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My first sex scene?

Well, my first published book was Fearless Desires. Back then I was asked to add heat to my manuscript during edits. Let’s just say I don’t have that problem any more. LOL
Since my Fear Demon and heroine met through her nightmares, it seemed logical that their first sex scene would be mistaken as a dream. It felt foreign using explicit terms, but I fought through the embarrassing thought that others would be reading these scenes.

After Fearless Desires I went hardcore and wrote Saving Grace. It had everything under the sun from ménage a cinq to sex toys. That book was a real rebirth for me, truly pulling me into the world of erotic romance. I've never looked back...

My story in Virgins Behaving Badly is called Lucinda’s song. It was originally a fairytale story I wrote in the eighth grade. The teacher loved it and I always remembered her kind comments. So, I added a dash of ménage and erotic romance and transformed the foundation of my short story into an adult tale.

Lucinda is a Nymph princess living near one of the last old growth forests. She’s been in love with her two Guardians for years, but kept her inner feelings locked up since they never appeared to reciprocate her playful affection.

When her father announces she’s to marry a man she’s never met, Lucinda escapes to the forest to find solace. She refuses to be bound to a Nymph she doesn’t love, and she can’t imagine her life without Adero and Kalum.

With emotions high and a forest fire ravaging the land, Lucinda will rely on her Guardians more than ever. Will they finally admit their love for her? Or will she fade away along with the magical trees in her forest? 

Adult Excerpt
"Behave yourself, princess. You're promised to another," Kalum said. He attempted to move his hand, but she didn't want it removed. In fact, her body cried out for him to shift it higher, to that aching place between her legs.
She shook her head in reply. Her father's will was not her own. She would not abide by his wishes in this case. He shouldn't have expected any less, as he always complained she was a difficult, unruly child.
When Kalum wouldn't humor her, she turned to Adero, now sitting on her opposite side. She cupped his stubbled jaw, his face so handsome she was at a loss for words temporarily. "Don't deny me, Adero. I love you." Lucinda took his wrist and brought his hand to her bosom. "I ache." So much emotion was locked up inside her, a frog in her throat as she feared more rejection.
Darkness crossed his eyes, a brief glimpse of the beast within the man. "You're too much of a temptation, beauty. I must leave."  He attempted to move away, but she wouldn't let go of him.
"What must I do for one of you to love me back? To want to satisfy me? I'm no longer a child. I'm a woman. I choose my Guardians as my lovers, not some Nymph I have no love for. Does that mean nothing?"
Adero dropped to one knee in front of her, his eyes boring into hers. He cupped her hands between his to still them. "Lucy, you don't know what you're saying."
She ignored him. "Like the song of the Great Oak soothes my soul, my spirit knows the direction it must follow." Lucinda leaned forward and kissed her stubborn Guardian. Her first kiss. She expected him to pull away and scold her like a naughty child. She was so accustomed to his constant rejection. But, to her surprise, he reciprocated, his lips melting against hers. The kiss deepened as if something within Adero had been awakened. He tasted earthy, all male. She closed her eyes and savored the intimate contact she’d dreamed of for so many years.
When he stopped to breathe, she couldn't help but smile wickedly.
"You're a brat, Lucy."
She began to unbutton the bodice of her dress, her body thrumming with excitement. "Teach me," she said simply.
Kalum ran his fingers over the length of her hair as if he touched the fragile lace of a spider's silk. "Beauty, have you ever known a man?"
"You know I haven't. The two of you ensure I can't sneak off to do anything improper." 
She pulled the laces loose on her dress, exposing the upper mounds of her bare breasts. Kalum's eyes shifted to her cleavage. It pleased her that he finally looked at her as a man should. Lucinda didn't want the attention of the males in town, only those of her Guardian warriors. They were rugged and masculine. Other men moved aside when they walked through the streets. Their strength aroused her. She needed to know what their hard muscles felt like pressed against her softness. She wanted to see their faces once all control had been crushed by their passion.
Adero turned her face by the chin so she'd face him. "Would you have given yourself to another if we hadn't been so careful as your protectors?"
She paused, making him sweat for a moment. "No. But I'm growing impatient of waiting. My body is hot and ripe, threatening to tear me apart from the inside out if I'm not cared for properly."
"Where do you ache, little one?" asked Kalum. There was a playful yet feral look in his eyes. She knew they were slowly losing their resolve. Each step they made towards meeting her needs, the more her body responded. Her folds grew moist and nipples pebbled, scraping teasingly against the coarse fabric of her bodice.
"Between my legs, my breasts."  The men seemed to confer with just a look, as if telepathically coming to an agreement.
Adero surprised her, parting her legs from where he knelt in front of her. The layers of her dress shifted upwards, revealing more of her bare flesh. "Your father will banish us if we take you without his blessing. He'd never approve of you mating with a lowly Guardian. You're royalty, princess."
"It's my life," she said adamantly. "How can I be expected to bond with my Guardians for six years and then say goodbye forever? You're the ones who care for me when I'm lonely, sad, ill, afraid. I've fallen in love completely. I didn't fully realize it until the minute I set eyes on the male my father expected me to marry. You can't ever send me back."
"You're ours, Lucy. Our woman. We've cared for you, loved you, and no male deserves you more than us." Adero smoothed his warm hands up her thighs, bunching up the fabric until he couldn't go any farther.  His words soothed her heart, made her body light up with happiness. "No male would respect you or cherish you more than us," he whispered, one hand disappearing under the gathering of her dress. She felt the gentle brush of his finger against her moist folds. Her flesh was sensitive and responded to his touch, a thousands fluttering winds trying to escape from her womb. Lucinda gasped, and reached to her side to grab Kalum's forearm.
"Go slow with her," he said. He slid the strap of her dress down her arm, kissing her shoulder. When the fabric slipped below her breasts, her nipples firmed up, and her skin broke out in gooseflesh from the sudden thrill of being exposed.  Kalum lowered his head and gently took her peak in his mouth. She'd never imagined such a thing, but it was exquisite. She instinctively held the back of his head, urging him to take more, suckle harder.
As she tossed her head back, Adero captured her mouth. They kissed with all the fervor they'd been stifling all these years. It was beautiful. She could feel the adoration as the men kissed, suckled, and explored her body. Even though she'd never known a male intimately, she had no fear of her Guardians. They'd never harm her, their common goal to bring her pleasure. She only wondered if she could handle two of them at once. Lucinda had briefly seen the outline of their flaccid cocks when they bathed in the river. Even then they looked massive. How large would they be once fully aroused?

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