Monday, April 2, 2012

Firefighters x 4

Men of Station 23 (Uniform Fetish, 1)

AVAILABLE: Monday, April 9th

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Tammy Palmer can barely control her uniform fetish when she walks by Station 23. The four firefighters she fantasizes over are pure sex and muscle. But Tammy's not ready for love after her last disastrous relationship, not to mention she's not even in the same league as these delicious men.

When the newspaper she edits for gives her the chance for a promotion from pushing pencils, she jumps at the opportunity. The only problem is she's expected to spend two weeks at the new fire station in preparation for the article.

Tammy's wanton desires are soon unleashed when she moves into the station. But good things rarely last, and Tammy's crazed ex returns, luring the men away from the station. He's determined to get her back at any cost.

Will the men of Station 23 be able to save the woman they've grown to love in time?


She felt like a kid, wild and carefree. Tammy couldn’t even remember the last time she laughed so hard. Although she may be thirty-six, these four firefighters made her feel like she was eighteen again, ready to take on the world...including the four of them. Her pussy was molten lava compared to the gooseflesh on her arms.
When Conall charged her, winning the battle, she savored the feel of his hands on her. He was strong, hoisting her up like she weighed twenty pounds. The music demanded she be naughty, take what she wanted, but the responsible Tammy kept nudging her to think about her future at the Heartland Tribute.
Her decision was made for her when she looked up into Conall’s ocean-blue eyes after being set on the tailgate. Moist blond hair fell down around his face, his thick lips moist and tempting. He resembled an angelic demon ready to possess her, body and soul. She instinctively reached around his shoulders, needing him closer. The only thing that mattered was the here and now. Tomorrow could wait. When he took up residence between her legs, pulling her taut against his hard body, she eagerly accepted his kiss.
His shoulders were so broad, she felt as if his body would swallow her whole. She held on for dear life as he leaned forward, never pulling away from her lips. He kissed well, a man who knew how to pleasure a woman. Moisture dripped down off his face from his hair, combining with her own. Her nipples were so tight it was painful.
“She’ll catch her death of cold if she stays in them wet clothes.” Aaron’s southern twang registered on the periphery of her consciousness. She was so enamoured by Conall that it was hard to focus on anything but his taste and the hard flesh pressed against hers.
When he finally broke the kiss, she was left breathless and wanting. Never in her life had her pussy ached so desperately or her desires been so wanton. She’d successfully kept her deepest, darkest fantasies locked away where they wouldn’t tease her. Since she’d settled to the fact that she'd never get laid again, she didn’t need a futile distraction in her thoughts.
Aaron’s eyes were hungry, his lips slightly parted. He was gorgeous, and now all his attention was on her. She respected him for not putting the moves on her when they shared a bed last night, which only increased her attraction for the cowboy. He lifted the hem of her shirt, so cold and clammy against her chilled flesh. She didn’t stop him.
Part of her mind convinced her he was only doing what he said—looking out for her health. But she wasn’t foolish enough to believe he didn’t have illicit plans. It was just easier to accept an advance by four men when she held some innocent doubts. What kind of woman would she be if she gave herself over fully without a second thought?
“The girl’s nearly frozen to the bone. I think she’s going into shock.” Aaron had a wicked smirk on his face.
Darius stepped in, created a wall of male flesh right out of her most vivid fantasy. “It’s our job to rescue her. I say we cut her free of these wet clothes and warm her up Station 23-style.”
She wasn’t sure what that entailed, but as much as she wanted whatever it was he planned, she also hoped this wasn’t a common thing for them to do. Right now she felt special, enveloped in their affection and strong, male lust. It was the kind of dream she never wanted to end, but knew it was only temporary. Good things rarely lasted in reality.
“But they’re my favorite jeans,” she said.
“Then take them off,” said Jake from the background. She couldn’t even see him, but for some reason his voice made her body fire to life. Every cell became a hot wire, screaming out for stimulation.
She slipped off the truck, and Conall helped her to her feet since it was a big drop to the concrete floor. They watched her expectantly, their bodies beaded with moisture. She blatantly studied their ripped bodies, the same ones she’d drooled over for months. Now they were hers for the taking. From her vantage point, she noted Darius had a massive hard-on, his cock outlined in his pants, a diagonal marking of his readiness to fuck her. She couldn’t even imagine one of these firefighters wanting a plain thing like her. It was unreal.
Aaron nodded to the zipper of her jeans. She believed them when they said they would cut the clothes off her body. These were the type of men that got things done, whether using the jaws of life or demanding a woman’s obedience. Already she stood in her bra, four sets of eyes able to see her ample cleavage and most of her breasts through the lacy material. The fact they treated her like one of their emergency victims turned her on even more. She was all for their kinky game.
“Off, darlin’.”
She proceeded to peel the damp denim over her hips and down her thighs. Her panties matched her bra, something she rarely bothered to care about. Normally she’d grab whatever was clean in her drawer. It was the dark place inside of her that hoped something would spark between her and one of the men, and here she was being hit on by all four. Was this the mentality of all firefighters? Or were these four men so close they truly did do everything together, as Aaron had teased about when she arrived?
They surrounded her like wolves to a helpless lamb. But this was exactly what she secretly hoped would happen. She stood in the large garage, so exposed and vulnerable. This was the craziest, most titillating thing she’d ever done. It all felt so natural—the banter, the kiss, the touches, the sexual demands. She’d follow wherever these men led her.
“Will you look at that,” said Conall. “Her skin’s so milky white and soft. I just want to bury my face in her little pussy.”
Her jaw dropped a bit. He spoke so crudely, but at the same time, it made her hotter. Made her imagine all the dirty things he’d gladly do to her body. Most of her exes worked in offices, used to behaving in a politically correct way—even in the bedroom. These were real men. Rough, no mercy, no apologies. Her pussy throbbed, desperate to know what it would feel like to have one of their thick, impressive cocks filling her, sating her needs.
“I’ll fuck her right here in the truck bay,” said Aaron. He moved in first, cupping her ass and grinding her against his erection. His cock felt harder than the concrete she stood on.
Her breasts were squeezed against his chest, forcing her lace bra to scrape her sensitive nipples. She smoothed her hands down his arms, savoring every curve of muscle on her descent. “I thought I needed emergency care,” she whispered, just loud enough to be heard over the music which was now on a low, repeating beat, reverberating in her cunt. How had she locked up such powerful yearnings before today? Tammy never thought of herself as a sexual being. But she just needed the right men to bring her out of her shell.
“You’ll get it, sweet thing.” He lowered his dirty-blond head and suckled her neck. The connection, his hot mouth against her erogenous zone, made her world spiral in a whirlwind of sensation. Was that a new set of hands on her? One of them cupped her breasts from behind, making her gasp. Her knees felt like jelly
     “Are you wet for us, Tamara?” 


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wow! i sooo want to read the rest of the book. great excerpt Stacey and the cover is gorgeous.
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