Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Does size matter? by Lily Harlem

When it comes to cocks of course it matters, not necessarily that it has to be big, it just has to fit. Like keys in a lock, their sizes matter. Too big, too small and it ain’t going to work.

As an author, publishers frown on actual dimensions when we are talking about our heroes dangling bits – it’s not the right thing to do. For example, I’m not supposed to write “She pulled down his zipper, sneaked in her hand then gasped as eight inches of pulsing manhood lunged into her palm.” They just don't like that, its too specific.

But it doesn't seem to matter, because as women, are we really interested in actual dimension descriptions? I think probably not, its the whole package, not just a few inches that we are interested in. However, guys are interested in dimension, and when the opportunity is there, as kids and adults, they do compare cock size. In the restrooms, showers etc. And why not, it’s easy for them, their cocks are out there, on display, unlike vaginas, which we have to admit, are pretty well hidden, when it comes to their size and shape, ‘we’ have a hidden sex organ - not the outside lippy bits, the internals.

That doesn’t mean that women don’t have different sized vaginas, we do, and this is the point. A women might have tight, short vagina and fall for a guy with an ultra-big penis – it’s not going to work, pain and dissatisfaction will reign.

Similarly a woman with a bigger vagina might hook up with a guy who is below averagely endowed, neither will feel anything, frustration will drive them crazy.

So it is very fortunate that we have the ability to be creative when it comes to sex, we have many body parts – and lots of toys at our disposal. There are more ways than one to pleasure one another and reach that yummy point of satisfaction. Not only that, the human body is about so much more than a few inches which extend outward or inward. I like to think all of my heroes have beautiful cocks and know how to use them in a way that is just right for the woman they are with. Writing dimensions isn't an issue, having fun describing what they do with them, and how it feels for my heroine is what I enjoy dreaming up!

As always, please share your thoughts, and if you have come across any weird and/or wonderful descriptions of length/girth or just visual appearance of cocks in the books you are reading, I'd love to hear them!

Lily x

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mnjcarter said...

OMG!!! Are those vagina cupcakes?!
Love it!!