Bittersweet, simply post a comment telling me why you would like to read a D&s story :-)

Below I would like to share some steamy excerpts from the first two stories in this series, Blush & Bittersweet.

Blush: A Story of Dominance and Submission

By: Jenika Snow | Other books by Jenika Snow
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary
Word Count: 20,770
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, sex toys, public exhibition]
When Kasia is taken to the BDSM club, Cimmerian, by her friend, she doesn’t realize that she isn’t the only one with dark fantasies. When she is approached by a Dom only known as Master, she doesn’t know if she is really ready to experience what she has always fantasized about.
Through him she is tempted with erotic pleasures, and tantalized with experiences that she has only dreamed about. Tonight is when she will finally know what it means be fully dominated, while she lets her mind and body submit.


He just tore the thing off. She squeaked and then moaned, not even caring that she had spent a lot on that damn bra. She could hear his even breathing, could feel the cool air waft across her breasts and tighten up her nipples.
“You are so fucking beautiful. Just like I imagined.” In the next instant he latched onto one of her nipples with his mouth. She moaned and threw her head back, momentarily forgetting there was a wall behind her and slammed her head back against it.
“Little sub, you need to control yourself.” His words were muffled against her skin.
The sting was slight compared to the feel of his hot, wet mouth on her aching nipple. His hand snaked up and cupped the back of her head, rubbing the spot that had suffered the impact. His hand moved gently against her scalp, his tongue devouring her nipple, two totally different sensations, both driving her mad with desire.
His mouth latched onto the other nipple, his growls and groans fueling her own arousal until heat pooled low in her belly. His hand that had been caressing the back of her head moved down and cupped her other breast. His fingers pinched and tweaked at her nipple, and she found herself thrusting her hips in tune with his pinches. His other hand moved down her stomach and rested above her mound. She held her breath, knowing exactly where that hand was going.
His mouth unlatched from her breast with a resounding pop. The noise was erotic as hell. He ran his lips and tongue over her breast, up the side of her neck, and twirled his tongue around her ear, his teeth gently nipping at her earlobe. “Tell me where you want me to touch you, baby.”
Her mouth opened and closed and she felt him press his body closer to hers. She felt the defined length of his erection press against her stomach and that seemed to make her vocal cords constrict further. “I…”
“Yeah, baby?”
“I want you to touch me down there.”
“Down where?” There was a teasing note in his voice.
“Touch my pussy.”
“Touch my pussy what?”
She knitted her eyebrows behind the blindfold before finally realizing what he wanted to hear. “Please. Touch my pussy…Master.”
He growled his approval. “Good girl.”
She let her head fall back—gently this time—at the feel of his fingers brushing over her mound. He ran his finger lower, moving over her clit and making her bite her lip with bliss. He ran his finger down her slit, his tongue and mouth licking and sucking at her neck as he groaned. He stopped when his finger was right over her pussy hole, the big digit slowly starting to push the fabric inside and then gently retreat.
“You’re so wet for me. So fucking hot and wet. It’s going to feel so good once I sink into you.”
Her mouth opened, his words bringing her to the brink of orgasm.
“I can tell how close you are to coming, Kasia.”
In the next second his finger was gone, but he didn’t give her time to feel disappointed. His lips replaced his finger, his mouth sucking and licking feverishly at her vagina through the lace of her panties. She was so close and he seemed to sense it. He took his mouth off, hooking his finger on the side of her panties and pulling them so that he exposed her cleft.
His mouth was on her so fast she screamed in pleasure. The wetness and heat his mouth and tongue provided was just too much for her to bear. His tongue flicked at her clit as his finger pressed into her opening. It was too much, the sensations so intense she let herself go. Her orgasm crashed through her, so powerful she was unable to stop the thrusting of her hips or the squeezing of her inner muscles on his finger. He didn’t let up, just continued to suck and lick at her, wrung out every last drop of her orgasm until she was panting and hanging from the manacles.
He took his mouth from her pussy, kissing her lips gently as he whispered against them. “You taste so good, like peaches and cream. Can you taste yourself on my lips, baby? Can you taste how good you are?” He brought his body closer, the feel of his still hard shaft pressing mercilessly against her stomach.
She moaned and opened her mouth, his tongue slipping easily in and filling her senses with the musky yet sweet taste of her own orgasm. He broke the kiss and started to suck on her neck. She thrashed her head as his fingers took up where his mouth had left off. His thumb ran circles around her clit while his finger started a slow fuck in her still clenching hole. She whimpered and moaned as he brought another orgasm just within reach. She could feel her body coated in a light sheen of sweat, but she didn’t care.
“You’re such a good girl. Listening to your Master and doing what he says. Do you want to come again?”
She nodded, her body already so sated she didn’t know if she could handle another one, but needing him to give her more.
He brought his lips to her ear, “I’m going to give you so many orgasms you won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you.”

Bittersweet: A Story of Dominance and Submission

By: Jenika Snow | Other books by Jenika Snow
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre
Word Count: 26,655
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic BDSM Ménage a Cinq Romance, M/F/M/M/M, public exhibition, orgies, sex toys]
When Piper agrees to go on vacation with her friend at an exclusive sex resort, she finds it has more surprises than she is ready for. Because what Piper doesn’t realize is that when she agrees to play a submissive for two weeks, it won’t be with only one dominant man, but four.
Piper finds out she has been hand selected to not only submit, but to be possessed and conquered by the towering men. To make matters worse, the four men that have chosen her to play their sex slave are the sovereign and arousing Grayson brothers--her employers and the men she has been lusting after.
With her identity hidden behind a mask of feathers and jewels, Piper allows herself to experience the delicious pleasures that only the Grayson brothers can conjure within her. But soon she realizes it isn’t only her body that is in the game, but her heart as well.


She got on her knees between his legs because she knew what he wanted. She knew this even before he started unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. Her eyes widened slightly, and she swallowed involuntarily. Ian’s cock was thick and long. The head was flared and a darker shade than the rest of his shaft. The slit already seeped pre-cum and she looked up at him. She lowered her head, all the while keeping her stare on his, until she felt the hot, silky tip of his erection brush against her mouth.
The wood of the floor was hard against her knees, but the slight pain did nothing to mask the fire simmering within her. She was keenly aware of the men behind her, could practically feel their eyes on her spread ass and the plug nestled between them. She tried not to become self-conscious as she closed her eyes and sucked Ian’s cock head in her mouth. He tasted salty and all male as she moved her tongue around the slit, bathing her senses in the masculine aroma and flavor which was all him.
She ran her tongue along the flared head, feeling the ridge making up the crown, and then sucked in more of his shaft. She wasn’t an expert in sucking cock, but she found pleasure that he kept shifting in his seat. She brought her hand up and gripped the root of his penis, the hardness and silkiness a vast contrast. Her fingers didn’t touch as she gripped him, his thickness impressive yet startling. She sucked harder, trying to bring more of his flesh into her mouth but only able to engulf half. She used her hand to massage what she couldn’t reach, stroking him up and down, as her mouth did the rest.
She could hear his breathing increase, and she opened her eyes to look at his face. He was staring down at her, his jaw tense, his teeth grinding harshly, so the sound of teeth on teeth was loud in the room. She moaned around his flesh, working her mouth faster as she moved her head up and down. She knew he was getting close because his hips starting rising to meet her motions. He made a deep and guttural sound in the back of his throat, and she felt the first pulse of his orgasm fill her mouth.
Her clit throbbed with the need for release, and she ached to be touched, to be stroked. Jet after jet of his cum filled her mouth, and she greedily swallowed him. It was thick and salty, but purely male and all him. When his cock became flaccid, she let it slip out. She leaned back on her heels, breathing deeply, and she was acutely aware of the shift of air brushing along her engorged nipples when Ian stood. He stared at her as he tucked himself back in and stepped away.
She didn’t move, remembering he said she was to pleasure all four of them. Logan sat where Ian had, and she was aware of the door opening and closing. She didn’t bother looking back because she knew Ian had left, knew he had what he wanted and he needed nothing more, at least not right now. She shivered at her thoughts and at the sensual look Logan cast her way. He didn’t remove his erection straining against his trousers, and it took her a moment to realize he wanted her to do it.
She swallowed, still tasting Ian’s spunk coating her mouth as she moved toward Logan, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled his shaft free. He was about the same girth and length as Ian, thick and straining right toward her like it knew what she was about to do. The light caught the pearl of clear fluid dotting the lip, and she ran her tongue over it, darting her eyes toward his face and loving when he moaned softly.
Her body was beyond aroused. The juices freely seeped out of her vagina, and she knew the remaining men behind her had a clear shot of the glistening substance. She moaned against Logan’s flesh, feeling his body tense as she sucked more of him inside. The more she lapped at his erection, the hotter she became. She gripped the heavy weight below his penis and massaged his balls as she hollowed out her cheeks. The heavy panting of Logan’s breathing had her on the verge of climaxing. But without something to physically stimulate her, she would forever be on the verge.
The first shot of his cum in her mouth had her moaning wildly, sucking harder and massaging the heavy weight of his testicles faster. The second jet was more powerful, slamming into the back of her throat and sliding down. When the last spurt erupted from him and his dick became limp, he gently shifted her away and tucked himself back in his pants. His fingers grabbed a piece of her hair and rubbed it between his fingers. That simple touch shot right to her clit, making it more swollen until it throbbed between her pussy lips.
She panted, as she stayed on her knees. She heard the door open and close once more and swallowed, still tasting Logan’s semen coat her taste buds. Two down, two to go. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes slightly widening, when Jake and Brendin started to unbutton their slacks in unison.


shadow_kohler said...

Your books sound awesome! Im more than happy to read them. lol It was a hard decision, but i love the sound of Bittersweet more. I love a boss book. :) When the boss and emplyee line blurs... *sigh* 4 hotties all to herself.. one lucky gal! Dominance and submission stories are always so yummy! :) Thank you for sharing for the chance to win! Would it help if i said, 'Pick Me! Pick Me!!' lol Thank you!

elaing8 said...

I would love to win Blush.I already have Bittersweet.Thanks for sharing those excerpts.I can't wait to read more.

Bookwyrm369 said...

I love D/s stories! The permutations are endless and I'm fascinated by the give-and-take in the relationship. Plus, they're just really freakin' hot ;-)

smaccall AT

Chele Blades said...

i am out of sequence Bittersweet now i need blush..

thank you for the chance

Sarah said...

I would love to read a D/s story because that's what really turns me on. Throw in some menage and I'm a happy girl. I'd love to win a copy of Bittersweet!

Luna Wildwood said...

I find D/s stories fascinating to read. There's an intimacy between the Dom and sub that goes deeper than the regular vanilla relationship. The trust it takes to give up control and the responsibility of receiving that trust is profound.

Luna :)