Monday, January 16, 2012

It's in his Touch

If you had to name your favorite male body part, what would it be? (Other than the obvious one!) I'm talking about what catches your eye, draws you in, makes you want to know more. Eyes do it for me, and of course a sexy rear end and six pack abs never hurt. But I have a secret obsession with one particular part of a man's anatomy.


Think about all the things a man does with his hands. He serves and protects.

He fixes things and builds stuff.

He holds babies.

Plays hard.

Cleans up.

Seduces ...

Pleasures ...

And holds our hands.

Is it any wonder that one of the first things I check out in a guy is his hands? My husband, the carpenter, has the sexiest hands in the world, in my extremely biased opinion.

What about you? Are a man's hands a turn-on for you, or do other body parts outrank them?

Juniper Bell's next release is Beautiful Obsession coming soon from Ellora's Cave.


Eve Langlais said...

Wide shoulders. I like a set that will dwarf me and make me feel small and dainty (even if I'm anything but lol)

SusieJ said...

For me it's the eyes....and he must have a sense of humour!!
Hugs xx

Cara Bristol said...

Yes, I like hands! And probably 'cause they're attached, forearms. (But also height and shoulders).

Lily said...

OMG! I am exactly the same. I adore hands.

I'm also like Cara and appreciate strong forearms and wrists - particularly ones that are roped with taut tendons and fuzzed with dark hair. Add in a chunky watch and I'm weak kneed!!

Of course its the whole package ultimately, but I have been known to pause and admire a nice manly set of hands and strong wrists!!

Carpenter's hands - lucky you :-)

Lily x