Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conference Fever

I attended my first Romantic Times Convention this past April in Los Angeles, and I had the MOST amazing time. I’m your basic introverted writer type, and I was actually terrified before I arrived. But as soon as I had my first “cowboy cocksucker” shot with Lorelei James, I relaxed and let myself enjoy every minute. So many amazing authors…so many fantastic parties…The lovely readers I’d “met” online but never in person…the costumes that were more like works of art…the studly cover models wandering around…The whole thing was so freaking fun. Here’s me in my Venetian Masquerade Fairy Ball costume, by the way. 

So I’m now officially hooked on conferences. I’m looking at my schedule and my budget and trying to figure out which ones I’ll try to attend next year. I’m almost a hundred percent sure I’ll be at RT 2012 in Chicago. It was just too much fun last year. I have to find out if it was a fluke. I’ll also most likely be at RWA Nationals in Anaheim. I used to live in Southern California and grab any chance I can to go back.

But I’m also considering branching out. What about Romanticon 2012 in Akron, Ohio? Authors After Dark in New Orleans? Lora Leigh’s RAW? Who’s been to any of these conferences and what can you tell me about them? Recommend? Skip?  What makes you choose one conference over another? And what do you like best about conferences? And if you have a favorite conference I’ve left off this list, please share it!

Thanks … and I hope I get to see you in Chicago! Or Anaheim … or anywhere where romance writers and readers gather.

Juniper Bell

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Susan Bloomingdale said...

Oh I wish I had run into you in Los Angeles! It was a blast. Considering I haven't sold as of this post, :) , I stick to the So Cal ones, but once I become a household name, wooooeeeee baby, I'm going to as many as I can. Ha hope that helps!