Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special guest - Victoria Blisse!

Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Author. She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

Take it away Victoria...

Threesomes, Fantasies and Faith. 

I recently had the good fortune to feature in a very positive article in the UK national newspaper The Independent. 

In it I confess that I managed to accidently out my erotica writing self to my vicar. Luckily it all went fairly well and I didn’t have to go into too much detail when I explained my writing to him. 

However the journalist who talked to me about the article asked me a very pertinent question and I want to share my answer to it with you today. Sex within a loving, traditional relationship is one thing but how did you justify threesomes to the vicar? Or how do you - perhaps more importantly - justify these to your own spiritual side? Now, as I said I didn’t have to justify these things to my vicar because he didn’t ask. Thank God for small mercies! However I do have to say a lot of thought went into the subject for me. So, without boring you silly, I’ll just say I’ve been a Christian all my life. I’m very active in my local church and I do read my bible and I pray a lot. I also write seriously hot and sexy smut.

To some people those two things just can’t go together but I have discovered over the years that they do go together pretty well, for me anyway. I’ve always been of the opinion that God likes sex. He invented it and he likes folks to go forth and multiply and you can’t do that without shagging! Also just take a look at Song of Solomon (or song of songs as it’s sometimes called) in the bible. It gets seriously hot I can tell you. Sex isn’t wrong. The negative emotions that can come from sex exploited or sex gone wrong are the things that worry God. Adultery for example is intrinsically linked with sex but it isn’t the sex which is the problem. It’s the lying, the two-timing and the heartbreak that comes with it. So I write about sex. Good Sex.

I am a hopeless romantic so I write about lovers not shaggers and my characters have fulfilling relationships. I’m pretty certain the Lord doesn’t hold issue with that. I mean, I’ve given him plenty of opportunity to tell me what I’m doing is wrong and so far I’ve not heard a tweet. Not that I’m sure God uses twitter, but you know what I mean. Whenever I pray earnestly about the issue I always get brilliant writing news. I think that is God’s way of saying. “Go for it, kid.”

But even the threesomes?

When you write about multiple partners that is not a traditional set up. We’ve got lots of sex going on and as a Christian I’m brought up to think that sex is best if it happens between two people who are madly in love but I’m pretty convinced the numbers aren’t that important. It’s the respect, honesty and candour of those involved. At the end of the day would I have a threesome in real life? Well, I don’t know. Sandwich me between two hot, horny hunks and I am sure I’d find it difficult to resist but honestly, I can’t see myself in a ménage a tois any time soon! But what I write is fiction. It is fantasy. I am exploring love and sex in the safest way I can. I am giving people an opportunity to experience something that they might dream about but would hesitate to do in real life. And I don’t think exercising the imagination is ever a bad thing. Sexual fantasy is healthy. It’s a natural part of life for everyone. Of course, as with everything in life (even chocolate) you can have too much of it but as long as the erotica is a balanced part of your life and my life then it’s a good thing indeed.

So now I’ve established that writing about threesomes does not threaten my faith at all would you like to read one of my hot scenes? Oh good, because I’ve got one to share with you from Temporary Insanity!


Two guys, a girl and an office sex bet. Caroline hates working at Forbes and Richardson until she walks in on Matt and Connor kissing passionately against the photocopier. They admit they enjoy being watched and invite her to be the voyeur to their exhibitionism. 

Watching leads to participation as the three of them agree on a bet that makes the working day all the more fun and definitely sexier. How brave is Caroline? What risks is she willing to take to get her ultimate prize –a threesome with the two hottest execs in the company.

Reader Advisory:This story contains scenes of bondage and BDSM, and has one scene of dubious consent.

And now, for the sex! Hold on to your hats:

“What are you doing?” I squeaked as he pushed me up against the glass. I’m a little height sensitive—okay, I’m petrified of them. Being separated from a huge drop by just a sheet of glass did not feel good. 

“It’s reinforced glass, tough as tough can be, tougher than anything else in this room. You’ll be fine.” He kissed me and undid the buttons of my blouse. “I just think it’d be totally fucking hot to bang you against this window where anyone from the next office block over can see you if they look out the window.”  He pulled off my shirt, snapped open my bra and turned me to face the window.

I felt very naked indeed. The London skyline looked back at me. The office across the road did have huge windows on the same level as me and although I couldn’t see much of them, I knew if someone stood there to admire the view they’d not be able to mistake me for anything but a half-naked woman being shagged against a window. “Are you sure this is safe?” I gasped, my cheek pressed against the startlingly cold glass. “We’re an awful long way up.”

“Yes, very sure.” Connor stroked my back and gently kissed the nape of my neck. “I’ve stood in just the same position many times before and I’m still here in one piece.” He stood close behind me and lifted up my floaty skirt. “Oh, going commando. I do approve.”

One of his large, warm hands sat on my buttock, squeezing and kneading as the other undid his zip. Moments later I felt him press in against me, his covered cock nestled between my buttocks. These boys carried condoms on every occasion, always well-prepared. I moaned and pushed back my pelvis. I wanted him and had forgotten all about the impending drop to my doom on the other side of the window. 

“My God, Caroline, you’re fucking hot.” He mumbled as he slipped his hardness down to the juncture of my thighs. “And you’re so wet, you dirty little whore, you love this, don’t you?”

As he surged to fill me I screamed out my answer. “Yes!” I closed my eyes, my breasts shocked by the cold of the glass, my cunt thrilled by the warmth of his dick and everywhere in between sensitised by the contrast.  Connor was thicker than Matt but seemed a little bit shorter. His cock rubbed and delighted other areas of my pussy. His rhythm was also different, erratic where Matt had been measured and precise. I could not pick a style I preferred. I loved both and I fantasised about having both of them inside me at the same time and decided I needed that as soon as possible. 

Connor, ever the gentleman, reached around my waist and dipped his finger down through the wiry curls of my pubis to my eager and somewhat neglected clit.

“I want you to come,” he groaned into my ear. “I want you to explode all over my cock, you dirty fucking bitch.” 

His words aroused me whilst his fingers turned me on. I whimpered and he continued to slam into me, his fingers tapping out a frantic beat on my clit. I opened my eyes for a moment and was hit with a dizzying sense of freedom. I was high above the streets and looking down on the world and I was being fucked good and proper. I felt like a slut and I loved it. 

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Ursula said...

I agree with much of what you have said with the addition of: It's a book and fantasy and just because you read it doesn't mean you are going to go out and do it.

Wonderful excerpt. I am always excited to find new to me authors.


Lily said...

Great to see you hanging out at When One Is Not Enough, Victoria.

Fantastic post. Thanks so much.

Lily x

SusieJ said...

Great post with lots of common sense. People get so worked up about erotica and do's's's fun....and yes, I may personally dream about threesomes etc. but I'm not going to dash out and participate any time soon..if ever.
Hugs xx
p.s. You have great taste...Man Utd are the greatest..and I've been a supporter since the days of George Best.

Victoria Blisse said...

Ursula -Actually, I agree with that too, I just didn't mention it. :) Fantasy isn't evil in my mind or any one else's come to that. *LOL*

Nice to meet you. :)

Lily -Lovely to be here, thanks!

Victoria Blisse said...

Susie -You jumped in whilst I wasn't looking! Thank you for your lovely comments. You're obviously a highly sensible person as you support Man Utd. :) Thanks again.