Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Menage?

Why Ménage?

It’s a question I get from time to time. Mostly from friends and family who don’t read me. The question from a friendly, single browed raised, “seriously?” to my mother-in-law’s horrified, “dear god, why?”
Well, there are a few reasons I love to write ménage romance.
It’s a female fantasy
No question about it. When I think about two amazingly hot guys meeting my every need, I sigh a little. Oh, I know what it would really be like. It would really be double the dirty underwear and double the boring work stories, but in my fantasy, we have a maid and they’re both like billionaires so I listen to the boring work stories while someone named Sven rubs my feet. (It’s his only job.) And there are two penises. Two really big, really talented penises.
It’s an interesting dynamic
From a writing standpoint, I genuinely enjoy the dynamics of a ménage. I’m not talking about whose part goes where (get out the Barbies, Chloe). I’m talking about the emotions involved in ménage—and not just the woman’s. I believe a good ménage is truly about the emotions between three people. Whether the guys every touch in a sexual way, they have to love each other, too. It’s an odd and deep intimacy that would come from sharing a woman. I asked my husband once if he would share me just so he would have another man who really understood what it meant to love me. He thought for a moment and then smiled a little wistfully as though the thought was a sweet one. Then he said, “Yes, just so I knew someone else in the world has to put up with your shit.” Ah, love. His sarcasm aside, I think it’s an interesting dynamic.
Did I mention 2 penises?
Yeah. Two penises. I have to admit I have the fantasy. More now that I write it like eight hours a day. I imagine myself between two strong bodies, both intent on making me happy and safe and protected—because I’m female and it’s never just about the sex. I suppose it can be and that’s okay, but I need the fantasy of deep emotion. My current fantasy? Deep emotion with Daniel Craig and Kevin McKidd. Yeah, I could deeply emotional about those two. I like to call it my Craggy British Hot Guy Ménage.
So I’ve told you why I write ménage. Why do you read it?

Sophie Oak writes erotic romance for Siren Publishing.
Her latest, Found in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado 5), is out now.


Me: said...

I think you nailed it right on the head... or is that heads? LOL Women fantasize being taken care of, doted on by multiple partners. I think its a psychological reaction to everything we do for everyone else. Or, that might be bupkiss and we really just want to penises, four hands and way much loving!

SusieJ said...

You got it right! It's the fantasy of having our every whim catered for, being protected and safe and being loved...sigh
Hugs xx
p.s. the two penises, four hands are a fabulous bonus!! lol

Kathleen C said...

I'll tell you exactly what I would want if I could have the perfect menage...something exactly like the dynamic between Jack, Sam, and Abby. That's my fantasy menage. A dominant loving Dom like Jack and a sweet, sexy, attentive man like Sam. My toes are curling. THAT is the perfect menage. THAT is why I love the Siren series so very much.

Nancy Jo said...

I enjoy the relationships between the three involved in a menage. How the men work to provide her every desire, love and protect her. To me it's how the three come together as one solid unit.

Bibliophonic said...

I love the idea of two men who can understand me and pick up the slack with each other. One of them might not mind watching historical documentaries, but hates hates indie band. Hey that's cool, my hubby #2 not only loves indie bands but he doesn't mind going to some hole in the wall to listen to them play for an hour. There's also TWO PENISES!! *g*

Ursula said...

I read it much for the same reasons you write it. Two men who love me and are totally devoted to my every need. And of course the rich part too :) I have absolutely no interest in the sexual part of it...DANG! I couldn't even type that with a straight face. Teehee.

I also like the idea of two men being so deeply connected that they love each other and the same woman. And are man enough to be comfortable with the idea. They don't have to be sexual with each other or they can be. I enjoy reading both types of books equally.

ashleyd said...

Amen Sophie! I love the menage books. The sex is hot but the connection between the characters is amazing. Its my ultimate fantasy as well. I find most guys I know are like no way but if it was 2 girls and a guy it would be a different story. Yay for 2 penises!