Thursday, May 24, 2012

To manscape or not to manscape....Now, that's a question!

     The other day I was telling my husband about the book I am working on. I was bouncing ideas off him, and he was giving me the weirdest suggestions. I finally had to stop and ask him what the hell he was talking about. Turns out when I mentioned Bears. He thought I was talking about this! 

     He didn't even blink at my topic of conversation and assumed that I was talking about big burly gay men. I'm so blessed to have such a supportive husband! (on a side note I do love this picture). In fact, this book features a trio of brothers who have the ability to shape shift into bears and are about to meet the woman they have been waiting for.

     As I sorted through pictures looking for inspiration I noticed there is a distinct difference when it comes to some pictures. Take this one for instance...

Now, he is very pretty and all those beautiful muscles oiled to perfection. This is a romance novel I'm writing and everything is on the large size. ;) And, let's face it there are some very pleasant hygienic bonus to a man who stays groomed.(Coughing up a hair ball in the middle of a blow job is not a pleasant sight for anyone.)

Then there are the pictures with just a tease of hair. Peach fuzz if you will. Something that will tickle your tongue or cheek as you trace out those muscles. Peeking next to his fingers, I suspect he keeps himself groomed and tidy

There is something to be said about a man who looks like a man. Or is it because I'm Canadian and it's so damn cold up here for most of the year that I like to have someone extra warm to cuddle up to? The ticklish  feeling of crisp dark chest hair under your fingers or brushing your sensitive breasts as he hugs you.

Of course if you put them in a kilt does it even matter any more ;)

As with many things in life, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Do you have a preference? 
Burly hairy men vs. waxed perfect models? I'm curious what it is you like and why. :)

After all these pictures I couldn't leave out my boys who started all of this.
 Let me introduce you to the men who are currently occupying most of my imagination at the moment and the heroes of the book I'm working on,.
Surrounded by Fur (3xtasy Lake 6).

Hugh, Boyd and Gavin McNamera. Owners of the new Big Bear Brewery

The first four books in my 3xtasy Lake series can be found HERE.
Protect and Fur (3xtasy Lake 5) will be released on July 9th.


Donna said...

I love that Hugh, Boyd and Gavin aren't manscaped. There's nothing wrong with trimming up the pubic area so a stray hair doesn't become dental floss during oral sex, but I do love a hairy man. I need to go find the other books in this series while you finish this one!

Happy Writing,

Corinne Davies said...

You're right, a nicely groomed package is always appreciated. LOL
Thanks, Donna!

You can find the first 4 books in the 3xtasy Lake series here.
and the fifth book, Protect and Fur, will be released on July 9th. :)

Me: said...

I agree with Donna. Men should look, and feel, like men. There is nothing like tickling your palms with chest hair. A little man-scaping is appreciated, but I love the look a man with chest hair! :o)


Lisa's Place said...

Both are good, but I've always thought that, while the totally groomed bodies look nice, they don't look natural. To me they look more like models (which again, are nice to look at, but...) give me a real man, however his natural hair is, and i'm happy. lol!

Dragon Momma said...

Shaved in the scrotal area is very much preferred. ;) He has been doing so for me for nearly 18 years. :p

THAT said...himself is also very proud of the fact that he has exactly 4 chest hairs. I on the other hand, would love a bit more fur to run my fingers thru. But, we have what we have. Love him anyway!

In all honesty, so long as the man isn't so hairy that you think MISSING LINK! with the first glimpse, a bit of hair is fine. As is no hair. ;)

Stacy Wilson

dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

Luna Wildwood said...

With some guys it suites them others look better with the furry bits still furry. It all depends on the man for me. If a guy is really hairy it can be a turn off (Gorilla Guys, no) and totally hairless body everywhere like a pro swimmer can be a bit weird too. Manscaping is a case by case issue, some guys can pull it off and other just look like a super Metrosexual man. LOL