Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Truly Fantastical

Goodness gracious! 

I love Juniper Bell's post yesterday about hands. HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY DIARY, JUNIPER? Cuz seriously, hands are my weakness. 

It's almost hard to write my blog today. I just want to be like MORE HANDS.

Lesson? Matt Damon = sexy man ARMS

But at the same time, for some reason, maybe it's due to the new year, new beginnings, new ideas, I've been looking at illustrations for inspiration lately. I've been in a whimsical mood and have been yearning for something a little more...shall we say, fantastical?

Centaur Love!

An embrace in shadows!

Just a bloody kiss!

I know we have talked about kissing a lot on here, but honestly, can you ever have enough? The other day, I was driving downtown at night. There was no other vehicle on the street, but at a stoplight, when I turned to look out my passenger-side window, I saw the most beautiful sight!

It was a young man and a young lady, waiting at a crosswalk. Both of them had a bike and helmets and little safety lights flashing across their faces. Their bikes were between their bodies, but the young man had his hand on her cheek and her lips. And they leaned in so slow, so slow, so agonizingly slow. And then the girl sort of stumbled forward, and they kissed! Metal and rubber tires squished between them. The light had turned green, but I just kept watching them. It was so adorable and refreshing. I wanted it to go on and on! 

And then of course, after I had driven off, my first thought was, "I've got to work that into my next book!"

Such is the life of a romance author, I suppose.

Anyways, here's one of my favorite kissing scenes from one of my top five favorite movies OF ALL TIME. Enjoi, my lovelies!

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Lily said...

Great post, Edith. Though I did have to pause at Matt's arms for a minute - I have been known to rewind that bit of the Bourne Identity several times over - Phew!!

Lily x

Juniper Bell said...

LOL Edith!! I bet your diary's very interesting!! Great hand pictures. I'm drooling.