Thursday, April 5, 2012

How many is too many in a ménage story?

I have read many stories where there are more than two people involved in a sexual scene. I personally like a little excitement that goes above the norm. Don't get me wrong, I like a story that has two partners, but when you have more doesn't it make it so much better?

But with that being said,is there such thing as too much? Is there such thing as having too many partners in a sexual scene? I wrote several stories where there are more than three people involved sexually and got some feedback on how that was just too many people, that it really wasn't realistic, but was it really? I understand ménage a more books aren't for everyone, but what do you think?

This is a question I have really been thinking about as I write my current story, and would like to know what you, the reader, thinks. Do you personally like reading stories where there is one woman and three or more men, or vise versa? Would you rather read a story where there are only two people involved sexually?

For your honest answers, I am offering one of two my ménage stories, Bittersweet and Breathless.

Just comment your opinion on the subject, which one of the two stories you would like to read, and your email address. I'll announce the winner in a comment tomorrow.



Mariann at Belle's Book Bag said...

Hi Jenika,
First let me say that I LOVED The Chosen and hope there is another book coming after that!!
Okay, I actually love menage stories--1 women being loved and worshiped by two or more men--who could want for more!! I mean really, what is not to like in that scenario??
I have read books with up to 8 men to 1 women and thought that I wouldn't like it, that 8 to 1 was too much. But I actually loved it!! Each man brought something different into the relationship and made up for what the others lack.
I like that the woman had individual relationships with each man and also the together aspect.
This is why I read menage and of course the HOT sex!! ;) LOL
This is just my opinion, would it work in real life, I'm not sure but hey I wouldn't mind trying!! LOL ;)
I answered because I wanted to, not because it was a contest, so you can choose what to send me. Thanks!! :) Have a great Holiday!!
Mariann at Belle's Book Bag

Bookwyrm369 said...

I love menage stories but tend to think that more than 4 or 5 in the group is too much. After that, it's hard to keep track of all the different body parts ;-) I've only read one so far with more and it didn't ring true for me. I'm definitely not opposed to reading books with more than 5 people but it takes a talented writer to pull it off well! Thanks for the giveaway :-) Would love to win Bittersweet.

smaccall AT

Tammera Uren said...

Hello Jenika I have seen this asked a couple of times in different places and think that it is some thing that is very individual. I for one have read a varied and maybe considered alot by some of the menage books to have two or more males focused on you in something that really gets to me in a hot way and any honest woman that likes sex will tell you the same thing. I think that once you go past 4 it becomes tricky and has to be carefully written so that it isn't just a sex all the time, cause that would get painful unless one can get callouses??? In different books I have read the both good and bad the number doesn't matter if well written but the best ones are when there is only a max of 4 men in the bed with the lady at any one time, that way everyone can get something and it doesn't seem like lining up for a service... does that make sense. Thanks for the contest but as Mariann says I just wanted to put my bit in :)I love to read menages with any number of men devoted to the lady in question! Hope you get the feedback you need.

Blanche said...

One of my all time favorite books (actually my very first menage book too) involved 3 brothers and 1 the book to pieces!! Lately I've read books that involved up to 8 different guys with 1 girl and I was fine with it because the books were very well written. Throwing numerous bodies together and calling it a book doesn't work for me but if the story is well written and I can connect to the characters it's all good! :)
I would be thrilled with either book!

Lucia said...

Very interesting question! To be honest, I don't think that in a menage with one woman and more men that don't love eachother, it is realistic to have more than two or three men. To keep them all satisfied would just be a dayjob for the woman. If the menage is one where everyone loves eachother, I read books with up to six people in the menage, and it never bothered me in the intimate scenes. So for me it is more of a practical argument, I think if an author pays attention it is always writable :P It helps if every character is clearly written before the intimate moment, because you can imagine it better that way.

Ursula said...

It seems like if you go over four it gets a little hard to keep track of who's on first so to speak. That being said, I loved Jayne Rylon's Powertool series but in the books where all 9 are involved (5 guys, 4 girls) I got confused. So yeah, I have to say no more than 4ish.
umavery at gmail dot com

Jess said...

To be honest ... I think any number less then 8 or so would be fine but only as long as there is a really good romantic plot going on throughout the book.

I'd like to check out is Breathless

Amber Lovvorn said...

I think it depends on the storyline. The most I've read is 4 men and 1 woman. My feeling is if there is love between the woman and each of the men and the men respect the love she has for each of the (I.e. no jealousy ) then it works for me. Thanks for asking for opinions! I would love to read either!

Jenika Snow said...

Thank you so much for your comments! The random winner is Blanche!! Congrats and check your inbox for the story :). Agin, thank you everyone for your feedback. It is so very helpful!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenika,
i think it really depends on the story and how the author has written it. is it a series or just a quick lets have a bunch of sex and the book is over or (my fav.) is it an in depth each person means something to the plot and each other and the story wouldn't be the same without them. i love it when these kinds of books are done in a series too. of example Stacey Espino's Ride'em Hard series, Sophie Oak Bliss Series and or course your own wonderful Lust Bites books.
Can there be to many? absolutely, if the author is not experienced enough to know how to make a personal connection between each of them and the other main charaters, not to mention the reader. at that point there are definetly to many people in the book.
i hope that made sense to someone besides me, sorry if i rambled.

tammy ramey

Blanche said...

Thanks Jenika!!! :)