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Giveaway of Hell's Revenge

Okay, I am going to be a lazy blogger and repost a Halloween short story that ran on another blog. In my defense, it's about Muriel, the heroine of Hell's Revenge and it is set between Books One and Two. It's worth a giggle for those who never got a chance to read it. Leave a comment when you're done for a chance to win a copy of Book Three in my Princess Of Hell series, Hell's Revenge, where we go from a threesome to a foursome. Yum :)


“Auric!” I bellowed his name and tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for his reply. In our open concept loft the holler probably wasn’t necessary, but agitation gripped me because it was that time of the month. That most dreaded day, the moment I feared above all others. The black mark on my calendar. Halloween, or what used to be known as my dad’s birthday.

My gorgeous consort stepped out of the bathroom, his tanned skin moist from the shower, wearing only a towel hung low around his lean hips. His abs rippled, drawing attention to the vee of hair that went below his waist into my favorite territory. Fallen angel my ass. I swear the man had enough naughty in him to shame most demons.

“You called?” he asked that in that deep rumble of his that never failed to arouse me. But I wouldn’t allow his innate hotness to distract me.

“What’s this?” I growled holding up the pumpkin I’d found outside our door. Carved with the image of a witch riding a broom, I automatically hated it. The only time pumpkins were acceptable was when my dad’s old drinking buddy, the Headless Horseman, misplaced his own noggin, usually after a bout of cards with my dad where the booze and women overflowed.

“Its a jack-o-lantern,” Auric blithely replied as he moved to his dresser and rummaged through a drawer. It took me a second to reply because the towel fell to the floor revealing perfect and taut buttocks. Drool. Those smooth skinned ass cheeks always looked so good with teeth marks in them, something I knew firsthand because I’d done it more than once in the throes of passion. As if sensing my waning attention, he flexed them. He truly did on purpose to tempt me. But I refused to let myself stray from the matter at hand.

“I know what the orange monstrosity is. What the fuck is it doing on our front porch?” To my credit, I didn’t lob the offending object at him, but only because I didn’t want to clean up the inevitable mess. Auric had this annoying policy; if you made the mess, you cleaned the mess. I didn’t care for that rule at all. Although, defying it did get me into delicious trouble…I looked at the vegetable travesty with thoughtful eyes.

“Don’t you even think of it, Muri,” he said in that low sexy tone that meant business. A tingle went through me as he turned around to face me, his delightful parts unfortunately covered in black briefs.

“Are you threatening me?” I asked hefting the pumpkin.

“Ooh, someone’s looking for a spanking,” announced a new voice from behind me. David, my other lover, had returned home.

I whirled to glare at him. How did he respond to my shriveling stare which sent the damned in Hell running? He smirked at me. Me! The woman who ate demons for breakfast. Damn, I loved the saucy furball. While I engaged in my staring match with him, Auric crossed the room and stole my missile.

My consort earned himself a dirty look that made him grin without remorse as he deposited the orange glob on the kitchen counter. Carrying some grocery bags, David followed him into our kitchen area and I craned to see what he’d bought—hopefully for me.

Bags of candy emerged and my brow tightened, then screwed up some more until I was sure I resembled some wrinkled hag. In a carefully modulated tone I said, “Did you actually bring Halloween treats home?”

“Yup,” my kitty blithely replied. “For the trick or treaters.”

That did it. I snapped and dove over the counter, ready for some violence. What a shame I wore so much clothes. If I’d known we were going to engage in a tussle, I would have stripped beforehand. Naked wrestling rocked.

Unfortunately, my headlong dive didn’t get me far. I would choose two stupidly strong jerks as my bedmates. Auric snagged me out of the air and wrapped me in his arms, while David, the man about to go on a sex free sabbatical, laughed.

“I’m beginning to think you weren’t kidding when you said you hated Halloween?” Auric rumbled as he carried me to the couch. “Care to explain?”

“Oh please, like you don’t know,” I muttered.

“Apparently we don’t. So enlighten us.”

“It’s dad’s birthday.” A pair of blank looks met me. “As in he turns one year older.”

“I still don’t get it,” Auric replied, shifting me on his lap, which I enjoyed because I couldn’t mistake the hard nudge of something interested in seeing me naked. “Everyone loves Halloween.”

David knelt at my feet, his sweet gaze peering at me while he grasped my hand in his big one. “Did something bad happen in the past? Is that why you hate it? Tell us who traumatized you and we’ll kill them if your dad hasn’t already.”

I giggled. Seriously, they were so far off base, but also so cute in their concern for me. “Please, I already destroyed anybody who ever looked at me crooked. No, this is about dad. It used to be he loved his birthday. See for years, make that centuries, All Hallow’s Eve meant something and was celebrated in the most gruesome fashion. People huddled in their homes, terrified of monsters, telling tales of evil. Only the witches, ghosts and ghouls ventured forth, building great bonfires and dancing in honor of my father. Offering their souls and bodies to him as a gift. Then, something happened in the last century. The bleeding hearts redefined his birthday. Suddenly, kids started wearing silly costumes and going door to door getting candy. People began partying, instead of hiding in their beds shaking. And then the most evil thing, not created or encouraged by my father, happened. They turned Halloween, my father’s sacred day, into a marketing gimmick.” I paused, the magnitude of my announcement hanging heavily in the air.

David glanced at Auric and I waited to see the dawning understanding, instead, they fucking laughed. And they just didn’t laugh, they rolled, clutching at their sides. I got dumped in the process as my two lovers howled, side by side on the floor.

“This. Is. Not. Funny,” I growled through gritted teeth.

Auric snorted.

David, on his back chortling, stopped long enough to say, “Um, yeah it is. Didn’t Auric show you his costume?”

Costume? What the fuck? Bounding off the floor, his shoulders still heaving with mirth, my consort went to our storage closet and pulled out some garment bags. He unzipped one, and pulled out…a red devil suit; horns, a red loincloth, forked tail and all. I gaped at him for two reasons. One, fuck me, would he look hot in that, I could just imagine his bulging muscles and strong thighs. But two, gross! While my dad never sported that look, still, it was meant to represent him.

“That is so wrong,” I moaned, clasping my face.

“Tell that to your dad,” he replied. “He’s the one who sent us the costumes for the party tonight.”

“Party? What party? Dad never has a party on Halloween. He usually prefers to languish on his throne getting drunk and moaning how no one respects him no more. And don’t even get him started on how todays witches don’t know how to dance naked anymore around giant fires.”

“Why did they dance naked anyways?” David asked. I truly loved that innocent side of him.

“Um, hello, my dad is the King Of Sin. What do you think he did with those hags?”

My kitty’s eyes widened. “All of them?”

“Like duh. Why do you think I have so many succubbi sisters? Of course, I used to have more, but then the masses started burning dad’s girlfriends at the stake.”

“Well, regardless of past years, your dad is having a big bash at his castle. Here’s your costume.” A garment bag came flying my way and I opened it to find a cheerleading outfit. Red and black, it sported a really short pleated skirt, a midriff top and pompoms. Totally slutty. I loved it.

“My dad chose this?”

Auric grinned. “Nah. That was my idea.”

“My best friend always was the brilliant one,” David added.

“And what’s David going as?” I asked, curious now that my rage had dissipated.

Blushing, David pulled out the contents of a third bag, and that’s when I laughed. Apparently, my dad had chosen his outfit as well, and David would be going as a cat, the Chippendale kind, with a golden tail, triangle ears and, again with the tiny loincloth. Things were looking up, and by up, I meant their cocks, which meant I’d be going down, probably on my knees. And I’d get a treat, two creamy ones, which was alright by me. After all, a girl did have to sacrifice herself for love—and I knew I’d get rewarded for my generous oral nature.

As for the party, we actually had a lot of fun once we got there, late as usual. We got drunk on some brimstone ale and flaming shooters. I fought some of my sisters when they eyed my men a little too covetously. We danced; a dirty bump and grind that saw us finding a dark corner for some heavy petting. We drank some more. But the crowning touch was when we toilet papered the gates of Heaven. We vaguely heard my uncle God’s bellow the next morning with aching heads, but it was so worth it. It was the best Halloween, fucking ever.

Oh and my present to dad? A converted coven of Wiccan witches, all in their twenties and eager to please their new master. I know, best daughter ever!


Hehehe, okay now that you've seen what my sick mind produces when prodded, leave a comment with your email to enter the draw for an ecopy of Hell's Revenge. I'll draw a winner by the 31st noon hour. Oh, and I hope you have a wicked Halloween ;p


mnjcarter said...

Funny!! Your writing cracks me up!! I swear, you have some of the best sense of humor written into your stories!! I've found myself laughing out so many times while reading your books, not to mention there are some incredibly HOT scenes in your books!!

Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!!!

elaing8 said...

I really enjoyed reading that.Thanks for sharing.

swamimommy said...

loved this short, am looking for the books now.

Donna said...

I love this series! I have the first two and can't wait to get the third. It is amazing that you can make me laugh hysterically and get me turned on at the same time. Of course that happens with my husband now and then, but doesn't always end as well for me. hahaha!

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Eve Langlais said...

Oops, sorry I'm late, comment 3 check your email for the book :)
Thanks for popping by