Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why I Love Writing Series Books

I enjoy writing series books because the worst part about finishing a book is saying good-bye to your characters and world forever.  With a series you get to re-visit, over and over again. When I wrote Taming Jenna, the sequel to Saving Grace, almost a year after the first release, it was like coming home.  I already knew the Wagner Ranch and the cowboys well.  Giving Jenna her story felt natural and the words flowed easier than started a story from scratch.

The second book in my Ride 'em Hard series features Chase from the first book with three new characters. Each book is stand alone, but they're all connected in one way or another.  The third book, slated for a November release, will feature Angel from book one, along with new men capable of taming her. 

Personally I enjoy series stories with a new romance, rather than a continuing one.  I love that thrill of new love, discovering each others bodies for the first time, and overcoming obstacles.

I'll leave you with an unedited, advanced peek into Corralling the City Girl. Now on Pre-Order at Siren!

AVAILABLE: Thursday, October 6th
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, light BDSM, figging, sex toys]

Jane's just inherited her late uncle's estate. But there's a catch. She has to ride along in a two-week-long cattle drive or she'll forfeit the ranch and money. The city girl doesn't have a clue where to start, so she advertises for three cowboys to assist her.

Chase, Brad and Dawson are hired to drive five thousand head of cattle across the prairies of Alberta. They expect their boss to be some spoiled rich boy looking for adventure, not a stunning woman with legs to die for. She's unlike any cowgirl—complaining, cursing, and driving them nuts with her forked tongue. It'll take some tying up and rough cowboy handling to teach the little siren how to behave.

Nasty X-Rated Excerpt:

      Brad knelt behind Jane and ran two fingers down the indent of her spine, making her straighten. She let out a soft mewling sound which went straight to his balls. With three sisters and a single mother, he wasn’t the type to take advantage of a ripe young thing like Jane. But her body language screamed that she wanted this, wanted more. Part of him thought a good fucking was exactly what the stuck-up city girl needed, the other part knew most of her bravado was an act.
“Brad, you ever shared a woman before?” asked Dawson.
He shook his head. “Can’t say I have.” It was hard for him to focus when the skin beneath his fingertips was feather-soft, unmarred from hard labor or the damaging sun.
“Well, our little wildcat is gonna let us triple-team her tonight.”
Jane’s body went rigid. “What?” Her voice was breathless, as if waking from a dream.
As much as he should pull away and play the gentleman like his mother taught him, he had to take more. His cock was painfully engorged, and his sense of reason grew less and less significant to him. Already sitting in the shallow water, Brad used a finger and searched out her tight little asshole. He breached the first half which earned him a squeal. “What are you doing?” She attempted to turn around, but Dawson held her hips securely in place. “Ouch!”
“I’m not even hurting you, darlin’. Just relax your muscles. I promise you'll like it." He didn’t push further, only kept his finger partially in her ass as he reached around to massage one of her soft breasts.
Dawson approved, chuckling softly as he nipped along her jawline. “How does it feel to have a man’s finger up your tight little ass, baby doll? How would you like to replace it with my dick?”
“Pig,” she muttered. But her words didn’t match her actions. She wiggled down, slowly, impaling her ass deeper over Brad’s finger. He assisted her, shoving harder, rimming her unforgiving anal ring.
“Don’t be rude. Only good girls get fucked hard enough to make them scream. Unless you want to go to bed with a wet, achy pussy, I suggest you control that forked tongue.” Dawson pulled her against his chest so he could see down her back to her ass. The men shared a brief glance, not needing to say a word, as if knowing how they’d handle the little vixen. She needed a firm hand, or else she’d run amuck. The bossy city girl craved to be dominated—she just didn’t know it yet.
Dawson reached for her ass, assisting Brad in stretching her. Two fingers worked the small hole, circling, caressing, and eventually finger-fucking. She wrapped her arms around Dawson’s chest in a death grip, her breathing coming in rapid, shallow pants.
“You like that, Jane?” Brad could feel her relaxing, giving in to their ministrations. He never expected her to answer his question. Going along with them was reward enough. To hear her ask for more would be too much for the executive assistant. It would take time to hand over that level of control, but he hoped by the end of the night, or the end of the round-up, she’d be begging for more.

Book 3 in my PACK SEDUCTION series.



SusieJ said...

Have it on pre-order..thanks for the teaser..I can't wait!!
Hugs xx

Lily said...

YUM! Hot excerpt!

heather said...

Very Hott excerpt!!!

Tammy said...

Iloved this story. Is there gonna be another in this series?

Stacey said...

Thanks, ladies!

Tammy, there will be more Pack Seduction books focusing on the Royal Elite Guards.

As for the Ride 'em Hard series, I have many books planned. 1 is out, 1 coming next week, another coming in November...

Stacey xo