Tuesday, April 17, 2012

50 Shades of OH NO SHE DIDN'T

I've been trying to avoid it. I've been averting my eyes at the bookstore. I've been hastily flipping the TV channel away when it comes up on The View. I've clicked BACKSPACE BACKSPACE BACKSPACE when I accidentally stumble upon an article on the Internets.

But my avoidance practices are futile.


At first, I tried to write it off as a sort of jaded mentality. Like, psssh, big whoop, it's erotica. Why does everyone have their panties in a twist? There's not even more than one guy.

And then I was like, Maybe I'll just read the sample pages on Amazon. Just so I can keep up with pop culture and what not.

Which then progressed to, Oh, she got a movie deal? Well, I have to read the book before I see the movie. That's just a rule I have.

Which indubitably led me to, Okay, you guys! Take a shot every time Ana flushes! Take a shot every time Ana says "Double crap!" Take a shot every time Ana mentions her "sex." SHOT! SHOT! SHOT! SHOT!

Having read it (and quite enjoyed it!) I can admit now that at first I was a little jelly because, not only do I write erotica, but I have many Siren sisters (and brothers) who have been writing delicious and nutritious erotica for years. I don't know about y'all, but I haven't sold a gazillion copies like some people have (ahem, E.L. James, we're looking at you).

But then I got to thinking. This is actually really great for ALL erotica authors. I think 50 Shades of Grey has really opened people's eyes, and whether they admit to liking it or not, people are talking. People are sniffing around. People are starting to realize there's a whole world of scintillation just waiting for them to reach out and touch it in all its naughty places.

So I'll take one last shot and say, "Cheers to E.L. James! And LONG LIVE EROTICA!"


Blanche said...

Everybody I know has read this book or has it in their TBR pile. I can't give a good reason as to why I've avoided getting the book, I just have! I think I'll go order it today so I can join in with everyone else and read it!! :)

Lily said...

I have just started 50 Shades, so won't comment on the book yet :-)

However, I couldn't agree more that it must be good for all authors of erotica/erotic romance. It's got people, as you say, 'sniffing around' and discovering new work - our work - and hopefully buying it too, or at least adding it to TBR lists.

Great article x

Zara said...

Great post! I'm sure the success of this book must have already had an impact on erotica/erotic romance sales.

Edith DuBois said...

cheers, lovely ladies! glad you enjoyed the post. Hugs!