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Trust Your Instincts

I promised in a blog comment last time that I might share about the concept titles I attributed to each of the books in The Divine Creek Ranch Collection. Summer’s Indiscretion is book seven in the series and its concept title was Trust Your Instincts. In the past, Summer has been burned and has learned to ignore her instincts. In a moment of sheer panic, she goes with her gut and finds that her instincts are trustworthy where Ace Webster and Kemp Whittier are concerned.

Summer’s heart lurched in her chest as the masked intruder tampered with the back door. She nearly jumped out her skin when she heard a loud thump. She could hear swearing on the other side of the door as she peeked from the office. The burglar was making so much racket, he evidently assumed no one was there… Once they got in, whoever that was on the other side of the door was in for a surprise…She was tired of “phoning it in” to the sheriff and tired of being a victim, constantly checking her rear view mirror as she drove to and from work. She was sick and tired of assholes like this one in general.

Adrenaline pumped through her system as the knob jostled in the door like it was coming loose. In a matter of seconds the door would be open. She could use the remote to set off her car alarm and perhaps scare him away, but she perversely wanted to catch him in the act, inside her house... She bit her lip as the inside part of the old doorknob fell with a thump to the doormat. Her hands tightened around the bat…Humidity permeated the air and brought in the scent of rain as the door swung open slowly. Her pulse pounded in her ears as she waited.

Well, I’m committed to this course now, aren’t I? Come here, sugar. Don’t be shy.

A dark, shadowy figure moved forward and angled to his left toward the office.… Summer snuck as close as she dared. She threw her body into it and swung the bat, aiming for his head…

Have you ever had to go with your gut instinct in a situation? I don’t mean making a simple choice. I mean acting on pure instinct in a serious situation. You either go for Option A or Option B based solely on what your most basic nature is telling you. Summer Heston could stay and fight or choose to flee and be the victim yet again. She did what she felt she needed to do.

She heard a thump outside and skidded to a halt at the front door. Glancing back down the hallway, Summer saw the intruder trying to rise to a standing position. She looked around the edge of the lace curtain in the door. In the early morning light, she saw two men, also dressed in dark clothing, who were climbing from an SUV. They looked huge and scary, but they hadn’t threatened her safety yet. She glanced back, and her heart did a double lurch as the shadowy form filled the doorway leading out into the darkened shop from the hall. She twisted the door latch. It was better to trust her instincts and run, than to risk another physical altercation with the intruder. He spotted her at the door and lunged toward her. She let loose a bloodcurdling scream, yanked open the door, and bolted through…

Summer’s Indiscretion became available this morning at Siren-Bookstrand and will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. I’m offering one free copy of Summer’s Indiscretion in a book giveaway today. All you have to do to be entered in the random drawing is be a follower of this blog and answer three trivia questions from Maya’s Triple Dare:

1. For whom is Michael Martinez’s new baby brother named? (Mention the name)

2. What color is Will Peterson’s hair?

3. What specific color are Richard Warner’s eyes?

I’ll announce the winner here in a comment and also on my Facebook wall, so make sure we’re friends on Facebook.

Enjoy the adult excerpt from Summer’s Indiscretion. Caution, this book is rated Sextreme by Siren Publishing and is intended for adults 18+. This excerpt contains graphic content.


“I want you both so much it hurts,” she whispered, and there was a restless quality to her voice that gave truth to her words. He exhaled slowly as she rubbed her satin-covered pussy against his leg. “Oh.” Her shaky moan was evocative in the extreme as he watched her eyelids slide closed and her lips part in pleasure. Remembering the taste of her sweet, silken cunt, he growled at the heated feel of her pussy against his thigh. He wished he could taste her again sometime soon and hear more of her sweet moans and cries.

“Do you like our cocks, kitten?” Ace asked as she continued stroking them both.

“Yes. I could come just from touching you and rubbing against you.” Her breath shuddered, and she lifted slightly off of Kemp’s leg. She locked eyes with him and asked, “Can I taste?”

God, more than I want to breathe. Yes, I want you to taste!

“Yes,” he uttered in a low, hissing whisper, his head thrown back against the pillow. He was bowled over by the quiver in her voice. She sounded like she wanted them just as badly.

He gritted his teeth as her hot tongue traced up the length of his shaft, wet and slick, until she reached the head, then flicked her tongue expertly against the sensitive spot at the underside. His hips moved against her, completely independent of his control, desiring to feel more of her. He threaded his fingers into her silken tresses and caressed the back of her head as she licked again. She looked up into his eyes and smiled, her angelic face flushed with desire. Ace groaned, and Kemp noticed that she continued touching him as well. Their little kitten was a multitasker.

He didn’t know how much more of her teasing touches he could take. Just when he thought he’d lose control, she switched to Ace’s cock to pay attention to him. He missed her sweet, hot touch but appreciated the chance to cool down a bit.

“Yes, kitten, that’s it,” Ace said as she leaned over him and swiped her tongue up his cock as though it were the tallest ice cream cone in the world. She moaned softly as Kemp caressed her nipple with one of his knuckles.

Unable to resist her soft, pliant flesh, he slid his fingers into the neckline of her camisole and whispered, “Summer, you feel so good.”

Her breast was a glorious handful, warm and firm, the turgid nipple peaking as he stroked. Her breath caught in her throat as he rolled it with his fingers. She winked at him as she licked Ace’s cock. They’d found a woman who obviously enjoyed giving head, and Kemp wanted to get on his knees and thank her for it.

He gasped when her hand closed over his shaft and she began stroking him again. She caressed and petted his balls as she licked Ace’s, and judging by the strangled sounds he was making, she was very talented with her little pink tongue.

“Oh, baby, that’s so good!” Ace panted and cried out when she drew closer and suckled on his sac. She had yet to take either of their cocks in her mouth, and Ace already sounded close. Tingles went up Kemp’s spine at the thought of how it would feel when she did that to him. His cock bobbed in anticipation.

Reading his mind, she gave a parting lick to Ace’s balls and switched back to Kemp. She applied her tongue in soft, teasing licks to the underside of the head again, and Kemp felt himself catapulting back to the edge once more. He groaned and whispered, “Yes, darlin’,” as she wrapped her hand around his cock at the base and lifted his aching, heavy shaft to her lips. It was all he could do not to come right then and there.

Kemp released her breast and slid his fingers through her hair, gently cradling her head. He shivered as her pink tongue slid in a silken path up his generous length and then moaned as she licked her lips and suctioned the head of his cock into her mouth. She teased him with her tongue as she tightened her lips and took several inches of him on the first pass. Her mouth was hot and soft as she engulfed him, and he bit his lip as she sucked him on the way back up.

Summer pressed her pussy to his leg and shuddered lightly as she rubbed against him.

“Does it feel good to rub against Kemp, kitten?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she moaned in assent before taking more of him on the second stroke. Her lips tugged on him, and the suction increased slightly.

She went back and forth, torturing the two of them like that for a few minutes until they were both ready to blow.

While she tended to Kemp, Ace stroked her back and said, “I wish my face was buried in that sweet pussy of yours, Summer. I still haven’t had a taste of it and I’m dying for it.”

“Mmm-hmm,” she replied softly in agreement.

Fiery tingles of pleasure shot down Kemp’s spine, and his balls tightened up in warning. “Darlin’, I’m about to come. Let go if you’re not swallowing because I can’t stop this time. You do that so good.”

Her cheeks grew rosy from her exertions, and she hummed softly then sucked a little harder. Kemp panted desperately, trying to determine if she wanted to continue or if she was going to let go and allow him to finish for himself. She glanced up at him, and the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile and her eyes twinkled, letting him know she wanted his cum.

Heather Rainier writes exclusively for Siren Publishing. Lydia’s Twin Temptation, book 8 in the Divine Creek Ranch Collection is scheduled for release on November 25th, 2011.

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SusieJ said...

Thanks for the taster...I've just downloaded "Summer"....and am about to start reading..yay!!!
Hugs xx

SheriV said...

Thanks for making me work for it, Heather!!! :P

Michael's little brother is named for one of Angel and Joquain's dads, Eleazar.

Adorable Will Peterson has auburn hair. :)

And Richard has pale eyes.

That was actually fun. :) And you came up with some great questions. ;)I'm excited for you new release and will look forward to reading it soon. :)

Heather Rainier said...

Thank you Susie, I hope you enjoy it!

@Sheri, thanks for participating and you and I both know you Looove working for it, LOL.

Dawn Gore Meador said...

Instincts are hard to listen to sometimes, but when it counts, our gut usually knows best. It's our minds that don't always listen. Summer finally listens to her instincts and seizes the day! Another great addition to the Divine Creek Ranch Series. Great work, Heather :)

Luna Wildwood said...

Gut instinct is your internal security system telling you things. Whether it's that feeling that someone you recently met can't be trusted to tell you the time of day or you can trust your friend with your life sort, it's something to pay attention to.
Good blog Heather :)

Heather Rainier said...

Thanks Dawn and Luna;-)

ashleyd said...

Auburn haired baby
Pale blue eyes

Can't wait for many many more Divine books

shadow_kohler said...

Thank you for sharing! Sounds so good! Theyve been put on my wishlist! :)
1. Eleazar
2. Auburn
3. Pale Blue
Thank you! Thank was fun! :)

Heather Rainier said...

LOL, Thanks for playing along Ashley and Shadow;-)

Destiny said...

LOVE the excerpt! HOT!!!!