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Heather and Sophie's Divine Bliss-mas Blog Reunion

Exactly a year ago today, I met Sophie Oak online for the very first time. I was over the moon with excitement, when my publisher told me that Her Gentle Giant would be releasing the same day as Sophie’s Two to Love on Friday, December 23, 2010.

I’d been alone in my writing cave for months toiling away at writing, editing and twitching with excitement at how well readers seemed to like Divine Grace. Now I was releasing another book with one of my Siren author heroes! It’s amazing how much a little Facebook message on your lonely little wall can mean… I screamed like a teenaged fan girl when I saw it. My husband just laughed and said, “She seems nice.” *author snickers*

Yeah, she’s “nice” all right but she’s also a little perverted, too. Okay. REALLY perverted but I mean that in the nicest possible way. Fast forward exactly a year...We’ve gotten to know each other, chatted late into the night, shared a fantastic writer’s weekend plotting romance, mayhem and the (unsuccessful) capture of the elusive chupacabra. And we’ve also wondered what it would look like if the characters of Divine, Texas and Bliss, Colorado ever met…

The following is a highly classified Skype video chat conversation. The government does not acknowledge its existence…

Rachel Wolf: Hey, Nell! Thanks for getting Mel near the computer for a minute.

Nell Flanders (smiles, but rolls her eyes): You have no idea how difficult it was. He allots himself only so many exposures to alien rays per week.

Mel (peers at the screen so that his nostrils appear huge): Hello, Ms. Rachel and Ms. Grace. Are you there?

Nell (points at monitor and holds up kitchen timer): There they are, see? It’s okay. I have the timer going, Mel.

Grace Warner: Mel, Rachel and I just wanted to thank you for the special hats you sent for the babies. They will wear them with pride.

Mel (stares into the computer screen): Is that a camera? It looks like an eye. Sometimes aliens can pose as inanimate objects. Poor Max Harper's cell phone got possessed by an alien. I had to take it out. Don't understand why that cranky boy got so mad. (Nell nudges Mel and shows him the timer) Oh. Nell's telling me to stay on topic. Yes. You should make sure you change out the aluminum foil lining often. Alien death rays can change frequencies.

Nell: But recycle, please!

Grace: Mel, we appreciate your concern about the alien death rays. We promise to change the tinfoil frequently. (Grace and Rachel smile and nod sincerely. Emma Guthrie looks at them like they're nuts. A baby can be heard squalling in the background.) Wait, I have to get the baby. She's crying. (Brings baby Rose Marie back in pink bonnet lined with tinfoil. Rachel holds up Levi, so Mel can see the foil lining his little Elmer Fudd hat)

Rachel: Do we have them on right, Mel?

Mel (grinning as he taps at the monitor): You sure do. Such cute little babies. You send them on up to Bliss at about the age of six and I'll start training them. Oh, we have everything up here. Aliens. Sasquatch. Bikers. Yup. I can teach those kids how to defend themselves from everything. Except lawyers. We don't allow lawyers in Bliss. We have standards.

Grace (giggles): You got it, Mel. And Nell? We buried that little 'package' you asked about in the backyard. You know...that 'thing' you felt so passionate about?

Mel: What 'thing'??

Rachel: Wait. What about Zombies? Got anything on Zombies?

Mel: Now Ms. Rachel, Zombies are real easy. They ain't smart like Sasquatch. What 'thing', Nell???

Rachel: Shotgun? Ax?

Mel: You always do right by cutting something’s head off. Except the chupacabra. That just makes it mad. (Mel looks like he’s warming up to the subject) Now let's talk about beets. Your babies need beets. I sent a real nice recipe for a beet smoothie. Now it will make the babies teeth come in a real nice purple, but that scares the aliens away.

(Grace and Rachel look at Emma for verification. Emma nods with a straight face)

Emma: Yes, but beets are good for the baby. (Rachel nudges Emma sharply in the ribs) Ow! And the purple fades...I think.

Mel (shakes his head): Oh, not if you keep it up. See? (Shows a big, toothy smile. The girls all cringe as they squint at the screen)

Grace: Mel, do they have chupacabra in Colorado?

Mel: We have just about everything in Bliss. I've heard there's even a sand monster out in the Great Sand Dune. I've been tracking it. But mostly it's aliens. (Mel turns back to Nell when she whispers to him) No, Nell. I don't believe in faeries.

Nell (pouts at Mel and turns to the girls): So you buried “the package” at midnight on the last full moon?

Grace: Yes, we buried "the package" but I couldn’t get the men to cooperate. They refused on the grounds that it was un-masculine to dance in a faery circle around an oak tree.

Nell (grins as she leans in): That’s okay. Congrats on the births and on renewing your ties with the earth by burying your placenta. May your trees all grow tall as your children grow healthy.

Mel (frowns): You buried the placenta? Now see, that's just crazy!

…Shortly after this transmission was received, the line went dead. No one knows how it ended. The government continues to deny the existence of this tape…and beets. They claim they don't exist…

To get the rest of the story, follow our links to our pages at Siren-Bookstrand

Heather Rainier’s Their Divine Doctor:

Sophie Oak’s Found in Bliss:

The first chapter of Found in Bliss is available on Sophie’s website

The following is a brief excerpt from Their Divine Doctor…

They pulled off of the paved road and threaded their way back through the thickly treed area and finally rolled to a stop on the loose gravel beside their campsite.

Emma opened the car door and sighed happily as she stretched. “I’ve never camped here before. It’s very pretty and secluded.” The sexy way she drew out the word “secluded” made his cock tingle as he watched her stretching. Her breasts pressed forward in the neckline of her top, almost begging to be caressed and suckled. He muffled a grunt as he ran into the car door because he wasn’t watching where he was going.

Gage pointed toward an opening in the trees. “I think you’ll like the view from there.” He smiled when Emma grabbed her camera from her bag and went off in the direction he pointed.

Duke chuckled when they heard her gasp in delight and call back, “It’s beautiful!”

They’d just completed construction of their tent when they heard a splash and a gleeful squeal. Emma’s sexy, low-pitched laughter drew his attention to the opening in the trees, and his cock hardened at the sensual sound. Both he and Duke were drawn by her siren’s call as she giggled again.

They walked through the opening in the tree line, and Gage groaned when he saw the pile of clothing and her camera at the water’s edge. A splash and ripple of water drew his eyes, and he was treated to the view of her lush ass as she dove under the water’s surface and reappeared a little closer to them. As she broke the surface, her dark hair slicked back by the water, she smiled at them, and his heart skipped a beat. Her playful smile begged him to ask, “What are you doing, angel?”

A mischievous giggle rippled across the water to him, stirring his cock to greater hardness. “Number ten on the list.”

As if the clothes on the riverbank didn’t already tell the story, Duke playfully asked, “Emma, are you skinny-dipping?”

Gage scanned the shoreline up and down their stretch of the river and ascertained what she must have already. There was no one else in sight. Emma backstroked out a few feet, smiling at them as her lovely, naked breasts made a brief appearance above the water, and then stood up in the slow current. The gurgling water flowed around her, giving teasing views of her tight, pretty nipples. Her hair skimmed down in watery waves, freed from her ponytails, to frame her breasts and her cleavage. He could almost feel her satiny flesh under his tongue.

“Care to join me?”

Gage and Duke glanced at each other, and Gage said, “Number ten on the bucket list…check,” as he removed his shirt, dropped it by her clothing, and then unbuckled his belt. Duke yanked his T-shirt over his head and dropped the rest of his clothing in a pile by theirs and waded in. Gage glanced up and down the riverbank one more time and then joined them.

The water was cold but didn’t affect the state of his hardening cock at all. As playful and mischievous as she’d been before, Emma’s mood was now sensual and seductive. As they reached her in the meandering current, Emma looked from him to Duke with clear green eyes that smoldered with desire. Beneath the water’s surface, Gage slid his hand around her bare hip and squeezed her ass cheek as she took his other hand to keep from drifting away from him.

Duke slid a hand down her torso beneath the water’s edge, and Gage knew when Duke reached her pussy because a shuddering sigh erupted from her soft lips and she closed her eyes. Duke pressed kisses beneath her ear and licked her throat as she wrapped her other arm around his neck and arched her back, which gave Gage easier access to her asshole. She bit her lip and moaned when he rubbed the tight ring of muscle with his middle finger then rested her forehead against his bicep and leaned against him.

She whispered, “Feels so good.”

Gage pressed his lips to the crown of her head, her unique, sexy scent filling his nostrils and hardening his cock further. He remembered the effect her fragrance had on him when she’d treated the arrow wound. It had hurt like hell, but his pain had been eased when he’d breathed in her scent on her pillow while he lay on the little bed she’d made up in the back of her Aztek.

She trembled against him and moaned as he stroked her back opening and Duke teased her pussy. Even though they stood in cold water, Gage felt like his blood was rapidly heating to boiling point. “Angel, I need you.”

“Come back to the tent with us, Emma. We have everything set up,” Duke said as he gazed into her eyes.

She closed her eyes again and nodded in what seemed liked relief. Need was something the three of them had in common. Gage wrapped his arm around her back and the other under her knees and lifted her from the water. She gasped and her arms tightened around him, but she didn’t protest. She gazed into his eyes as they strode from the water.

Gage loved the seductive side of Emma, but carrying her protected her feet and took away the worry she might feel about stepping naked from the water. He thought she was perfect just exactly the way she was, but he could respect her feelings because he was embarrassed by his scars, though not so much around Duke or her. He didn’t want to cause her that worry and ruin the mood. Once they were within the thickly forested campsite she would probably feel less exposed.

“I put a towel in my bag,” she said once they were under the cover of the trees.

A warm breeze blew through the oaks and cedars, and shade dappled their picnic area. Gage placed her carefully on the cement slab the wooden picnic table was anchored to, and she reached in her bag where they’d placed it earlier. She gazed at them standing naked waiting for her as she dried off. When Emma stared at his cock and licked her lips, Gage groaned and reached down to stroke himself. He was as hard as he’d ever been, and the thought of fucking her outside in broad daylight was making him even harder.

“We didn’t eat lunch,” she whispered as she laid the towel to dry on the picnic table and turned to them. “Want to lie down in the tent? We can eat later.”

Duke pulled her to him and placed little kisses along her throat. “No, let’s stay out here and eat.”

“You don’t want to—”

“Don’t worry. We intend to fuck you, Em. Right after we dine on your pretty pussy.”

“Oh. I thought you’d changed your mind.”

Gage said, “Never, Emma. Food can wait. We both want you like crazy.” When she shivered, he asked, “Are you cold, angel?”

Emma shook her head and said nothing more. Duke looked at her beach towel spread on the table and said, “Sit on your towel, Em. Let’s have our little meal al fresco.”

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