Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger ~ Mia Ashlinn!!!!

Hey, you! Yeah, I’m talking to you—over there, taking cover behind the computer screen. Last time I popped in for a guest blog, you tried to hide from me, but it didn’t save you from my not-so-dirty confession. Now, did it? Why don’t you just make this easy and come play with me for a little while? I saved you a nice, comfy seat by me…if you dare. I promise not to bite. Well, unless you ask.

It is hard for me to believe that it has been nearly two months since I had the honor of guest blogging here for the first time. Back then, I made a confession about a certain personality kink of mine. Well, I thought it would be fun to give it another go. So, here it is: I have a kissing fetish!
Go ahead. Let the whispering commence: “Oh my gosh! Who would have thought it! That naughty, kinky Mia has a fetish. Mmmhmmm…you never know about some people…”
Okay, okay. We have to get back to the juicy details or we will be here all day…not that I mind since I love to yap about anything and everything. But I imagine you have things to get done at some point today.

Kissing. Kissing. Kissing. Where do I even start? (taps chin with index finger) Ah, yes. It would probably be best for a quick trip in the time machine. Buckle up, my friends, and we’ll get this show on the road. Let’s go back twenty-three years…when I was an innocent six-year-old watching, The Little Mermaid, and singing this song:

Oh! Or we could go back twenty-one years to when I was an impressionable twelve-year-old girl obsessed with this scene from the movie, Casper. My poor rewind button got worn down over this one:

Aha! I have an even better one! We can revisit my sixteen year-old-self when I fantasized about the perfect first kiss from this movie:

Oops! Did you catch that? My loose lips made another confession for me. I, Mia Ashlinn, dirty-minded woman hadn’t been kissed—not even once—at age sixteen. Actually, I was nearly eighteen before I received my first kiss…and, yes, it was perfect. (Sighs)
For me, kissing is the epitome of intimacy. It is the be all, end all. So, when I write, the characters kiss—a lot.

Happy Kisses

Sappy Kisses

Sweet Kisses

Sexy Kisses

Boy, do I love kisses—that unparalleled moment just before their lips touch, the connection that forms between them as their lips touch, the intimacy of giving each other everything when they open their lips and their mouths move together in sweet harmony. Every aspect, every second is breathtaking.
It doesn’t matter if I am experiencing the simple gesture firsthand or through someone else. My body still responds. I can feel my heart squeezing in my chest, and my blood thundering through my veins. I find my head spinning like a top, my skin tingling, and my breath stuttering then stalling. Kissing is a full-body experience for the hopeless romantic inside of me—whether I’m reading it, watching it, or even writing about it.
Some people may believe that I’m cheesy or silly or whatever they want to call it. But I believe that a kiss is not just a kiss. It is the world.

The Notebook MTV Best Kiss Award
A totally gratuitous kiss, but it is my favorite!

“Soul meets soul on lovers' lips.” -Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Mia Ashlinn writes exclusively for Siren Publishing. She lives in East Tennessee with her wonderful, loving husband and their drama queen daughter. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on, cook whatever crazy recipe comes to her mind, and chat with everyone on Facebook and Twitter. The first book in Mia’s Sweet Serenity series, Destined To Be Three, is available now. The second book in that same series, Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome, is tentatively scheduled to release on July 13, 2012.


Tammy said...

Wow! Be still my beating heart. I swear some kisses just melt the clothes right off of a person.
I so very much enjoyed this Mia.

MiaAshlinn said...

Thank you Tammy! I had a lot of fun writing this blog. Anytime I can talk about kissing, I do. :)

Celtie said...

Great subject matter Mia !! I loved this one :)

Edith DuBois said...

love the videos!!! OMG, Little Mermaid! Are we soul mates, Mia?!!!

MiaAshlinn said...

Thank you Celtie! :)

MiaAshlinn said...

Edith - We might very well be! :)

Basia Rose said...

My God, you’ve taken me on a visit to my own childhood and adolescence! Devon Sawa looks even younger than I remember!

Ursula said...

Wow! That Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams kiss was HAWT! I love those two!

Thanks for making me feel old, Mia. I was in high school (a senior) when little mermaid came out. Yes, I am old.

MiaAshlinn said...

Basia, I chuckled when I saw Devon! It shocked me that he looked like a little boy. But, then again, he was practically a little boy at the time that movie was shot...and so was I. I'm glad you went on the trip back in time with me. I had such fun reminiscing while writing this one! :)

Ursula, you are not old! When we get together again, I am going to tell you that over and over until you believe me, Miss Missy. :)

p.s. Ursula, Ryan Gosling AND Rachel McAdams inspired characters in Sweet Serenity. But, they are not together in the series. Sorry. :)