Monday, April 9, 2012

Naughty Guest Blogger: Georgia Fox

If you loved Georgia Fox's CONQUERORS series, you'll love her new historical erotic romance with a paranormal twist. Check out the commenter will win a $5.00 Evernight Gift Certificate.

Naughty Fairy Tales

Cate was once a mischievous milkmaid. Now the victim of a witch's spell, she's simply Cat—feline by daylight, female by night. For one who knows how to make the best of a bad situation, it's not just a curse, it's an opportunity. Naughty adventure beckons.

Until she meets a man who makes her yearn for a permanent woman's body again.

Peter assumes it's coincidence that his vivid, erotic dreams began soon after he adopted an affectionate stray cat. Besides, as much as he enjoys their nightly escapades, he wants more than a sexy apparition who only comes in darkness. When Peter thinks he's in love with another, Cat must help her beloved master win his heart's desire. Although she'll lose him forever, that selfless deed will undo the witch's curse.

Will Cat's heart pay the price for Happily Ever After? Or will Peter find that dreams can come true?

Be Warned: multiple partners, BDSM, anal sex, public exhibition, sex toys


He couldn't believe his luck. The Lady Serena met him ever day by the stream in the forest and, after a few days, even went so far as to allow him a kiss. But she said it could go no further.
"I am to save my maidenhead for marriage," she told him in her soft, lisping voice that made him want to wrap her in fleece and protect her. "My uncle will soon find me a husband and I must remain pure for him on my wedding night."
Peter was frustrated. Good thing he had his dream lover every night on which he could play out the fantasies he was forbidden by Lady Serena.
His midnight bedmate came to him now, each time, as if she was a shy virgin. There was always slight resistance followed by complete submission when she joined him in that wild coupling, their bodies beating together, skin slapping skin, his cock like a battering ram. She knew what he wanted and how he wanted it.
"My naughty lady," he whispered one evening, nuzzling her long straight hair, parting her buttocks with his rigid phallus. "I'm going to rut you hard tonight. Will you take me here?" He prodded her anus.
"Oh no, sir," she purred, back bent, pushing her bottom upward, her hips rocking in his hands. "Don't ask me for that. 'Tis wicked, sir. I cannot."
"But you will," he choked into her soft hair. "You must, I demand it."
"Won't it hurt me, sir?"
"If you resist. Better spread your legs and relax. Then you'll take me into your arse all the way. As I desire." He sat back on his heels to look at his long, thick cock, poised to breach her tiny hole. For the first time ever in these torrid dreams, he opened his eyes. He had to do it.
At first he saw only differing degrees of shadow for there were no candle stumps still lit and the fire gave out nothing more than a soft, flickering glow. But gradually her shape appeared. He saw her shoulder, her round bottom, the curve of her back with a sheen like satin. And her hair as it spilled over her shoulders. It was black as soot and he had not expected that in his dream. Why would his fantasy have dark hair, when Lady Serena was fair?
"But sir you will despoil me," the woman under him murmured, breathless.
"Yes," he grunted, hands holding her cheeks wide apart, his eyes fixed on the winking anus over which he rubbed the wet tip of his manhood. "A million times over I will despoil you. Every part of you, my fine lady. Fuck you and fill you up with my seed, so there is room for none other." His sac throbbed with need to empty already and they'd only just begun their sport.
"I will not be fit for any other man after you."
And the was just the way he wanted it. Surging forward, he began pushing his cock through that tight circle, forcing it open. The woman groaned, her soft cheeks trembling under his palms.
"Oh, sir," she cried. "Oh, master!"
He liked it when she called him that. He withdrew a little and then thrust forward again, felt her body giving way reluctantly to the rude invasion. Reaching under her soft belly, he slid his hand between her thighs. He stroked her moist valley, heard her breathing change, become raspier, quicker. He slid two fingers into her quim and felt her push back, struggling to take more of his shaft. Her walls tightened on his fingers, as his cock began a slow, in and out, each time working its way further, plundering another half inch.
"Oh, master, will you leave no part of me pure and untouched?"
"Never," he grunted, changing his tempo, wanting all the way in now and quickly. "I'll do as I please with you my fine lady. I'll put my cock where I please and you'll deny me nothing."
He thought of Lady Serena, dolling out parts of her body for his kisses - hand, arm, shoulder, cheek —as if they were alms to a beggar. He was deemed not good enough to swive her, not noble enough to go all the way inside that aristocratic little pussy. Angry now, his thrusting became faster, harder. The woman under him screamed and mewled like a wounded tigress—or what he imagined one would sound like.
But her cunt melted, creaming all over his fingers and her bottom pushed into his groin, urging him on. With his free hand he spanked her hard on the right cheek. Then, because it felt good, he did the same to the left. She cursed at him, but her voice was deepened by passion and her bottom opened around his cock, allowing him further inside. His fingers found her hidden nub and diddled it without mercy, forcing her over the edge in a climax that tightened both holes. As she shook and her juices flowed, coating his fingers, he put his other hand to use again, smacking her bottom hard until it glowed hot. Then, when he jerked out of her and emptied his seed, it made a thick white stream across her scarlet, throbbing cheek.
He closed his eyes, fell forward and landed face down on his fleece. The dream had evaporated. The last thing he remembered was the rattling purr of his cat as it nestled beside his head and licked his ear.


Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Hot stuff as usual Foxy!

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Woowzer. What a great cover. And the excerpt posted is terrific. I have to read this fairy tale.....

SusieJ said... or what? Fans pleased I bought's next on my TBR pile..:)
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Wow! Love stories that do a twist on fairytales. Thanks for the giveaway.

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Ooh! Fun, and great excerpt! Thanks for the intro!

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Love the excerpt!

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Oh my! Hot stuff. I wondered about your plot when I first heard the title. Interesting, very interesting. I love cats!

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Hi, Georgia! Just swinging by to show my support and to say how much I love the concept of your story!

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

Loved the play on the fairy tale. A very hot twist. That's what I love about authors. They can take something that I've read and put a new spin on it - something I never would have thought of.


June M. said...

This does sound like an interesting fairy tail. I have been interested in this story since the first time I read about it. Thanks so much for the excerpt & giveaway!
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