Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good boy v Bad boy? by Lily Harlem

Good boy, bad boy - how to choose? I guess that's the beauty of the whole ménage genre, our heroines don't have to choose, they can have it all. They can have the bad ass guy with enough kinks to make a bowl of spaghetti feel ashamed and a caring considerate man who is a gentle lover and brings her breakfast in bed.

But what if both guys are tough as nails and buying flowers is just not on their to-do list, or if her lovers are both as pretty as her! Is it still going to work if her men are similar or at opposite ends of the spectrum? I guess this is why I, and my fellow ménage authors, enjoy writing these stories so much, the possibilities are as endless as our imagination and as intricate as the human character. Good boys, bad boys, we can mix them up to our hearts content, the lines between them blur, their moods and ours change - the heroines are some seriously lucky ladies!

Today lets indulge ourselves, be shallow and go on looks - here is a selection of the rough and ready sort and wholesome, take-home-to-meet-your-mom, boys. Which do you prefer?????
























To be honest, I find Colin Farrell hard to resist -  number 4. Its those black, brooding brows and his delectable lilting Irish accent that gets me every time.But although he has an element of bad about him, he is still very beautiful. And number 20, I go back to that one a lot, he looks bad and hot, and I'd love to know what sinful thoughts are running through his mind.

What about you? Who do you like the look of and why? Is it the guys with the come-to-bed-eyes, flawless skin and rippling muscles or the ones who look as though they would lead you astray in the most delicious of ways? Of course it is not always easy to tell who is bad to the bone and who is sweeter than sugar, which is what make the whole thing so much more fun. Sometimes the ones who look like butter wouldn't melt, they....well that is a whole new story!

Lily x


Edith DuBois said...

Number 5...those luscious lips = my downfall
lovely post <3

Kat Black said...

Um, it's kinda greedy, I know, but can I just straight-out vote for all 24? As it's nearly December, they could make a special hottie advent calendar to help me count down the days 'til Christmas!

Lily said...

Edith - Mmm, I am with you there on number 5's lips. Very kissable.

Kat - go for it!! Have all 24 :-)

Lily x

Juniper Bell said...

Lily, you always have the BEST photos! And I'm with Kat ... I'll take all of the above, thank you very much.

Susan Bloomingdale said...

Can you please deliver #7 ? Pretty please with tons of whipped cream and cherries and sprinkles.....I'll even throw in sprinkles!!!! Yum yum yum....a girl can gain a sweet tooth just from looking at your desserts!