Friday, February 10, 2012

Eroticon 2012 by Lily Harlem

I'm thrilled to have my ticket for Eroticon 2012 clutched in my hot little hand!! In the UK there are very few gatherings for writers and bloggers of erotica and erotic romance so this is a conference which, for me, doesn't involve a trip abroad and a whole ton of cash. I am absolutely bubbling with excitement!!!

Held in Bristol on Saturday 3rd March, Eroticon is an all day event open to anyone writing about sex online from novice bloggers to published authors.

The schedules look great and includes workshops and panel sessions covering writing inspiration, tech-skills, photography, getting published and more.

In the evening I'm looking forward to relaxing with a glass of wine and listening to readings from the UK’s up and coming sex bloggers and writers and of course catching up with author friends.

There are lots of reasons to go not least because there is a £50 LoveHoney voucher for every delegate - yay!! - and Total-E-Bound are providing oodles of cakes and pastries to get the day off to a great start.

The sessions look awesome and I suspect it will be one of those times when I wish there were several more hours in the day!! 

Here are just a few I will definitely be grabbing a front row seat at.

Identity, ethics and sex blogging : Zoe Margolis, Lori Smith, Molly Moore

Out or in? Real name or pen-name? Do you want your boss knowing what you did in or out of bed last night? And should you really name and shame the milkman? A discussion panel on identity and ethics, how it affects us as sex bloggers and those we write about.

Writing workshop : Maxim Jakubowski

A hands on workshop exploring ways to develop your writing and keep the creative juices flowing.

Taking Your Writing Beyond the Page: The Power of Collaboration : Scarlet French

Often writers can find themselves squirreled away, alone with their laptops. Yet, erotic writing is a genre that has enormous potential for collaboration.
As the study of human sexuality burgeons, so too does the range of therapies and practices available to enable people to tap in to their full potential – for sexual pleasure and for overall wellbeing. Scarlett believes that mindful erotic writings can contribute to the therapeutic process and aid the quest for sexual expansiveness.
In her talk, Scarlett explores this potential and discusses the power of collaborating with sex practitioners.

It’s Kink, Jim, but not as we know it : London Faerie

Fetish is everywhere these days: popularized by Torture Garden, co-opted by the media, an evergreen favourite with Tory MPs. Despite this it remains haunted by misconceptions and the pathologising influence of Freud, Kraft-Ebbing and the gang.

This mixture of fear and fascination can be confusing. Rather than getting hung up on it, London Faerie will demonstrate his fierce, playful, high-energy style of kink on a friend’s willing bottom, then answer questions about it afterwards. It’s Kink, Jim, but not as we know it.

Don't they sound all sound amazing?!? I will of course fill you in on all the gossip, but if you are within distance of Bristol on the 3rd of March then go grab yourself a ticket.

Now for the big question - what to wear????

Lily x

* * * * If you want to read all the gossip of what went on at Eroticon click HERE * * * *


SusieJ said...

Ooh, I could combine this with a visit to "the boy" who just happens to be at Uni in Bristol...:)
How to embarrass your offspring in one easy lesson!!
Hugs xx

Eve Langlais said...

Oh, that conference sounds like fun. I've yet to attend any. Canada doesn't seem to be a hotspot for them lol.
And I'm not a good traveller.
Have fun!!!

Lily said...

Oh, wow, Susie, let me know if you do make plans to go!

Thanks Eve:-)

Lily x