Friday, March 9, 2012

Carpe The Hell Out of This Diem! by Heather Rainier

Seize the Hell out of this day. I keep telling myself that as I slog through the minutiae that I have to attend to. Not because it is so pressing, mind you, but because I’ve put off multiple tasks that would not have created an emergency if I’d "seized the day" when the time was right. Then I’d be sitting pretty now, working on my next story in progress.

The thing about procrastination that I have discovered to be universally true is that the level at which you procrastinate is equal to the level of difficulty you have extracting yourself from the “emergency” situation you finally find yourself in.

Take ordering promotional materials, for instance. This spring I will be attending my first ever Romantic Times (RT) Book Lovers Convention in Chicago next month. For those who are curious, follow this link.

I knew I was going to need promotional materials for this event how long ago? Yeah…last year. It’s true we had some “on again~off again” stuff happening so I waited to order until this month. Two weeks ago this would have been piece of cake, I’m sure. Websites would've worked properly and the angst would've been minimal. But placing my orders today was, you guessed it, an absolute nightmare.

Pages went haywire and my designs either disappeared or turned to mush. I'm blaming it on the solar storms happening today and not on operator ineptitude. My husband stood nearby with the chocolate and Sangria in hand, calming me and waiting on hold while we confirmed artwork and dealt with website glitches. If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure I’d arrive in Chicago next month in one piece.

After much hair-pulling and many hours later, the orders got placed along with additional orders for two gift baskets I’ll be raffling off from the Siren Bookstrand table at RT. Now I’m sitting here, wondering once again why it is I put this stuff off until the last minute. The theme of my first book was seizing the day so you’d think I’d have this concept down.

If you plan to be in the Chicago area April 11-15th, visit the RT website and order a day pass or register for the convention. I’ll be there along with the wonderfully patient and handsome Mr. Rainier and you’ll most likely find me hanging out at the Siren Bookstrand table. My reason for being there is you, the reader, so I hope to meet as many of you as I can. Make sure and bring your paperbacks from home for autographs because those are allowed in the event. With any luck, I’ll have promo items to share with you.

Now I move on to procrastinating on the next task at hand…the costume for the RT Scottish themed gala: Tartans and Kilts. I’m not sure about this one. Tartan plaid across my derriere? No one should be subjected to that, but I’d do it if I could get Mr. Rainier into a kilt. That’s probably not happening, so just look for me in my cowboy boots and jeans.

Heather Rainier’s latest book, Divine Phoenix is scheduled for release on May 11th, 2012. This is the tenth book in the Divine Creek Ranch Collection. Visit her newly re-designed website at for information about her books, other projects and exciting new features. You can also find Heather on Facebook.

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SusieJ said...

This is a feeling I know well....too well....
Wish I lived nearer so I could get to the convention..
Totally into Carpe Diem...have just re-read Divine Grace...still my favourite.
Hugs xx