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Free erotic vampire read...

 **Please be advised that the below short story has graphic scenes of sex and harsh language.

So I have an ongoing free read featured on my website ( It is an erotic paranormal read that features Izabella and her vampire lover Damian. Chapter one was originally going to be my only "free read" featured on my site, but the more I wrote it the more I wanted to add to their story. I thought I would share this ongoing free read with members of the site. I know some may already be following "The Last Kiss Goodbye", but for those that are not, below is chapter one. There are currently twenty-three chapters in this free read with a new chapter posted each month.


Chapter one

I sat in the over-sized recliner my father bought for my mother over fifteen years ago. It was nothing fancy, not even anything great to look at, but it was beautiful to me nonetheless. It was the only thing I had left of my mother and father, the only thing that brought back those warm and fuzzy memories that you hear on those Hallmark commercials. My mother died five years ago to cancer, my father following after her from grief and sorrow. So it sat in my living room, facing my bay windows so that I could watch the sunset and wait for him.
I felt his presence even though he wasn’t near, smelled his rich and intoxicating cologne, that rich and pure male scent that made me tingly in all the right places. He was a lover, a friend and a protector. He was also a vampire…my vampire. He wasn’t one of those creatures that the TV depicts. Those blood sucking ghouls that feed on the innocent and corrupt the young. He didn’t drink the blood of virgins and sacrifice them to the devil. All of those myths were false, everything about stakes and holy water nothing more than tales. True, the sun would toast him alive, and true, he needed to drink blood to survive—but only mine. He came to me every night, like a shadow that wrapped me in a feeling that was beyond words, beyond expressions. I was addicted to him, and he to me. 

The sun started to set in the horizon, that blazing ball of light sinking below the Colorado Mountains and leaving a pink and orange haze across the sky. My heart started to beat in excitement, the same thing it did everyday at this exact time. He would be here soon, so soon I could feel him. The after light haze became grey and then black, like a giant ink stain spreading across what was once a Kodak moment. I stood from the recliner and smoothed my hand down my dress. I always wore a dress for him, white and lacy that stood out against the darkness like my very own beacon of light. It made me feel feminine, so very feminine against his pure male masculinity. All I had to do was think about him and I became wet, so wet it saturated my panties and had me squirming in need. I turned towards my front door and gripped the hem of my dress as two knocks sounded.

Even though I saw him each and every night, my heart still pounded in anticipation of seeing his face. My hand reached for the handle, my palms sweaty as I swallowed and turned the knob. He was always a gentleman, never coming right in, just waiting for me to invite him inside. As I opened the door a gust of wind blew across my face and moved my dark hair around. He stood on the other side, his large body shrouded in the shadows, but his smile evident. 

“Hello, Izabella. I’ve missed you.”

He stepped forward, the light slashing across his features, his smile full on his sensual lips. I swallow again, his fangs prominent and exciting me further. I grew wet from the sight, imagining those twin fangs sliding deep into my throat as he thrusts inside of me. “Hello, Damian. I’ve missed you too.”
“Have you?”

He steps into my home, closing the door behind him and running a finger along my cheek. Amusement was laced in his voice but I knew the question was serious. His skin is warm against mine, his beating heart loud to my ears. “You know I have. I always do.”
He leans in and kisses my cheek, the electricity that shoots through me is so intense I close my eyes and sigh. I don’t know if all vampires would have this effect on me or if it’s just him. I like to think we are connected, two souls that have finally found each other.
“We have found each other. You know how long I’ve waited for you.”

He reads my mind easily, something that I still can’t get used to. “How long have you waited, Damian?” I whisper the words, my eyes still closed, and his lips still against my cheek. He has never told me how old he is, always telling me it doesn’t matter, that love doesn’t hold an age.
“A long time, my love.”

I let my hands run over his wide shoulders and down his chest, the muscles massive and impressive as they flexed beneath my hands and told of how much power and strength he wielded. I started to unbutton his pressed white shirt, his style seeming from another time, a long ago time. I pictured him atop a white stallion, his short dark hair mused from the wind as he held a sword high in the air. “Take me upstairs.” His mouth dropped down to mine, my words lost as his tongue slipped into my mouth and stroked ever inch. It was a delicious feeling, his taste purely male and exotic that ignited all of my senses. His hands slid down my back to cup my ass, pressing me closer to the massive erection that was evident through his pants. He lifted me up easily and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. Our mouths are still fused together as he carries me up stairs, one hand cradling the back of my head, the other around my waist.
We’re in my room a second later, his speed always shocking me—amongst his other talents. We fall to the bed, his body covering mine, our lips still meshed together. He has our clothes off with just a thought and pulls back to stare down at me. Even though it’s dark I can see his glorious body in the moonlight. His skin his smoothed to perfection, his skin so very pale, yet so very addicting. He’s lean like a swimmer, his stomach rippled with muscles—“washboard abs” coming to mind. I was so very wet; my juices coating my lips and making me squirm in anticipation.

“You are so beautiful.”

I closed my eyes and moaned as he ran his finger along the edge of my breast, just teasing—always teasing. His hands smoothed down my ribs before moving to my hips and pulling me down the bed. I spread my legs to accommodate his big body, his erection pressing against my clit and causing me to gasp. It was hot and hard, and I wanted it inside of me so badly.
“Do you want me here?”

 He ran his finger down my slit to rest at the entrance of my core, his finger dipping in and gathering my moisture before moving his finger up. He circled my clit, stiffening it up more and causing me to bite my lip in pleasure. “I want you everywhere.” I slowly opened my eyes, his face now mere inches from mine as he kissed me gently. His hand was still between our bodies, his finger sliding into my pussy and spreading me. I ran my tongue along his lips and arched my hips, moaning as my clit pressed against him.
“Is tonight the night Izabella?”

I opened my eyes and stared at his pained expression. He asked me this question every night, hoping my answer would be different. I wanted it to be different, but there was just something inside of me that couldn’t go there yet, couldn’t let him make me eternally his, no matter how much we both wanted it.

“It’s ok, my love, we have as much time as you need.”

I never said no, never said anything when he asked me this question, but he always knew what I was thinking, even if my mind was a blank canvas. I felt the need to reassure him, to let him know I cared for him just as deeply as he did me. “I love you.” He leaned his forehead against mine and breathed out deeply, his hot breath tickling my lips.
“And I you. So very much”

He leaned back and stared down at me, running his finger along the side of my neck, his breath coming out quicker as he stared at the path his finger made. I watched as he gripped his cock, stroking it a few times before placing it at the entrance of my pussy. He was cock was huge, and always had my eyes going wide when he gripped it. A drop of clear fluid leaked from the slit, the sight causing me to lick my lips in hunger. He was poised at my entrance, just staring at me, not moving a muscle. Finally he pushed in, so slowly it was agonizing. He always started off so gentle, so slow, just letting my body adjust to his large size before he went wild—and he always did. The head of his erection went in smoothly, my cream leading his way effortlessly as he gripped my hips and clenched his jaw. He pushed in slowly, my body stretching around his girth and causing a delicious burn to travel through me. I gripped his forearms, my nails digging into his flesh and causing him to growl deep in his throat. I loved that sound, that noise he made every time he slid into me. Goosebumps popped out along me skin, my flesh overly sensitive as he continued to push inch after huge inch inside of me. He pushed the last remaining inch into me, both of our moans moving through the room as if thunder had just cracked in the sky.
His hips started to move back and forth, the head of his cock stopping at the entrance of my vagina right before he shoved back inside. I arched my back and gripped the bars of my headboard, preparing myself for what was to come. His rhythm soon became fast and frantic, the sound of our combined sex’s slapping together reaching my ears and causing fresh moisture to slip out of me. His hands gripped my breast, his fingers teasing my nipples until they were stiff points eager for his mouth. He read my mind, his mouth moving to my nipples as his hot tongue rasped over the tips. His fangs scrapped along the engorged beads, his teeth nipping at my flesh as his tongue smoothed away the sting. I shivered at the feeling and tilted my head to the side, telling him without words what I wanted. My heart beat wildly and I thought it would burst from my chest as he continued to pound into me with all of his passion.
“It’s like the first time with you always. You’re always so hot and tight, making me lose my mind, making me lose control. Do you know how good you feel to me—your tight little pussy gripping me with abandon? It drives me wild Izabella.”

I closed my eyes and groaned aloud, my orgasm so close I could taste it. His hand slipped between our bodies, his thumb once again finding my clit and strumming it with expert precision. My mouth opened on a silent scream as my body lit up like a firework, my vagina gripping his shaft with such force it stunned me. He groaned above me, his mouth moving to my neck, his tongue moving along my erratic pulse with hunger. His hunger was a force I could feel, a living, breathing entity that consumed us both. I felt his fangs run over my skin, the pleasure/pain of it causing my climax to continue without reprieve. “Oh, yes, do it Damian.” I wanted him there, while my orgasm pulsed through me, while the pleasure was so intense it had me gasping for air. His fangs punctured my neck, the pain making my pleasure sky rocket as his hips picked up their speed. His cock pounded into me with such momentum it had me sliding up the bed. He gripped my hip and anchored me, the sound of him swallowing my blood loud to my ears. It was erotic and taboo, but it was what I loved most. His body tensed above mine, his hot seed pulsing out of him and washing me in heat that had every cell in my body quake. 

His mouth broke from my neck, his breathing ragged as I felt his tongue swipe the twin puncture marks he gave me. By morning they would be gone, his saliva its own healing agent that would seal the wounds quickly. He rolled off of me, the loss of his body making me shiver in sadness. In the next second he had me rolled onto his chest, his hands smoothing up and down my back in a soothing manner. We stayed quiet for the longest time, the only sound in the room being our matched and even breathing.
“I have to go.”

“I know.” We still didn’t move, even though we both knew he couldn’t stay any longer. I hated this part of the night, when he had to leave and I was faced with the loss. True, he would be back tomorrow night, but the emptiness I felt when he was gone was monumental. And even though I felt like this, and even though I had the option to spend eternity by his side, I still couldn’t face the fact of losing my mortality. Of seeing everyone I knew, everyone I love, die around me—fade into nothingness while I never age.
“I will wait eternity for you.”

I knew he spoke the truth, could feel his conviction pulse out of him and seep into me. “I know,” and I did, with every bone in my body, I knew. He would wait until the end of time for me. 

I opened the double doors that led to the balcony in my room, the wind blowing across my silk robe and molding it to my naked body. He walked in front of me, blocking the chill of the night air and smiling down at me. His hand cupped my cheek, my eyes closing involuntarily as I leaned into his touch.
“Until tomorrow, my sweet.” 

He said the same thing before he left me, his soft spoken words making my heart clench in pain at his departure. He kissed me softly on the lips before stepping back and moving towards the balcony. He stepped onto the stone ledge, his movements graceful yet powerful as he turned and looked at me one last time. He dropped off the edge, but I didn’t rush to see if he was ok, I just knew he was. He would be back tomorrow, and until then, I would be longing for the last kiss he gave me before his goodbye.


SusieJ said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this..I can't wait to read the other chapters.
Hugs xx

Jenika Snow said...

Glad you liked it SusieJ!

Cathy Williams said...

This had my heart racing! As i got to the end of this i thought how good it could be to have this really happen! I've always had an extreme facination with vampires. This is such a sexxxy story....please more?

Cathy Williams said...

This had my heart racing! As i got to the end of this i thought how good it could be to have this really happen! I've always had an extreme facination with vampires. This is such a sexxxy story....please more?