Monday, February 27, 2012

Ménage a Plow

Note: This post first appeared on a well-known author's blog, so forgive me if you've already read it. But I had so much fun with it -- and so did readers -- that I thought I'd bring it to you.

In Alaska, where I live, winters are long, hard, cold and snowy. Enter our local hero: The Plow Guy. Ploy guys are tough, rugged, undaunted by the worst of weather. They arrive on their mighty steeds -- otherwise known as exhaust-spewing machines -- freeing terrified residents trapped behind snowbanks. Roads become passable, fuel can be delivered … lives are saved. The allure of the Plow Guy has even made it into TV land. Anyone remember the sexy plow guy who romances the uptight New York editor in Men in Trees?

Certain Alaskans (with the initials J.B.) have been known to make cookies for their plow guy. Another friend of mine offers more adult treats to hers. It doesn’t hurt, of course, when your plow guy is a young, hunky stud like ours. Or when your plow guy works in tandem with his equally hunky brother.

Yep, we’ve got two sexy brothers plowing our road. A ménage a plow, so to speak. As you can imagine, our road is very well-plowed. So far, the brothers have come separately, but maybe one day, after an especially bad blizzard, they’ll both show up for a double plowing.

(Had enough plow double entendres yet?)

As an erotic romance author, it's natural to imagine how I can put a plow guy or two (or three) in a story. So here we go – just a couple thoughts. 

Plowed. First they get snowed in, then they get plastered. A woman, her plow guy, and one unforgettable night.

A Tale of Two Plows. Two brothers vie for the affections of a local beauty. But does she really have to choose?

Deep Plow. A plow guy is recruited by a porn producer and becomes a sensation.

Colters’ Plow Guy. The latest installment in the popular series. (Sorry, Maya.)

And Plow Guy Makes Three. A married couple expands their family in an erotically unexpected way. 

Training the Plow Guy.  In this rewriting of my own story, Training the Receptionist, a plow guy learns the true pleasure of plowing.
Her Plow Guy Triple Team. (Sorry, Stacey.)

Plow Guy and Prejudice. In a reversal of the classic novel, a local heiress disdains her plow guy even as she finds herself drawn to him.

And now the floor is open. Any other Plow Guy title suggestions? Give me one in the comments and I’ll put you in the running for a choice of any book from my backlist. 



Juniper Bell's most recent release is Go Deep from Ellora's Cave. While it doesn't involve a plow guy, it does feature cold Alaskan nights, a hot hockey coach, and some forbidden fantasies. Click the cover for more.


bw said...


Well, my personal favorite would be- "My Three Plow Guys"- sounds sexy, huh?

hregtvedt said...

I miss MEN IN TREES! Plow Guy was my favorite!

Thanks for the laughs.

Heather E

Unknown said...

this post is hilarious! i could only think of one, you could go paranormal and make them plow guy shape-shifters and name it :Plowing the pack. or something similar, LOL!

thanks for the laughs, i really needed them.

tammy ramey

SusieJ said...

Thanks for the happy, giggly start to my day....perfect...:)
Other titles.....erm....."Love under Two Plowmen"....."It's snowing Men"....
Hugs xx

Lily said...

OMG! LOL at this post, brilliant. And yes, I miss Men In Trees, who decided that wonderful show full of rugged hotness had to end?????

Juniper Bell said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! My sweetie has randomly picked SusieJ to win a book from my backlist. Susie, I'm emailing you now!

SusieJ said...

Thank you so much!! I'll get back to you...such a hard decision to make...
Hugs xx