Thursday, March 1, 2012

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A Berserker Mate's Story, 2

Jakob left his pack a hundred years before…to escape his controlling twin.  He finally comes home, along with the mate he’s found along the way.  Jakob knows having claimed her without Joran may tear their already tempestuous relationship apart, but in order to keep his new mate safe, there is no better place than with his family.

Joran has awaited the day his younger twin would walk through the front door.  Seeing Jakob mated, Joran realizes his chance at happiness has been stolen from him.  Yet he still feels the incredible pull of the beautiful Kara, even if she can’t be his. His steel-willed control falters for the first time in eons.

Kara is in the middle of this tug of war, her head already a whirlwind from leaving her life behind.  Will she be the bridge to bring them together, or rip them further apart?


Jakob could still feel Kara’s body molded to him as she ran into his arms an hour afterwards.  Her scent covered him and as he inhaled the need for her grew the longer the trip home took.  After she’d been abducted, his need to claim her again was paramount.  As they entered the mansion, no one uttered a word as he took her hand and guided her up the stairs.  Looking behind him, he loved the way her dress flared over her legs as she mounted the steps, the sexy curve of her bare calves enticing him all the more.
Pushing into their bedroom, he closed the door, leaning her back into it.  His body held her against the wood as his mouth found hers.  The kiss began tentatively, an exploration.  But as the need rose in him, he deepened the exchange and his tongue pressed between her teeth, sweeping along the heat of her mouth.  
A quiver ran along his spine as he pressed closer to her warmth, lifting her from the floor.  He moved his thigh between her legs as she rose and elevated her dress up to her hips, revealing her shapely thighs, and was rewarded with her satisfied moan.
“I ache every moment I breathe to hear that sound once more,” he said against her lips before returning to the kiss.  “Again.”
Her hips slowly moved, as she sought the feel of him against her wet pussy, pressing against the strong muscles of his thigh.  She moaned for him again, and he felt the sound in his dick, the shaft growing harder than he could ever recall.  He could already smell her desire and knew she would be ready to take him.  The need heightened, and he could not wait another moment.  He had to have his cock inside her, claim her as his own after her abduction at the hands of the Dragons, regardless that she had been unscathed.
She smelled of the fire-breathers, and he only wanted to smell his brand on her.  Gathering her into his arms, he moved to the bed and laid her down in the center of the generous space.  He ripped at her bodice as he knelt from the edge, tearing it in places to gain access to her full breasts.  She arched her back, a low growl coming from her throat as he grasped the full mounds and pinched her dark, rosy nipples.
He watched as her claws lengthened and her eyes turned dark with lust.  She sat up and clawed at his belt, shredding it in two, and then she cut the button from his jeans before sliding the zipper down.  Jakob growled back in response to her as she slid one single claw down the length of his hardened cock, the intensity of the pleasure-pain bordering on orgasmic.  Sucking in a breath, he bit his lower lip in a desperate bid to steady himself.  She then grasped the length, pulling it from the vee in his pants.  His cock bobbed before her and a pearl of liquid spread from the tip as she licked her lips in desire, staring at the hardened shaft.
Kara leaned close to him, rubbing her face along his cock.  He ached to have her hands on him as he waged war with his inner beast to still his body and not jump on top of her.  His hands grasped the top of the antique canopy bed and twisted into the lace concoction that lay over it, trying to pin himself there, giving her a moment of control over his body.
Sweat broke out all over his chest and face at the thinly veiled control he exerted, needing to see and feel her sweet hands on him more so than he needed to claim her.  Kara showed him how much she wanted him in return simply through that touch.  She chose him.  It wasn’t his beast demanding her body, but her lovingly asking her due.  It had taken him so long to learn that with control, came reward.
Resting his forehead on his outstretched arms, he watched as her trembling fingers rose to his shaft and encircled him, and he nearly lost all control when she leaned down to capture the head in between her petal soft lips.  Kara began a heady dance, moving forward and back along his cock, her hands and lips burning a fire as they moved.  
He watched her worship his body and felt a tightening in his chest.  She wanted his satisfaction as equally as he wanted her own.  The ebb and flow, give and take, it overwhelmed him for a moment, and he felt the sting of tears behind his eyes as he watched the woman he loved giving him the greatest pleasure he had ever felt.

The lovely Alexandra will be giving away a copy of Night of the Dragon and Beauty and her Beasts to one lucky commenter. You can download the short story which bridges the two books for FREE. 
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Yvette said...

Would love to win...the books look HOT!

Proserpine said...

Hi! I read the Free short story : Going Berserk and I was always complaining about the fact that there's not enough story about or with berserkers and now I think I found the right series! I totally fell in love with Jakob! Thanks for this chance!Pick me!!!! LOL :P



BookObsessedChicks said...

HI Alexandra! Congrats on the awesome release. Best of luck with it. You are one amazing lady!!!

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Sounds great always looking for new reads, would love to win.

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Hi Alexandra,
Wow!love the cover and the excerpt was HOT.
Are you giving away fans and cold drinks too? i think we may need them if the books are anything like the excerpt was. :D

thanks for the chance at such a great contest.

tammy ramey

Unknown said...

can anyone tell me who won this or if the draw has been done?

tammy ramey

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Kim was the winner! Thanks everyone :)