Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crossing that line

I'll admit, I'm not a religious person even if I was raised as a Catholic. You might even label me a heathen. See, I have this need to question and rationalize things, even religion. My grade 11 Religion teacher never forgave me for asking if he was sure Adam came before Eve, because as I pointed out, a man had written the bible. It was my first B in a subject, but I'm proud of it because it showed I wasn't prepared to just swallow what anyone told me.

I'll admit I sometimes cross lines, actually, in some cases, I don't just cross it, I stomp it, then recreate it with a zig zag lol. I don't do it to be a bitch, or because I want to annoy people. I honestly just sometimes perceive things differently. This perception and questioning nature of mine is often reflected in my writing. I like to take concepts that are considered absolute and give people a new way of looking at them. I write of heroes/heroines who would be considered evil, and show them in a different light. I take pride in making the usual black and white blend into a murky grey.

My Princess of Hell series is a great example of taking common religious knowledge but portraying it in a different light. In this urban fantasy, we visit Hell and discover a place not made up of fire and damnation, but of people living out their afterlives, waiting to find the courage to let go of their human identity and be born again. We hear of how the slightest sin brings you to the pit, but once there, punishment is tailored to fit the crime. Heaven is likened to endlessly perfect days, but as the hero notes, when faced daily with perfection, you stop appreciating it because you have nothing to compare it. Not so bad so far you say? That's just scratching the surface lol.

I made Satan into a father who despairs of his daughter following in his footsteps. And his daughter a confident woman who won't give in to her overbearing father. I make her fall in love, and then to her chagrin, force her to bring a second and finally even a third lover into her life (to her father's delight, as he does so love to see her sin). There are battles where good and evil are hard to define, and you find yourself rooting for Lucifer of all people. And before you say it, I know, I know, I'm going to Hell lol. I just hope it's like the version I created. :)

Curious about this series? Then check each of the books out by clicking on the images below. I warn you though, it is irreverent, humorous and absolutely scorching. Oh, and chances are you'll love the devil (to his eternal annoyance).

What about you? Are there lines you absolutely won't cross?


SusieJ said...

I don't swear, ever ...and that's about the only line I won't cross..
These books look (and sound)just my thing...so I'm off to Bookstrand.
Hugs xx

June M. said...

Oh, I did not know the third book was releasing! Just checked Amazon and it's not there :( I loved the first 2 and am sure that I will love the last too!
Thanks for writing GREAT stories!

Eve Langlais said...

LOL, I wish I could say I never swear, but I have the worst potty mouth ever. lol. @June, it just hit Amazon this morning. Enjoy!