Thursday, April 26, 2012

The London Book Fair by Lily Harlem

Last week I was lucky enough to travel to London (my most favourite city in the world!) to attend The London Book Fair. The whole day was a blast and very informative so I thought I would share the gossip with WOINE!

I set off mid morning with my lovely friend Kate - who knows where I have buried all the bodies if you know what I mean! Kate dabbles with writing in her free time but took the day off from running her cosmetic shop to come with me. A trip to the capital is something that has become a bit of an annual treat for us.

We boarded the train (first class no less, at that time of day it was only a few pounds more to upgrade) and because we hadn't caught up for a while we did that thing only women can do and both talked at the same time. Sharing news and gossip as we sped through the English countryside. As soon as it hit midday we spread out the delicious picnic I'd sourced from Marks & Spencer and uncorked a bottle of wine - why not, we were on a day out!!

Once in Paddington Station we made our way on the Tube (subway) to Earl's Court. We headed out of the underground station in the wrong direction (probably the wine!) but luckily a very kind policeman was at hand to point us in the right direction :-)

Earls' Court Exhibition Centre is an enormous Art Deco building that hosts all kinds of events throughout the year. It's in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea and was re-vamped and opened by Diana Princess of Wales in the 1990's - she used to live around the corner!

It was my first trip to the book fair and I have to say I was a little overwhelmed initially at the sheer size of the place and the number of exhibitors. We spent an hour wandering around, orientating ourselves and checking out what conferences/talks we wanted to check in on throughout the day. The erotic romance genre was well represented with Ellora's Cave, Samhain, Xcite and House of Erotica. Harlequin were also there as was Harper Collins who have just launched a new erotica line called Mischief - I've got one coming out with them later in the year. At the moment Mischief have some great FREE e-books. Not to be missed. Click here to get them!

The Ellora's Cave stand was bursting also with free paperback and goodies, and for me it was great to put names to faces. Chances of getting myself across the pond to a big event in the US are slim at the moment so it was awesome that they came to me - sort of - YAY!! I did manage to come away with a rather nice calendar too which now has pride of place in my office.

The Kobo stand was particularly interesting, the discussions about marketing and the future of the e-reader very informative. Then our noses took us in the direction of the cookery books. Chefs were showing off their talents in one corner of the arena and rustling up delectable morsels for the audience to sample. Kate is an incredible cook and also hordes recipe books, so this was right up her street and I was more than happy to go with her.

The day flew past and before we knew it we were heading back to Paddington Station. We had an hour or so to kill so had dinner in The Mad Bishop and Bear - a traditional pub that served great pie and mash - then when to say hello to the cute little fellow himself, Mr. Paddington Bear.

All in all a great day out, I arrived home just after midnight my head buzzing with ideas and the sound of the train still rattling in my ears.

If anyone else went to The London Book Fair then do share your thoughts here, what you liked best, what you didn't, what you found out etc...

Lily x

PS - I have created a sexy Pinterest page for That Filthy Book with images and quotes - check it out here.


SusieJ said...

That sounds like a perfect day out!
And thank you for the link to Mischief...just downloaded some freebies ad the "coming soon" section looks good.
Hugs xx

Basia Rose said...

This isn’t the first great report I’ve read about that book fair – unfortunately I’m something like 17000 kilometres away, so couldn’t make it!
Great Pinterest board – I might have to steal a few of your pictures!

Lily said...

Susie - enjoy the Mischief books :-)

Basia Rose - thanks for dropping by, take as many pics as you want I don't mind sharing!!!

Lily x