Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Strange Looks

I like to write ménage--one woman and two or more men yum! I find the delicate dance needed between characters and the careful plotting to make sure everyone ends up happy fascinating. And the sex ain't too shabby either ;p However, I've noticed the more ménage books I write, and the steamier the covers, the more strange looks I get.

Picture me meeting someone for the first time; neighbor, parent, checkout clerk...

"Oh so you write romance books? That is so fascinating. I read books. What's your website? I'd love to check it out."

"" I mumble as my eyes dart around looking for a getaway.

The interested person whips out their I-Phone (or other device) and rapidly punches my URL in. I cringe as I watch their face an the inevitable reaction; the eyes widen, the mouth drops open... "Oh, wow your books look, er, interesting."
I blush and stammer, trying to downplay their obvious naughtiness and end up sounding like the world's most incoherent writer.

Then comes the 'look'.

The assessing one that eyes me up and down (dressed in my comfy clothes 'cause I'm a tad bit too fluffy for the stuff that demands an actual waist). The gaze of the looker will then flick over to my hubby--the big bald guy in the t-shirt sporting a cartoon character--then back. The gears in their mind whirl and the eyes get wide than a dinner plate as they suddenly wonder just what kind of sexual antics we enjoy—they’d be disappointed in our boring antics in truth. Then they recoil as their mind shifts gears and wonders if I'm considering them as a new third wheel.


And yet, I still write ménage even as people make my cheeks heat up hotter than my stove when I caught it on fire. I know not everyone I tell would have this reaction, that the ones I run into are just part of the population who haven't yet discovered the titillating joy of a well written ménage. But, I'll admit, I hate the look. Dread it, and yet I will giggle about it later with hubby.

What's funny about the whole thing is while I am super embarrassed when I get that reaction, hubby thinks it's hilarious. (He has no shame lol). He brags about me all the time, even though I point out that people are probably wondering if we engage in a threesome lifestyle. (Not! (blushes) I am way too jealous for that lol). But he doesn't care. His reasoning is people, despite their shock, will be intrigued by what I write and once they read it, become hooked.

Me, I'd prefer to hide under a rock.

But I guess I'd better get over my shyness in regards to my writing if I ever want to go to a romance convention. They look like to so much fun and I'd love to interact with readers, especially the ones who will wink when they find out who I am instead of giving me the look. What do you think, am I just a giant self-conscious wussy? lol. I know I am, but I'm working on it.

How do you deal with embarrassment? And to the writers, how do you feel about the look?


SusieJ said...

I can only imagine the look....
Keep writing though...there's lots of us who'll "wink" at you!!
Hugs xx

June M. said...

Although I am with you on getting embarrassed, and I can only imagine "the look", I LOVE your stories! Your Menages are well written and great. I would definitely "wink" at you after I quit squealing of course. I just have to get over my problems with crowds (I tend to have panic attacks in crowds).

Mindy said...

I would wink at you too ;-) But I have to admit, I don't share with people that I read Menages. I don't think my hubby even knows, but that is his fault, when I talk about my books he tunes out LOL As a reader I have gotten the look as well just telling someone what I read so I totally get what you are talking about.

Come to San Diego, I will wink at you AND introduce you as a great author I read ALL the time to all my friends. (but we may both get the look then LOL)

Ursula said...

Part of the reason I love my e-reader. No one has to know what I am reading unless I want them to. If someone I don't know, or I know would be appalled asks what I am reading, it's "Oh. Just reading the In Death series again" Because, let's face it. People can be self righteous, judgmental sons of bitches. Life is to short for me to have to go around defending my personal choices. So as a reader I have it easy.

For you as an author, well, I don't know. As far as conventions, I know that we would love to see you in Chicago in April. There are going to be a lot of RP's there and you know how we love our menage authors!

Eve Langlais said...

I love all you winkers! lol That sounds dirty. I am hoping one day soon to make it to a convention so I can meet you all in person.
PS June, I also tend to panic a bit. It's why I drag hubby everywhere I go. He's my rock :)