Thursday, June 21, 2012

Favorite Sexy Accents

There's something about a man with an accent ...

When I was in college I spent a semester in Italy and fell in love with a beautiful Italian boy. He and I spoke Italian together, but he loved to practice his English and I didn't mind because his utterly adorable accent could practically take the place of foreplay. He was a handsome guy, and I loved him, but if I were to be completely objective, I'd say that if you stripped away his Italian-ness -- the accent, the style, the personality -- he wouldn't have stood out in a crowd.

Take an ordinary-looking guy, give him an accent -- say, Scottish or Aussie -- and pow! Instant hottie.

But why are accents so sexy? It's not just the exotic sounds, the twist given to ordinary words. I think it's partly visual. Have you ever noticed how different languages make the mouth move in different ways? Next time you're with a man from another country, watch his lips. They'll move in unfamiliar patterns that make you wonder how those lips would feel on your body. An accent makes you ask what else is different, what does that man know that the guys in your neighborhood don't.

Italian actor Raoul Bova/Photo from Vanity Fair by Luca Babbini

I don't find all accents appealing. German doesn't do much for me, nor do any of the Scandinavian languages. I used to go wild for a French accent, but time in Paris being condescended to by French waiters cured me of that. All the British Commonwealth accents make me weak in the knees ...
Scotland! Gerard Butler!
Scottish, Irish, Wales, New Zealand. Okay, maybe not Canada. It's not quite exotic enough to get my motor running. But definitely Australia. Then again, Hugh Jackman would be a dreamboat with or without an accent.

So what about you? What's your favorite accent?

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Lily said...

Oh, la, la - so glad you got Wales on your list of sexy!

Lily x

VanillaOrchids said...

I love English, Irish and Australian accents the most. :)


Dragon Momma said...

Scottish, Irish, Welsh....they make my knees tremble and my heart beats faster. *shivers* LORDY!!! Add in, tho, a TRUE Southern gentleman's accent and I melt. Texas drawls, Georgia smoothness.... WOW!!

Stacy Wilson

dragn_lady at yahoo dot com