Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is Jealousy Hot?

I think it is. I know, what a horrible thing to admit.

Personally, I like to see my hubby in the grips of the green eyed monster every once in a while. Not that it happens often when you've been married over 12 years. But the rare occasions it does, I am filled with a guilty pleasure.

I like knowing that my hubby doesn't want to share me. That he considers me, "his". It makes me feel desirable and loved. Sick I know, but I like it and I'm not alone.

However, my enjoyment of his covetous nature does have boundaries. For example, I would never condone him attacking someone who complimented me, or to verbally or physically abuse me because he cannot handle his emotions. Some lines should never be crossed.

Jealousy is a normal emotion, a strong one at time that can really rouse feelings of insecurity. Many couples have suffered at one time or another from the angst of the green eyed monster. In some cases, it can unfortunately devolve into unhealthy accusations, and violence. That's not acceptable under any circumstances. Jealousy should never be used as an excuse to hit ones partner, to make nasty, unfounded accusations or to do anything that requires extreme forgiveness or a restraining order. Ultimately, if a person doesn't trust their other half, then something needs to be done. Separation or counseling come to mind.

But the jealousy I enjoy isn't the dysfunctional kind, I hope lol. After all, jealousy comes in many forms and not all of them are evil or painful. There's the kind that arises within a couple where one fears losing the other to someone who might offer more and as a result does their best to show their partner how much they love and value them. There's the jealousy that arises when you see someone that has something you don't have, but suddenly realize you want. My favorite kind is the one where acquaintances for years suddenly realize their friend is someone worth having. It happens when two coworkers start dating and you fantasize about being in their place. It's your BFF's big brother never seeing you as more than a sister until one day he realizes you're all grown up but with someone else.

However, what happens when the one you want is in a relationship and happy? What happens if the one you covet wants you in return--but also wants to keep their other lover? What does it take to shed inhibitions and pride to be with the one you desire? To share a home and a bed with third person all for the sake of loving someone?

I don't know if I could ever go that far, but I do explore that idea in my soon-to-be released book Jealous and Freakn', coming out November 20th. In the story, Mitchell's been avoiding Francine, his sister's BFF, for years because Francine totally thinks they're meant to be together. Everything changes when Mitchell sees Francine getting involved with another man. But when she refuses to give Alejandro up, can Mitchell get past his jealousy to become a threesome with the woman he loves? Oh, and to add a little fun to the mix, did I mention they're all shapeshifters?! Steamy action, jealous antics and more abound in this stand alone sequel to Delicate Freakn' Flower. For an excerpt and more, see my site by clicking on the pic. Enjoy!


June M. said...

I loved Delicate Freakn' Flower and can't wait for this one. 5 more days? I guess I can wait, lol.
June M.

Eve Langlais said...

I know, it's hard. Oops that didn't sound right lol