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Coming Monday November 21, 2011: Breathless: A Story of Dominance and Submission

Coming Monday November 21, 2011 from Siren-Bookstrand!
*Please be advised that below is an X-Rated adult excerpt.

By: Jenika Snow | Other books by Jenika Snow | Notify me of Jenika Snow's new releases
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre
Word Count: 38,128
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Monday, November 21st
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, November 28th.

[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic BDSM Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, public exhibition, sex toys]

Lalita Marshall is in desperate need of money. When her best friend tells her about an opportunity that will relieve her of all her financial worries, Lalita feels it just may be too good to be true. Then, she finds out that this so-called opportunity would essentially make her a submissive sex slave to five very powerful and gorgeous men.

When she finally meets Dorian, Zakary, Alec, Kane, and Torryn, she knows she is in big trouble. The five of them not only exude a power that leaves her breathless, but they also have her body sexually sated and exhausted. The longer Lalita spends with them, the more she knows that this isn’t just a job for her, not when she is starting to fall for each and every one of them.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Off and on the electricity zinged through her nipples and right down to her clit. She could have sworn they had placed a clamp on the tender bud between her thighs if she didn’t know any better. It was like her nipples and clit were one, and each time that current traveled through her tissue, it set off a domino effect of ecstasy.
Their beautiful torture seemed to last forever until she was finally begging them to let her come or to stop. Thankfully they were merciful masters and unclamped the clips from her nipples, giving her a small reprieve to catch her breath.
“That’s only a small taste of the things we have in store for you.”
She didn’t doubt Kane’s words.
“Get the fuck out of here, Kane. You’ll have your turn soon enough.”
Kane moved back in line and immediately started running his hand over his swollen shaft. Dorian started to move inside of her, and Lalita closed her eyes and absorbed the pleasure and pain that morphed into one. Faster and faster he pumped, swiveling his hips so that he hit just the right spot to send her spiraling toward completion.
“Please, Master, please can I come?” Lalita peeled her eyes open and stared at him. Sweat beaded the wide, tanned expanse of his chest.
“How sweet it is to hear those words leave your mouth, but not yet, baby.” As if those words had been a cue to the other four men, they all stepped closer and circled around her.
Harder and faster Dorian fucked her until she squeezed her hands so hard pain sprang to her palms. The noises surrounding her were harsh and real. Grunts, moans, and heavy panting filled the room, and she had to use every part of her strength to hold off from letting release take her away.
“Please, Dorian, oh God, please let me come. I can’t hold it any longer.” Her voice didn’t sound like hers. It was breathy and heavy, like a woman that was right on the verge.
“All right, baby, come all over my cock.” Just like that, his command and permission set off a series of small orgasms inside of her that exploded into one giant cataclysm.
It had seemed like forever of wanting this exact moment. So long she had been teased. Back arched and breasts thrust forward, Lalita couldn’t help the screams of pleasure that left her. She felt Dorian’s own release inside of her. He came long and hard until his cum slipped down the crack of her ass. Whether he made any noise of pleasure or not was lost to her. She was too wrapped up in her own ecstasy to pay much attention to anything going on around her. When she thought the pleasure was over, Dorian wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the love seat. He was on his back and had her draped over his body without even coming undone from her body. His cock was still hard inside of her, and every time her pussy clenched around the hardened flesh he groaned.
With Dorian still buried in her cunt, she sensed someone moving behind her. A quick glance over her shoulder proved that Aleck was taking his place, cock in hand.
“Relax, baby. I promise to make this feel really good for you.” Aleck’s words were filled with sexual promise and dark eroticism.
Never had she been fucked in the ass, and the idea frightened her.
“Look at me, Lalita.” Dorian cupped her chin and lifted her head so they were staring in each other’s eyes again. “No one will hurt you. I promise.” Bringing her face closer to his, he kissed her deeply. The kiss was sensual and had her arousal climbing to the surface again, but it didn’t deter her from the fact that Aleck was about to shove his huge cock in her ass.
Warm liquid sliding between the crack of her ass startled her, but Dorian kept his lips firmly on hers and intensified the kiss. When Aleck positioned the tip of his shaft at her anus, her whole body tensed. Aleck ran his hands over the mounds of her ass and whispered words that she knew where meant to soothe. They knew this was her first time having anal sex, and she was thankful they understood that this was a frightening time for her.
With Dorian still hard and buried in her cunt, Aleck pushed the head of his cock into her ass. The feel of muscles burning was intense. The tip of his shaft finally popped through the tight ring of muscle and he slowly slid into her. Never had she felt this full. When Aleck’s abdomen was pressed against her ass, Dorian finally broke the kiss. She breathed out deeply, never knowing that she would feel so filled having two cocks in her at one time.

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