Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dates in Kilts

I'm going through serious RT envy and withdrawal. Right now, so many great authors and wonderful readers are partying it up in Chicago for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, and I can't be there because I'm still recovering from knee surgery.

But I can give myself a consolation prize. Tonight is the Scottish Fairy Fling, the big dance party with a Highland theme. I can't be there in my full-length strapless plaid evening gown, with my kilt-wearing date by my side ... I can dream, can't I? Dream about kicking up my heels with this guy ...

Saving at least one dance for him ...

Then again, maybe one isn't enough!

Especially when they look like this. 

When I'm sick of plaid, Vin Diesel in black leather makes a nice break.

And at the end of the evening, I absolutely intend to find out what goes on under those kilts.

There, I feel a little bit better about missing the Scottish fling. Now to find out what tomorrow's party is all about!

If you're in Chicago, enjoying RT, have twice as much fun on my behalf! If you're stuck at home like me ... at least we have men in kilts. ;-)

Juniper Bell's next release, BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION, comes out on April 25 from Ellora's Cave.


SusieJ said...

Thanks for the hot photos...quite made my day...:)
Hugs xx

Lily said...

Oh, la la - thank you so much, Juniper! :-)

Lily x