Friday, February 24, 2012

Sprinting along minding my own business and ......

I've gotten in the habit when I'm working on a book to put my character's faces on my desktop. It's a way to connect with them and remind myself who I am writing about. Also, I enjoy a bit of eye candy as much as the next girl when I'm staring at them trying to figure out what is going on in their brains. :)

When I started the fifth book in my 3xtasy Lake series, I knew what one hero looked like but the second was a complete blank. It was frustrating because he made a brief appearance in Obsessed with Fur but I couldn't pin down a physical appearance for him.

That was until today...

You see, I've been sprinting with Heather Rainier and it amazes me what comes out during our stints. When you're sprinting, you write whatever comes to mind. Don't worry about editing, don't worry if it works for the story. It's writing for the pure enjoyment of writing. Similar to what everyone does during NaNoWriMo but it's only for 30 minutes instead of 30 days. And sometimes it's almost magical

Today, I was deep into a scene between Walker and Brenna. When he looked up at her it hit me who was currently between her legs.

Hello gorgeous!

Jason Statham. He's the perfect physical representation of Officer Walker. I didn't want a classic pretty boy. I wanted someone with a deeply sexual feel to him but be rough around the edges. The kind of man you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley but would happily hide behind. It was such an eciting moment and completely magical too because I wasn't expecting it. Goes to prove that when it comes to writing sometimes it's better to get out of your imagination's way and let it work. :)

Now, I can put together my desktop and enjoy the ride.


SusieJ said...

Oh yes! Jason Statham is just as you describe him..sigh...
Might have to try this sprinting business myself....sounds much more fun than physical!
Hugs xx

hregtvedt said...

Ahhh...Jason Statham. I've been in lust with him since the Italian Job. What a great pic and your description of him is so right!

When I write I have to have good, solid pictures of the characters on my desk too. I usually make a notebook for each storyline with a basic outline, a section for quotes or points I want to hit in the book and a photo section. And the photos are not just the main characters. But I count myself lucky to be a modern writer with all the internet resources out there. I love to get inspiration from tumblr and other blog sites and save the photo for my personal character use. Don't know if I could write as easy without those resources!

MiaAshlinn said...

Corinne, that is pure brilliance putting pictures of them in front of you! I might just have to try that! Happy sprinting! :)