Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is coming!

Oh yes it is. I've been outside lately shoveling the snow onto the driveway (yes I know that makes me crazy) in the hopes of freeing my poor yellow grass. I love spring, the sense of renewal as plants and animals and even icky bugs come out of their hibernation. I love that crisp breeze with its hint of warmth that caresses my face. I love the energy spring brings.

And hubby does too.

I don't know about your special partner, but mine, while usually frisky all year round, is especially so in the spring. Is it the fresh air? The time we spend outside being active as we do a yard cleanup? Is it something more primitive and hormonal?

If you do a Google search on 'does spring make men horny' you'll see 40 million hits. The first page of searches alone poses that question on numerous blogs and forums. Scientific? Nope, but I do know spring makes me more frisky, and not just because hubby is chasing me around the house as I giggle like a fiend.

Does the weather affect your urge to get naked with the one you lust after? Do you have a season that just really gets your motor running? Is it the summer with men in their low hipped shorts, no shirts, strutting around baring some delicious abs? Is is the fall when the jeans come back out molding taut asses? Winter when they put that Santa hat on and ask if you've been a good girl? Spring when they peel off those layers and start tanning those sun deprived bodies?

Now don't laugh, but for some reason, spring, after a cold hard winter, makes me think of nudists. What do nudists do when the weather gets to cold too run around in their skin? I know they've got their homes to strut around in the buff, but where do they go to get their naked outdoor fix?

lol. My mind works in really weird ways.

My idea of going nude is taking off the socks as soon as the ground doesn't make my feet go numb :) And before you ask, my bathing suit has a skirt lolol and my tummy is so white from a lack of sunlight, I put snow to shame.

I'd write more, but hubby just came in from the yard and he's got the look in his eyes again. Time for me to giggle as he chases me up the stairs.

Happy spring!!!


SusieJ said...

What a fun post!
It's summer for us and really warm!
Hugs xx

Eve Langlais said...

Too warm and you don't need to get frisky to get a sweat on lol. ;p