Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mistletoe Season!!

As we are deep into the delicious season of mistletoe, today, I thought I’d ponder the lovely pastime of kissing. Not just a peck on the cheek kiss, no, but those lovely, deep, sensual mating of mouths between lovers - or potential lovers.

Kissing is so physically romantic and I adore writing the kissing scenes into my books. The characters kiss because they are ridiculously attracted to one another and are compelled to satisfy a hunger which is as natural as the need for food. I hope my readers enjoy the kissing action too, especially the first kiss after the build-up of sexual tension. I like to write in first person so I can give a really detailed perspective of what it is like to kiss that hot, but bad, hockey player, or the kinky control freak neurosurgeon or darkly secretive rock star. (Hired, Shared, Mattress Music!)

Olden day scientists believed that lovers found kissing pleasurable because when the two lips met an electric current was generated. Of course we now know this to be completely untrue but studies have shown that when two people embrace and kiss, hormones are released into the blood stream which immediately induces a sense of euphoria when you feed on the sweetness of your partner’s mouth.

But not all kisses are happy events. Works of literature like "Romeo and Juliet" have portrayed kisses as dangerous or deadly when shared between the wrong people. Some folklorists and literary critics view vampirism as symbolic of the physical and emotional dangers that can come from kissing the wrong person.
Even so anthropologists report that 90 percent of the people in the world kiss. Most people look forward to their first romantic kiss and remember it for the rest of their lives. Parents kiss children, worshippers kiss religious artifacts and couples kiss each other. Some people even kiss the ground when they get off an airplane!

Fast kissing facts -

The science of kissing is called philematology.

A one-minute kiss burns 26 calories measuring energy-producing potential of food.

Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) as intense exercise, like parachuting or distance running. The heart beats faster and breathing becomes deep and irregular.

Saliva crawls with microscopic bacteria (single-cell organisms) that enter from air, food, and dirty hands. Between 10 million and 1 billion colonies (groups of bacteria) are swapped with each smooch! But saliva also contains antibacterial chemicals that kill most bacteria before the germs are exchanged in a kiss – Phew!!!

A simple pucker uses two muscles, the upper and lower orbicularis otis surrounding the lips. A passionate kiss uses all 34 facial muscles.

Until the 1400s, kissing under mistletoe was a big commitment. Such kisses often meant that a couple was engaged.

The Romans even came up with three different categories for kissing: Osculum was a kiss on the cheek. Basium was a kiss on the lips. Savolium was a deep kiss

A Light Hearted Look At Bad Kisses.

The Roto Rooter: Their tongue ventures so far down your throat that it actually begins to choke you.

The Rooster: They begin to kiss you, then suddenly pull way . . .lean forward, then draw back!

The Swordfish: They operate their tongue much like a swordfish uses it's snout, in a blunt and violent manner.

The Grouper: As they kiss you, their lips (which could require their own zip code) completely engulf yours.

The Deep Sea Diver: They rarely come up for air.

The Lizard: Their tongue darts in and out of your mouth like a reptile probing for its next victim.

Frozen in Time: They never change the position, posture or angle of their head. It is as if they have mastered 
kissing cryogenics.

The Squid: They seem to excrete an awful flavor. All you can think of is how to slip them a breath mint.
The Wrecking Ball: They kiss like a battering ram. Whoa, look out, here they come again!

I hope you don’t encounter these types of scary smackers under the mistletoe and instead may all your kisses be delicious, perfect, sensual, erotic and sweet forever more.

And if you want a seasonal ménage to dip into check out Candy Canes and Coal Dust.

Lily x

Oh, and I also have a full length Christmas novel just out, packed with kisses and romance and a little sprinkle of kink....

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