Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life is quick...write it down.

I really shouldn't be allowed to go to Home Depo (aka Dom Depot) by myself. I really shouldn't. Today's haul was two batches of rope (for a shibari class I'm taking) and a bunch of stuff to get caught up on our gardening. Including a genuine Jack Daniel's whiskey oak barrel half. Woot! I've been wanting something like that for a while.

Yeah, I know. Shibari and gardening all in the same blog post. Such is my life. LOL Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction. I recently taught a DIY bondage and toys class at the local dungeon, showing people how to make toys out of dollar store and flea market finds. It was fun watching people who'd been playing as long or longer than me, to see their eyes light up when I showed them alternate uses for everyday items. Like how to spend $6 turning a bicycle handle grip and window screen spline into a stingy flogger.

Yeah, I have a quirky life. No wonder I became a writer, huh? People assume I get most of my ideas from things that either happen to me or I witness happening, and that's not true. Some ideas, yes. But actually, I get a lot of ideas from things like shows on the History Channel, reading non-fiction books, news articles -- everywhere. One little nugget might trigger a landslide of ideas in my brain, leaving me scrambling to get enough of it jotted down so I don't forget. I can't tell you how many times I've emailed myself stuff late at night, then the next morning I look through my email in bed (half asleep and before coffee) and think, wtf? Until I remember, oh, yeah. That.

And sometimes the only way for me to GET to sleep is to jot down whatever it is my brain is thinking about. Because I know that if I stop thinking about it without writing it down, it's liable to be forgotten.

I can't tell you how many ideas I've had that I didn't write down and they fell straight through the rusty sieve that is my brain and into oblivion. So now I write it down. Or, as usually happens, type it into either my phone or iPad, if not my laptop. My phone is usually attached to me, so it's usually the phone I use for those out of the blue ideas.

As a writer, I can't emphasize enough to you (if you are a writer) to have a way to jot down ideas. Whether on your phone, in a notebook, or a voice message on your phone. Like life itself, ideas can pass at light speed and leave you in the dust.

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mrs z said...

I've always heard the the true life stories is stranger than fiction anyway. But on the reverse side of going to bed and jotting an idea I find that I have really really good dreams and wake up and dot them down before I forget them.

Basia Rose said...

I do all my best thinking in bed at about 3am.
And remember approximately 4% of it in the morning!
The first thing you learn in writing class is to always keep a notepad on your bedside table – I still don’t do it!

Lily said...

Great post, Tymber :-)

I once wrote down a dream in the middle of the night with the intention of turning this fabulous idea into a blockbuster epic and finding fame and fortune!! Next morning I woke up, knowing that this genius plot had come to me overnight and soon I would rule the world (LOL) but all I had scribbled on a napkin by the bed was - beginning, middle, end.

Oh dear!!

Lily x