Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tied up in research....

Research can be a fantastic part of being a writer and it’s is also the reason I was almost late with this post. :) Some subjects are so interesting you find yourself lost for hours looking at pictures and reading technical data.

I've lost numerous hours lately researching Kinbaku(bondage) and Shibari(to tie). It's a form of Japanese Rope Bondage which has evolved into an incredible erotic art form. It's based on Hojojutsu, the Japanese martial art of using a rope to capture, restrain and transport suspects and criminals in Japan during the Middle Ages.

The art of Hojojutso also came with rules.
1. Not to allow the prisoner to slip his bonds.
2. Not to cause any physical or mental injury.
3. Not to allow others to see the techniques.
4. To make the result beautiful to look at.

I found it wild there would be rules for restraining a prisoner.

The art of Shibari is using knots and ropes to restrain a person but still allows them room to wriggle. I read a number of times that in a D/s situation the ability to move reinforces the sub's sense of restraint. When a person is in suspention rigging, the Nawashi (rope master or rope teacher) has to be careful not to put any undue pressure on joints or the body. Ropes are used to carefully arouse and pleasure the entrapped.

I love the way the chain stitch mimics her spine. Think about how supportive this rigging would feel on your core muscles.

Just beautiful!

This one truly fascinates me. First off because it's artistically beautiful but also the technical aspect is amazing. By tying her arms and legs like that it alters her center of gravity. She is essentially sitting in the rigging around her hips, which is the strongest area to support weight. Also her posture is beautiful and the way the ropes are wrapped around her shoulders and ribs would support her upper back and prevent any excessive strain. I think the hair tie is mostly decorative and isn't over straining her neck from what I can tell.

Of course what is good for the girls is good for the boys too :)

This is just the tip of an incredibly erotic iceburg. What do you think? Do you find this as fascinating as I do? Does the idea of being wrapped in a layer of decorative knots or coloured rope attract you or send you running for sissors?

The main thing to remember in all this is NEVER EVER allow someone you don't know (or completely trust with your life) to tie you up! If you and a partner are interested in this then take a class or workshop. There are lots being offered all over the place if your looking. Learn the proper safety precautions and what dangers to watch for. There is a ton of information out there, but it's better to get it first hand from a trained professional. Rope bondage can leave more then marks behind if not done properly. There has been a lot of research into the psychological damage that can be caused if your not careful. Be safe!


June M. said...

I have to admit that I do think the rope bondage is beautiful. I could never do it because of problems with tendonitis and circulation and blood clots, but it is a beautiful, erotic process.
I recently read some beautiful examples of this from Kallypso Masters books.

SusieJ said...

This does look beautiful. So far I've only experienced my breasts being bound but it's incredibly erotic. xx

Eve Langlais said...

I love the pictures. I've come across this type of bondage before and it truly is an art. Talk about fun research though :)

Eve Langlais said...
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Lily said...

Great post, fab pictures. Thanks Corinne.

Lily x

Luna Wildwood said...

Well I'm fit to be tied after reading that blog Corinne. OK bad pun. This stuff fascinates me. It takes time and patience to get it to look good and be comfortable, and lots of skill to do right. Don't forget the scissors in the event the parents come over unexpectedly ;-)